Alias(es) Bartender
Appeared in X-Men
X-Men: The Last Stand
Status Alive
Actor Doug Lennox
"I remember you."

Albert is a bartender in northern Alberta of Canada.



Albert is a bartender who serves Wolverine. He first talks to Rogue about wanting something to do. After Logan buys a beer, the man he fought earlier comes up to him saying that he owes him money. Then a fight starts and Wolverine's claws come out so Albert points his gun at him and tells him to get out his bar. Wolverine uses his claws to destroy his gun and then walks out the bar.

X-Men: The Last Stand

In an alternate scene, he appears again when Logan arrives at the bar, Albert with a gun in his hand is shown, played by the same actor. He comes closer and he figures that he's the same guy years before. He sits at a table asking for a beer. He continues his lonely life.



Behind the scenes

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  • An alternate scene of X-Men: The Last Stand shows that Wolverine has returned to Alberta, Canada and continued his lonely life, even meeting Albert from the first film with his gun in his hand again.



X-Men: The Last Stand

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