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Ouroboros, or O.B. to friends, is the sole worker in the Repairs & Advancement department of the Time Variance Authority. He is a variant of Dr. A.D. Doug, PhD, a failed science fiction author and theoretical physics teacher at CalTech from Pasadena, California in 1994.




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Like the rest of Loki's friends, Ouroboros was reset to his previous life as Dr. A.D. Doug, PhD, by the Temporal Loom's explosion.

In a book store in Pasadena, California in 1994 of a branched timeline, Dr. A.D. Doug, PhD attempted to put his book The Zartan Contingent on the shelves, much to the annoyance of the manager as the store didn't sell science fiction. When Doug returned home, he was approached by Loki and, unlike Loki's other friends, believed him and was excited that it was like one of his characters coming to life and needing his help. Loki was at first disappointed to learn that Doug was a writer before Doug revealed that he was also a theoretical physics teacher and scientist, although writing was his true passion.

While Loki wanted to go back to before the Temporal Loom melted down, Doug explained that since Loki time traveled in a place that had no time, something that was impossible, him time traveling to a place that no longer existed should be equally impossible and thus something that Loki might be able to do. However, Loki had to first learn how to control his time slipping which Doug believed wasn't random because Loki kept ending up around exactly the people that he was looking for. Loki's time slipping was also evolving because Loki was now moving around in space as well as time and Doug compared it to being a better version of a TemPad. Doug suggested that it was about why rather than what or how and Loki explained that his why was that if he couldn't save the TVA from being destroyed, there would be nothing to protect against what was coming. However, Loki's humorous attempts to control his time slipping failed and he decided to focus on using science to get to the TVA. As Loki had briefly appeared in the Time Theater, Doug suggested that the time and place Loki wanted still existed, but he just didn't know where to look for it. Doug's solution was to get the band back together: gather everyone who had been with Loki when the Temporal Loom melted down and use their collective temporal aura unique to that moment in time to figure out the coordinates to get back to that moment. Although they lacked the needed TemPad, Loki provided Doug with the handbook to build one before suddenly time slipping away.

Loki reappeared outside of Don's house where Loki witnessed his friend struggling with his children Kevin and Sean. Recognizing Loki as the customer from before, Don offered to sell him one of Don's two jet skis, and Loki recalled Mobius' fascination with jet skis and the possibility of owning them. However, Don was dubious about Loki's story about the TVA and Don being Mobius, thinking that Loki was just insane until Doug emerged from a Time Door in front of them, having spent 19 months building a TemPad, losing his wife, home and job in the process. Using the Time Door, Loki and Doug showed Don the truth by taking him back in time by a few minutes to witness the start of Loki and Don's conversation with each other. After Loki promised that he could bring Don back to any point in time so that Kevin and Sean wouldn't even know that he was gone and explained that his children were in danger too, Don finally agreed to help, acknowledging that Mobius was a pretty cool name. Loki then successfully recruited Verity Willis and Frank Morris into their mission and brought them back to Doug's new home which had the appearance of a more primitive version of O.B.'s office at the TVA.

Impatient to return to his life, Frank expressed an interest in the TemPad and the possibilities that it held for his criminal activities while Dr. Willis enjoyed Doug's books and Don unsuccessfully tried to sell her a jet ski. Upon his return, a despondent Loki ordered his friends to go back to their lives where they belonged. However, Sylvie arrived with the news that everything was falling apart, and the branches were dying. With everyone present, Doug attempted to enact their plan, only to discover the TemPad missing. Although Frank was accused of stealing it, he was proven to be innocent as the timeline and everyone in it began breaking down as reality came to an end. His friends' words running through his head, Loki desperately grasped at the strings of reality before suddenly time slipping back to moments earlier as he was about to disintegrate himself.

Loki managed to send himself back in time to Sylvie's arrival, having finally figure out how to control his time slipping: rather than it being about where, when, or why, it was about who. Loki declared that he could rewrite the story and, focusing on O.B., time slipped back to the TVA, appearing next to O.B. before the explosion.

Character traits[]

As both A.D. Doug and Ouroboros, he is a brilliant scientist, although Doug is more interested in being a science fiction writer, calling his PhD an embarrassing necessity for his day job as a theoretical physics teacher at Caltech. Unlike Ouroboros, Doug wanted to get away from the science to focus on his writing full time, although his books didn't appear to actually be any good, not selling many or any copies. This was something that was carried over to his work on the TVA Handbook as Ouroboros as Casey is the only one who is known to have actually read it and Loki and Mobius found it to be incredibly hard to read and gibberish. However, using the handbook, Doug was capable of constructing a TemPad out of 1990s era technology in just 19 months, some of which was due to Doug being forced to take a break by losing his job, home and wife.

A trait that he shares as both Doug and Ouroboros is an eccentricity and a tendency to explain things in elaborate ways such as using a cup of pens on one occasion and a large scale model of his plan to fix the Temporal Loom with the Loom's model being marked as "not to scale" on another occasion. However, these elaborate demonstrations also successfully simplified complex scientific matters for Doug and Ouroboros' less scientifically inclined companions, making sure that they understood what was being explained to them.

As Ouroboros, he is focused on his work, showing no interest in writing aside from the handbook. Ouroboros also appears to be even more eccentric than Doug, possibly owing to his centuries of isolation in his work and lack of human interaction during that time. Ouroboros also has a tendency to get overdramatic about dire situations, repeatedly emphasizing that Mobius' skin will peel off and loudly shouting that everyone is going to die after discovering that he can't simply lift the lockdown on the Temporal Loom.



Behind the scenes[]

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  • In the comics, Mr. Ouroboros is a judge who presides during the trial of She-Hulk.
  • Despite no one aging at the TVA, there was no sign Ouroboros' glasses 400 years in the past when Loki was time slipping in "Ouroboros." Ouroboros is only shown wearing them in the present day.
  • As Dr. A.D. Doug, Ouroboros is a failed science fiction author. Upon seeing the TVA Handbook that Ouroboros wrote, Doug was excited to have finally written a bestseller. He was revealed to previously have a wife and his workshop in Pasadena resembled a more primitive version of O.B.'s office at the TVA.
  • After learning that he and Victor Timely had learned everything that they knew from each other's work, Ouroboros compared the question of who came first to a snake eating its own tail which is what an Ouroboros is.




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