Andreas von Strucker
Alias(es) Fenris
Appeared in The Gifted
Status Alive
Actor Paul Cooper
Andreas von Strucker was a mutant who possessed telekinetic and disintegration powers.


Original Timeline

X2: X-Men United

Von Strucker's name appeared on a file on Col. Stryker's computer when it was accessed by Mystique.

New Timeline

The Gifted

"threat of eXtinction"

Andreas Von Strucker was a terroistic mutant and alongside his twin sister Andrea and a member of the villainous Hellfire Club. Using their powerful abilities together the two caused havoc and destruction until they alongside the rest of the Hellfire Club were chased out by the X-Men. He also had a son named Otto who he trained to be just as cruel as he and his sister, however, Otto rejected them both and fled from them.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mutant Physiology: Andreas was an extremely powerful mutant who possessed powerful telekinetic and disintegration powers.
    • Telekinesis: Andreas could telekinetically move objects or other individuals without physically touching them.
    • Disintegration: Andreas could disintegrates all types of matter. Andreas' disintegration powers were similar to Reed Strucker's; but with greater precision, as he could focusing his powers through his walking stick and disintegrating the music box repair man.
      • Combined Force: A powerful force of incredible strength, when Andreas hold hands with his sister, they are capable of producing and incredibly strong and destructive blast of light; they become a single collective entity. They feel everything around them, especially when inside buildings. They combine Andreas' telekinesis and Andrea's force fields and produce a force they describe as being able "to do anything they want". Whatever they feel, they could destroy.


  • Limitations: While powerful, the Fenris Force takes time to unleash. During the preparation for utilizing the force, the users are completely vulnerable to attack. This is demonstrated when the von Strucker twins were cornered and attempted to use the Fenris Force to wipe out their enemies when they were pinned down by gunfire but the attempt failed because Andrea was shot in the chest and died shortly afterwards.



  • Earth-10005 (1 film)


  • In the comics, Andreas von Strucker was a mutant known as Fenris along with his sister Andrea. Together, they had the ability to fly and generate energy blasts.

Behind the scenes

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