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"Ain't no thing like me, 'cept me."
―Rocket Raccoon[src]

Subject 89P13, going by the name Rocket, is a genetically engineered raccoon and a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.


Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude

Rocket and Groot arrived at the Hub in search of work. There, they are hired by Stygian crimelord Zade Scraggot to hunt down the local Scalluscs.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Galaxy's Most Wanted

A price for Rocket's head was put by a bounty hunter who had enough of Rocket and Groot taking all the bounties. This caused Groot to turn against Rocket. Betrayed, Rocket tries to get away. When he meets face-to-face with the man who started the manhunt for Rocket, he reveals to Rocket why he did this. Groot, who heard this, burst into the room, angry at that bounty hunter. The bounty hunter was scared and called off the manhunt for Rocket.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Rocket was on Xandar with Groot sifting through civilians, locating the bounty placed on Star-Lord and managing to apprehend both Gamora and Quill, only for all four to be captured by Nova Corps authorities. The group is sent to the Kyln by Saal, where Rocket proclaims "ownership" over Quill from the aggressive alien inmates, one in particular being intimidated by Groot.

The following day, Rocket hatches a four-step plan to escape from the prison, which immediately backfires when Groot commits the last step, retrieving a battery from the watchtower, shutting down the prison's electrical systems. Drax fights off several waves of Kyln guards and security drones as Quill negotiates a prisoner's prosthetic leg and Gamora removes a cybernetic remote from another guard. 

Using all of the components, Rocket manages to shut off the prison's artificial gravity and links the drones to the watchtower's control station, boosting the pod out of the facility. 

When the Guardians arrive at Knowhere, Rocket and Drax get drunk and gamble as Groot witnesses, culminating in an emotional argument where Rocket admits his misery, accusing Drax and threatening to kill him. 

After Ronan the Accuser arrives at the station responding to Drax's call, Rocket boards a mining ship along with Gamora and Quill as the trio fight several of Ronan's fighters. Rocket eventually heads back to the station, where a beaten Drax recovers from his fight with Ronan, aided by Groot. The two convince Rocket to have a change of heart, resulting in Rocket piloting the Milano and threatening Yondu to give up Gamora and Star-Lord.

After the Guardians team up with the Ravagers to go defend Xandar, Rocket punctures the Dark Aster, allowing Quill to enter. When Ronan orders his ships to kamikaze the city, Rocket organizes the Ravagers' ships to form a defensive barrier, and later smashes the Milano into the Dark Aster. 

After the group survives the crash despite Groot's sacrifice, Rocket joins them in finally defeating Ronan by harnessing the power of the Orb, channeling it into Ronan and killing him. Rocket later sobs bitterly over Groot's death. Drax sits beside Rocket and gently pets him on the head, comforting him.

Afterwards, Rocket joined the team in the newly built Milano, holding a pot containing a regenerating Groot in twig form. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

"That's a really bad sign."

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Avengers: Infinity War

While traveling in outer space, the Guardians find Thor, who fell on their ship. After they brought him in the ship and woke him up, the team and Thor assessed the situation and split up. Rocket joined Groot II and Thor to travel to look for resources to create new weapons to defeat Thanos. After having found the resources (including some Uru), Rocket, Groot II and Thor travelled to Nidavellir asking for Eitri's help to forge a new weapon for Thor (after Mjölnir got destroyed by Hela). The forge wasn't active, so Rocket and Thor had to help Eitri to restart the forge. After Eitri finished the axe's blade and Groot made the handle for the weapon, called Stormbreaker, Thor summoned the Bifrost to travel to Wakanda. There, a final fight against Thanos started, hoping to prevent him from snapping. Thor was almost able to defeat him, but Thanos already posessed all Infinity Stones, so he snapped, killing half of life in the universe. Rocket however did survive the snap.

Avengers: Endgame

After Carol Danvers saved Tony and Nebula, the remaining team were planning on looking for Thanos. Nebula told them Thanos should be in Titan II. Rocket joined Captain America, War Machine, Thor, Black Widow, Bruce Banner and Nebula, piloting them to the Garden to confront him, hoping to retreive the stones to undo the snap. After Thor cut off Thanos' left arm, Rocket noticed Thanos didn't have the stones on him anymore. Thanos told the Avengers that he destroyed the stones. After they arrived back on earth, Rocket joined the Avengers and teamed up with Nebula to return to space and help the other planets recover from the Snap.

"You better not throw up on my ship!"

5 years have passed since Thor killed Thanos. Rocket returned to Nidavellir to retreive the Benatar's space pod. Then, joined by Hulk, they travelled to New Asgard to ask Thor to return to the New Avengers Facility in order to try and retreive the Infinity Stones by doing the Time Heist. During that, Rocket joined Thor, time travelling to Asgard in 2013 where they retreived the Reality Stone by extracting the Aether from Jane Foster.

Thor: Love and Thunder

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The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

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Character traits

Rocket is very much defined by his angry, trigger-happy disposition, and general misanthropic personality. He prides himself on being a "professional" at what he does, and does not like it when Groot smiles or behaves kindly, thinking it would make them appear weak or unfocused. Rocket also harbors a very mean sense of humor, telling Quill he'd need a guy's prosthetic leg to bust them out of jail, lying about the leg to see if Quill would do it and asking him whether the guy was hopping around on one leg, laughing all the while. He later tries pulling a similar stunt with one of the Ravagers. But deep down, Rocket is incredibly lonely, being the result of experiments and being the only thing in the known universe like him. He despises being derided as a rodent or vermin, going so far as to attack people over it. He covers his insecurities well, but once he is drunk, he becomes very emotional and if possible, even more violent.

Powers and Abilities


  • Enhanced Intelligence: Unlike other raccoons, Rocket has a cognitive and intellectual equivalent or superior ability, the most sensitive species in the galaxy. He can talk and communicate with other species, as well as make extremely complex tasks.
  • Enhanced Strength: Due to his augmentations, Rocket is able to use weapons that are designed to be wielded by far larger humanoids.


  • Expert Marksman: Rocket has a great skill in handling various weapons throughout the Galaxy, with the preference of high-powered weaponry. During the escape on Kyln, Rocket destroyed many Drones, with weapon of a Nova Corps soldier. He also has excellent precision, getting to shoot Quill, several feet away with a clear shot.
  • Advanced Tactician: Rocket is a brilliant tactician. He is able to formulate tactics advanced combat and escape, even with minimal resources, and to change them according to the needs of the situation. Rocket already said he fled from 22 prisons. In the Kyln, he quickly devised a plan to escape using only a power source and security band. Subsequently, Rocket was one of the collaborators to form the plan of fighting against the Dark Aster, just as he who led the Ravagers and the Nova Corps, to attack the ship Ronan and protection Xandar was.
  • Expert Pilot: Rocket is an accomplished pilot with various star ships. On Knowhere, he took down several Necrocrafts using only the high durability of its industrial pod. During the battle on Xandar, Rocket was responsible for leading the attack of the Ravagers and Nova Corps, in the Dark Aster. During the confrontation, he overthrew many Necrocrafts, while trying to avoid attacks on Xandar. Later, he used a Ravager ship to invade the Dark Aster, and hit Ronan. Rocket also proved capable of piloting improvised vehicles, like the tower of security Kyln driven by Drones.


  • Quadruple Barrel Shock Rifle: Rocket's weapon of choice, it is capable of unleashing a shock blast able to knock Star-Lord into submission.



Behind the scenes

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  • Before Bradley Cooper was announced, Adam Sandler, David Tennant, Sharlto Copley, Jim Carrey and H. Jon Benjamin were amongst the actors considered to voice Rocket Raccoon. [Citation Needed]
  • Rocket's love interest Lylla from the comics is mentioned in his rap sheet.
  • In the comics, Rocket hates being called a raccoon. However, in Guardians of the Galaxy, he doesn't know what a raccoon is, though he does hate being called a "rodent" or a "vermin".


Guardians of the Galaxy

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