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"After, Before" is the eighth episode of the seventh season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..


With the Zephyr’s time drive malfunctioning, the team is quite literally hurling toward disaster and Yo-Yo may be their only hope. The only problem? To get her powers back, she’ll need to enlist the help of an old adversary and revisit part of her past long hidden away.


Continuity and References to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • Enoch appears.
  • Daniel Sousa appears.
  • Jiaying appears.
  • Gordon appears.
  • Nathaniel Malick appears.
  • Francisco Rodriguez appears.
  • Li is introduced.
  • Kora is introduced.
  • Leo Fitz is mentioned.
  • John Mackenzie is mentioned.
  • Lilla Mackenzie is mentioned.
  • Daniel Whitehall is indirectly mentioned.
  • Damon Keller is mentioned.
  • Yo-Yo Rodriguez's Father is mentioned.
  • Yo-Yo Rodriguez's Grandmother is mentioned.
  • Sibyl is mentioned.
  • Izel is mentioned.
  • Shrike appears in flashback.
  • Diviner appears.
  • Chronicom Rifle appears.
  • Gravity Puck in a flashback.
  • Terrigen Crystals and Terrigen Mist are mentioned.
  • Lighthouse appears in a flashback.
  • Temple of the Forgotten appears in a flashback.
  • HYDRA Herefordshire Facility appears in a flashback.
  • The ending from "Adapt or Die" and "The Totally Excellent Adventures of Mack and the D" appears in the opening.
  • Kidnapping of Daisy Johnson and Daniel Sousa from "A Trout in the Milk" is mentioned.
  • Infiltration into the HYDRA Herefordshire Facility from Season 5 appears in a flashback.
  • War Against the Inhumans from Season 2 is mentioned.
  • Ambush in Afterlife from "Scars" is mentioned.
  • World War II is mentioned.


  • The reveal that Jiaying was in this episode came accidentally from a Canadian promo that was released one day before the premiere of "The Totally Excellent Adventures of Mack and the D".
  • This episode reunites Street Fighter co-stars Byron Mann and Ming-Na Wen who portrayed Ryu and Chun-Li, respectively.
  • Ming-Na Wen is known for voicing Mulan in Disney's Mulan (1998). Dianne Doan who portrayed Kora in this episode also portrayed Mulan's daughter Lonnie in Disney's Descendants.
  • The episode's title references numerous things. It refers to "Afterlife", "before" they would eventually interact with anyone there, as the episode takes place in 1983, and might also refer to Yo-Yo's personal dilemma as she finally references her childhood and what has been keeping her powers down.




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