Alias(es) The Air-Demon
Appeared in Ghost Rider
Status Deceased
Actor Mathew Wilkinson
Abigor was one of the Hidden, a trio of fallen angels. He used air and wind as his medium to manifest on Earth and had the power to become intangible as well as fly and control powerful winds to smite his opponents.


Ghost Rider

Abigor was a demon, member of The Hidden, a trio of fallen angels who hid themselves in the natural elements waiting for Judgment Day. He's found by Blackheart, who wants him to join his rebellion against his father Mephistopheles, who will be defeated using the power of the Contract of San Venganza.

When the Ghost Rider begins his hunt for Blackheart, Abigor is the second one of the Hidden to fight him. Ghost Rider pursues him to the top of a skyscraper, where the two engage in a fight. Ghost Rider is unable to even touch Abigor because of his body is made of wind, but eventually he inflares his chain and makes it rotate at high speeds around the demon, burning the air of which he's composed of.

Character traits

Abigor was a cowardly demon; he hid with his teammates from the wrath of God and from the attention of Mephistopheles.

Being an elemental, was quite powerful, and his powers allows him to fly and to make himself untouchable, assuming the physical characteristics of his element, air.



Behind the scenes

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  • In demonology, Abigor (also called Eligos and Eligor) is a Great Duke of Hell, a powerful demon ruling over other demons. He's portrayed as a ghostly knight riding on a skeletal horse, and he's said to have an influence on Earth rulers.


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