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"I am Iron Man. The suit and I are one. To turn over the Iron Man suit would be to turn over myself, which is tantamount to indentured servitude or prostitution, depending on what state you're in. You can't have it."
―Tony Stark[src]

Anthony "Tony" Edward Stark was a billionaire industrialist and inventor. He was the former CEO of Stark Industries, a conglomerate originally started by his father, Howard Stark. While in Afghanistan, Tony was captured by Ten Rings, and was ordered to build the Jericho missile for them. Instead, he, along with Ho Yinsen, used their resources to build a suit of armor and make their escape. Returning to America, Tony improved his armor and became the armored superhero known as Iron Man. He is a founding member of the Avengers.

Tony was still human, with the exception of an Arc Reactor in his chest. However, by the end of Iron Man 3, he had the shrapnel removed, no longer needing the arc reactor to survive. Before the start of Avengers: Infinity War, Tony created a new arc reactor that contained nanotechnology that let him transform into Iron Man at will. He was one of the richest, smartest and most powerful men on Earth. However, his power came from his high-tech battle suit known as the Iron Man armor, which granted him extraordinary strength, durability, flight capabilities, and various on-board weaponry.

In order to stop Thanos once-and-for all, Tony sacrificed himself to use the Infinity Stones to disintegrate the Mad Titan and his army.


Early life

Anthony Edward Stark was born to Howard and Maria Stark on May 29, 1970, but his early life was often dominated by the absence of his father who he would later describe as "cold" and "calculating". Tony was also highly annoyed by Howard's constant talk about Captain America. From an early age, he quickly stole the spotlight with his brilliant and unique mind. At age four he built his first circuit board, at age six his first engine, and at seventeen he graduated summa cum laude from MIT. Stark claimed that at age fourteen, he still had a nanny. Then his parents were killed in a car accident in 1991. Howard Stark's lifelong friend Obadiah Stane became the CEO of Stark Industries. At age twenty-one that same year, Tony became the new CEO and ushered in a new era for his father's legacy, creating smarter weapons, advanced robotics and satellite targeting. He changed the face of the weapons industry.

On New Year's Eve in 1999, Stark, with his scientist paramour Maya Hansen, met Ho Yinsen who introduced Tony to Dr. Wu. After Tony arrogantly avoided crippled scientist Aldrich Killian, who wanted Stark's backing in his endeavor Advanced Ideas Mechanics. Tony completely forgot about the man, after promising to meet him on the roof, in favor of spending time with scientist Maya, offering some brief observations on her work and then leaving the morning after, unaware that Killian would become vengeful of Tony's set up.

At some point, Tony became friends with lieutenant colonel, James Rhodes, hired Virginia Potts as his personal assistant and Happy Hogan as his personal bodyguard.

Iron Man

"I had my eyes opened. I came to realize that I had more to offer this world than just making things that blow up. And that is why, effective immediately, I am shutting down the weapons manufacturing division of Stark Industries."
―Tony Stark[src]

Tony skipped an award ceremony to gamble at a nightclub, forcing his friend Obadiah Stane to accept the award on his behalf, something Rhodey would confront him about later. When Tony was heading home, he was asked some questions by reporter Christine Everhart, but ended up sleeping with her instead. The next day he embarked three hours late on a trip to Afghanistan.

During the business trip to demonstrate the Stark Industries' new weapon, the "Jericho" cluster missile, Tony's convoy was attacked by the terrorist group known as the Ten Rings. One of his own company's bombs landed near him and exploded. The blast caused him to lose consciousness and embedded several pieces of shrapnel in his chest, one fragment dangerously close to his heart. He woke up some time later with an electromagnet attached to his chest. Hooked up to a car battery, the electromagnet keeping the shrapnel from entering his heart and killing him.

Tony Stark during the attack of the Ten Rings

Tony has been captured by the terrorist group Ten Rings, who order him to build a Jericho missile for them. Instead, he and fellow captive Dr. Yinsen secretly build a crude but strong power armor (Mark 1) fueled by a miniature "arc reactor", a smaller version of a power source previously invented by Tony. The arc reactor supplies energy to an electromagnet which prevents embedded shrapnel from reaching Tony's heart, which would kill him. Dr. Yinsen is killed in the ensuing escape attempt when he stalls the guards to buy Tony enough time to power up the suit. Using the suit, Tony kills several terrorists, destroys their weapons stockpile, and escapes, though his suit is destroyed as he crash lands in the desert. Upon being picked up by the Air Force and returning to the United States, Tony declares that his company will, for the time being, no longer manufacture weapons. His father's friend and business partner, Obadiah Stane, tells him that this move is blocked by the board members shortly after, which even leads to Stark losing his position, but Stark remains firm in his decision.

Tony in his tuxedo

Tony retreats from public view, focusing on the design of his power suit, refining its size and flight capability (Mark 2). He asks Pepper to help him take his old arc reactor out and to put in a new one. He began to suspect Obadiah when he continued to persist in inspecting the Arc Reactor, knowing there was something strange with him. During his first public appearance since his return to the United States, he is accosted by Christine Everhart, who shows him pictures of Stark Industries weapons in the hands of terrorist groups, including the Jericho missiles he refused to build for them.

Infuriated and disgusted and knowing Obadiah was the only one in his company who could develop that level of weaponry and authorize such deals apart from him, coming to realize it was Obadiah who had orchestrated his kidnapping, Stark confronted Obadiah, who casually revealed he has been "dealing under the table", supplying weapons to both the U.S. troops and the terrorists, as well as being the one to shut Tony out of the board while he recovers, leaving Tony horrified with the realization of what his company has done and how the man he had saw as his father-figure had betrayed him.

Furious and determined to undo what his company had did, Tony dons the power suit (Mark 3) and flies to Afghanistan, rescuing Yinsen's village from the Ten Rings. In destroying their weapon stockpiles, he accidentally draws the attention of the United States Air Force and his friend and company military liaison, Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes. Two F-22 Raptors are ordered to take out the unknown target, and during the confrontation one of the Raptors loses its left wing when it accidentally collides with Tony. The pilot ejects shortly afterwards, but his parachute jams. Realizing this, Tony dives down to help the pilot release his parachute before escaping.

Determined to make amends for his mistakes, Tony sends Pepper to find the shipping records of Stark Industries, so he can track down the illicit shipments and destroy them. While hacking into the system, she discovers that it was Obadiah who hired the Ten Rings to kill Tony, but they had reneged on the deal when they realized who the target was. She also discovers that Obadiah has recovered the power suit prototype and has reverse engineered his own version. However, his team of scientists, not possessing Tony's genius, cannot engineer the miniature arc reactor to power the new suit.

Obadiah, upon realizing Pepper's discovery, paralyzes Tony and steals his arc reactor from his chest to power his new suit, leaving Tony to die, callously reminding him that 'just because you invented something. It doesn't mean you own it'. Using his first reactor, which was not designed to power his latest armor, Tony battles with Obadiah atop Stark Industries and the surrounding streets, defeating him when the full-sized arc reactor that powers the lab is deliberately overloaded by Pepper. Afterwards, Tony's alter ego is dubbed "Iron Man" by the press. Tony holds a press conference where his S.H.I.E.L.D. contacts advise him to state that Iron Man is Tony's bodyguard. However, he instead announces that he actually is Iron Man after Christine Everhart expresses her doubt.

Later, Tony arrives home and is greeted by a mysterious visitor standing by the window. He reveals himself as Nick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., warns him that he is not the only 'super hero' in the world, and mentions the Avengers Initiative.

Iron Man: Security Measures

When S.H.I.E.L.D. was investigating the Iron Man armor, they tried to hack Stark's home computer, but Stark detected them and tracked the signal of the S.H.I.E.L.D. satellite through a shell corporation which he blew up.

Iron Man: Fast Friends

Sometime before Tony was captured by the Ten Rings, Rhodey was present in Arizona when Tony was presenting his accelerated wave explosion. One hour later, Tony went to a nightclub along with Rhodey. In the nightclub, Tony is punched in the face by a man in the club upset with him after his girlfriend left with Stark a week prior. Rhodey then intervenes, and punches the man back.

After the death of Obadiah Stane, Rhodey had Tony go to the hospital. When Tony asked what hospital they were going to, Rhodey said it was a "surprise", when they were actually heading to a S.H.I.E.L.D. base where Agent Coulson was waiting for them. Coulson explains to Stark he is not efficient in battle, and Stark asks Rhodey what is going on. Rhodey tells Stark he may be getting recruited. Stark claimed he knows how to fight, but Coulson said "Not yet".

Coulson then presents Stark and Rhodey their headquarters explaining to them what they do at S.H.I.E.L.D. Coulson then told them that they had Pepper Potts schedule a conference about the battle. When Stark asked what he should say in the conference, Rhodey bets that they will give him a script and hopes Tony will stick with it, which Coulson confirms. As S.H.I.E.L.D. wants the whole episode as quiet as possible, Stark promises he knows when to be quiet. The next day Tony reveals to the world that he's Iron Man.

I Am Iron Man!

After Fury offered Stark the opportunity to join the Avengers Initiative, Stark rejected the offer and told Fury to leave, but Fury warned him that he will keep an eye on him.

Iron Man 2: Public Identity

Sometime after revealing that he's Iron Man, Tony uses his suit to have some fun on a yacht with some girls, and he later tells his personal chauffeur and bodyguard Harold "Happy" Hogan that he missed out on the fun.

Later at a party, Pepper told Tony that Colonel Rhodes wanted to speak with him, she told Rhodes to wait for Stark in his house. Stark asked her why she doesn't call him Rhodey like everyone else, but thanked her for relaying the message to him. When he returned home, Rhodey told him that ever since he revealed to everyone that he is Iron Man, he discovered a new hobby; covering for Tony. Tony simply joked saying that he was there for business unrelated to the military. As they went downstairs, Rhodey asked him if he was the one who hit the depot in Pavlodar. Tony said if he thought that he was interested in a Ten Rings sect in cahoots with rogue Russian nationalists, then that would be his next vacation spot, they could do worse in Kazakhstan in Spring.

Rhodes confirmed that the Ten Rings were involved, but at least the Hostages were okay, as they could have died. Tony told him that nobody will die on his watch. Rhodey claims that it was a matter of protocol and that Tony was making people nervous by rushing and dealing with situations before they can officially deploy him. Tony appreciated that the military wanted him to work with them, but told Rhodey to try living with the Arc Reactor sitting in his chest, pointing out that if it wasn't for the reactor, he wouldn't be Iron Man. Rhodey informed Tony that his superiors had him writing an evaluation of Iron Man. J.A.R.V.I.S. tells Tony about an emergency at Al Kūt as Rhodey receives a phone call about the situation. He then asks Tony to do reconnaissance before going to Al Kūt, but Tony told him that people were dying, so he put on his armor and left.

In Al Kūt, Stark defeated all of the Ten Rings members and saved the news crew that was over there. Later in the Gulf of Aden, he took out a boat of Somali Pirates.

While visiting his father's mansion, Tony remembered something his former butler Edwin Jarvis said: "Time heals all wounds". J.A.R.V.I.S. asked him why he was installed there, Tony said it was a force of habit, stating that Jarvis had always been there and was always the happiest to see him when Tony visited from Boarding School. Tony checked his father's library, and told J.A.R.V.I.S. that his father never let him go in there, he always had to sneak in when Howard was out of the house, but never found anything good in there. J.A.R.V.I.S. interrupted Tony telling him that they had an incoming Priority Alert.

Tony declared that it was time for another vacation in the desert. Tony then headed to Afghanistan where he called Pepper who was waiting for him in a board meeting at Stark Industries. He told her to keep his seat warm and to keep a smile like everything was fine. In Afghanistan, the Ten Rings had planted mines, so Stark thought they were trying to leave a message for him and decided to leave a message of his own, by firing his Magna-Drone which retrieved all of the mines.

When Tony returned from Afghanistan, Pepper and Rhodey visited. Pepper asked if he had a "nice holiday" and Rhodey told him that Justin Hammer had started to get friendly with his superiors and that Stark was coming across as more and more independent when it came to the work he's doing for them. Rhodey received a call informing him that the Aerodynamic Marvel was shot down and fell into enemy territory. Rhodey told Tony that they had a trained airman to pilot the machine and he had been taken captive.

Tony put his armor on and went to save the pilot. Once successfully saving the pilot, General Ross ordered Stark to land on Cairo West Air Base immediately. Stark then met with Ross who informed him that they had picked up on a shoot-out with the Congolese army and yet Stark didn't return fire, stating that when someone fires on an American, that American has to fire back. He also told Stark that by claiming that he won't manufacture any more weapons, he was distancing himself from his father's legacy. Stark warned him if he heard about another innocent being put in harm's way that there will be consequences. Stark then left Egypt and returned home.

Iron Man 2: Fist of Iron

As Tony was driving to a meeting on Gorani Insurance, Pepper called him telling him that he gets easily distracted; telling Tony to make to the meeting on time. When Tony asks Pepper if Evetta Gorani is taking over the company, Pepper asks him if he's talking about her because she's attractive, and Stark replies by asking if she thinks he's the type of man who would be distracted in a business meeting just because he came across an attractive vice president. Pepper replies that she does think that. Tony is then stopped by the police, and Pepper thinks Tony did something wrong, but Tony assures her he didn't do anything. One of the officers tells Tony there was a museum robbery, in which five men stole over a hundred million dollars worth of impressionist paintings, and they escaped in a red SUV.

Stark tells Pepper why he was stopped, but she isn't persuaded because it made him more late for the meeting and tells him to not stop for anything else. However as he drives, Stark passes by an attractive woman and he stops to ask if she had a flat tire, which she confirms. She also tells him she's late for a meeting. Stark then changes the tire and asks for her number, saying to write it on the tire, enter it on his phone, or wait till fate brings them together again. After she leaves Pepper calls again asking if he got dumped.

Stark says that he's just waiting for fate and tells her she should have told him that she was still on the phone. Pepper jokes saying that if she had told him, she would missed all the fun and then reminds him to not miss the meeting. As they talk, Tony encounters the thieves the officer told him about, and sees the paintings inside the SUV. They see Stark, but Tony goes to his Audi, where he picks the glove off his suit, defeating the thieves. Stark then arrives at the meeting where he realizes the woman he encountered earlier was Evetta Gorani. Tony finds out that Gorani Insurance insured the museum the thieves robbed, and his actions saved the company over 100 million dollars by retrieving the stolen property.

Iron Man 2: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

As some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents discover the Ten Rings' cell control in a vessel, Iron Man arrived on the scene and destroyed the cell control and defeated many of the terrorists. Before leaving, he recorded a conversation that a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent had with Fury.

Iron Man 2

"It's good to be back!"
―Tony Stark[src]

Six months after revealing his identity to the world and has since then helped maintain world peace. Tony appeared as Iron Man at the grand opening of the Stark Expo where the gantry removed his armor in Flushing Meadows, New York, continuing the legacy his father started. He was faced with two threats: one in the form of his own heart, it seems the Arc Reactor palladium core is poisoning him causing him a slow painful death due to over uses of the Iron Man armor.

Tony at the opening of the Stark Expo

The second threat is from a Senate committee hearing, led by Senator Stern, demanding that Tony should release his technology of the Iron Man armor for military applications. Tony refuses, believing that it's not in the best interest of the American people for the military to possess that which they'll use as a weapon that could very well be used against America. Senator Stern tries to turn Tony's best friend Lt. Colonel James Rhodes against him in an effort to force him. His competitor Justin Hammer tries to plead his case in the matter, Tony takes this opportunity to embarrass both Justin and Stern with a collection of video footage of Justin and others around the world attempting to recreating the complex technology. Tony arrogantly states that it will take years before anyone will be able to successfully recreate the tech.

Tony returns to his home where he and J.A.R.V.I.S. try to find a solution in finding a new power source for the Arc Reactor. Uncertain of his outcome of survival, Tony appoints his former personal assistant Pepper CEO of Stark Industries, replacing her with Natalie Rushman.

Growing increasingly despondent and thrill-seeking as a consequence of what he believes to be his impending death, Tony races at the Monaco Grand Prix, where Ivan Vanko, who has constructed an arc reactor of his own, along with whip-like energy weapons, attacks Tony. With the aid of Pepper and Happy Hogan who hands him his portable briefcase armor. Tony dons the Mark V armor and defeats Ivan.

Tony in his company racecar

Afterward, Tony pays Ivan a visit in a French prison to find out how he acquired the technology. During the conversation, Ivan reveals that he is the son of Anton Vanko, who collaborated with Howard on the first arc reactor but was deported back to the Soviet Union and died in poverty. Ivan blames the Starks for his family's fate, and seeks revenge. Ivan also mentions he's fully aware of Tony's current heart poisoning, saying it's a painful way to die.

Stark confronting Ivan Vanko in the Mark V Iron Man suit.

On Route back home with Pepper to celebrate his upcoming Birthday, Tony attempts to tell her the truth behind his current series of reckless acts. Wanting to escape from all his current problems Tony tries to convince Pepper to take a detour in Italy. Unfortunately due to the media pressure of the recent incident in Monaco with Whiplash has everyone on edge demanding that Tony turn over the technology now. Ivan escapes prison thanks to Justin who intends to use Ivan's knowledge of Tony's technology to create his own army of armored soldiers to discredit Iron Man.

Stark at the Stark Expo in his Mark VI Iron Man suit.

Tony throws what he believes will be his last birthday party, gets roaring drunk while wearing the Iron Man armor and indulges in dangerous activities, forcing his friend, Rhodey, to intervene. Rhodey dons Tony's Mark II armor and after almost destroying Tony's house in the resulting fight, delivers the armor to the military. The next day, Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D., approaches Tony, revealing Natalie as undercover agent Natasha Romanoff and that Howard was a S.H.I.E.L.D. founder. Fury gives Tony some of Howard's old material to aid in finding a cure for the palladium poisoning. A hidden message in the diorama of the 1974 Stark Expo proves to be a diagram of a new element's atomic structure. With the aid of his computer J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony synthesizes the new element and cures himself. Afterward, Ivan contacts Tony, revealing he is still alive and set on revenge. Tony dons the newly-constructed Mark VI armor and files off to the Expo.

At the Expo, Justin unveils his new military drones, captained by Rhodey wearing a heavily weaponized version of the Mark II armor known as War Machine. Tony as Iron Man arrives to warn Rhodey, but Ivan seizes control of both the drones and Rhodey's armor, setting them to attack Iron Man. Pepper has Hammer arrested while Tony's bodyguard Happy Hogan and Agent Romanoff race to Hammer's Queens facility. They find Ivan has already left, but Natasha is able to turn over control of the Mark II armor to Rhodes.

Tony at a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. Hideout.

Eliminating the remaining drones, Tony and Rhodey are confronted by Ivan in his new, more powerful suit of armor. He is defeated when Tony and Rhodey fire repulsor rays at each other, triggering an explosion beside Ivan. Too injured to continue the fight, Ivan ignites his and drones' self-destruct bombs, apparently killing himself in the process. Tony races to save Pepper amid a series of explosions. Pepper quits her position as CEO, and she and Tony kiss. Rhodey departs with the Mark II armor without serious objection from Tony.

At a debriefing, while showing news footage of another superhuman event, Fury informs Tony that while Iron Man is a suitable candidate for the "Avengers Initiative", Tony himself is not. S.H.I.E.L.D. wants Tony in a consultant position, to which Tony agrees on the condition that Senator Stern present himself and Rhodey with their medals for bravery.

Fury's Big Week

By the night he was fighting Rhodey at his birthday party, Stark only had around 72 hours to live.

The Incredible Hulk

"What if I told you we were putting a team together?"
―Tony Stark[src]

Tony talking to General Ross.

After failing to capture the Hulk and the Abomination is defeated, General Ross goes to a bar to drink. Tony Stark walks in and the two trade a few jabs at each other. Tony finishes by saying "We're putting together a team". Ross replies "Who's we?". He also mentions the Super Soldier Serum, saying "it was put on ice for a reason".

The Consultant

To prevent General Ross from freeing the Abomination, Coulson sent Stark to deliberately offend Ross. After the conversation that was seen in The Incredible Hulk, Ross got angry at Stark and wanted him out of the bar, but Stark bought the bar instead.


Jasper Sitwell asks Phil Coulson if The Destroyer is one of Stark's latest armors when they encountered it. Coulson replies saying "I don't know. The guy never tells me anything."

The Avengers Initiative

Tony goes to Dubai and is attacked by a couple of Raiders.

Black Widow Strikes

S.H.I.E.L.D. continued to observe Stark's actions as he was seen on their computer screens.

The Avengers

"If we can't protect the Earth, you can be damn well sure we'll avenge it."
―Tony Stark[src]

Tony Stark activated an arc reactor prototype in Stark Tower, his New York residence. He is confronted by Phil Coulson, who briefs him on a new re-established Avengers Initiative and the Tesseract in the wake of Loki's attack on S.H.I.E.L.D.. He aids Captain America in defeating Loki in Stuttgard, Germany and initially condescends to the Captain. When Thor appears to take Loki away, Stark and Thor find themselves in a fight which is ended by Captain America. Stark attempts to dispel any hard feeling against Thor.

Stark takes an instant liking to Bruce Banner and attempts to justify the Hulk's existence. He and Rogers become divided over Stark's attempt to hack and expose dark secrets S.H.I.E.L.D. is keeping. While the Avengers begin a heated argument, Stark and Rogers spit insults at each other and almost turn to blows before Loki's men attack the hellicarrier. Stark and Rogers attempt to reboot the power supply to a failing engine and Stark's suit is badly damaged during this. Tony is deeply hurt by the murder of Agent Coulson at the hands of Loki, after a talk with Steve, he individually works out Loki's next attack. Stark and Rogers agree that the Avengers should become independent from S.H.I.E.L.D. and assemble at Stark Tower.

Stark dons The Mark VII armor.

Stark confronts Loki at Stark Tower where Loki is to open the portal to the Chitauri's fleet and swears to avenge the death of Coulson. After being thrown from the window, Stark assembles Iron Man Mark 7 and begins to attack the Chitauri invaders. While the battle intensifies, Stark intercepts a nuclear missile heading for New York and flies it directly into the portal, destroying the fleet but leaving him in deep space. Stark passes out before falling through the portal before it closes. Luckily, he is caught and revived by the Hulk. Waking up and realizing the Avengers have saved Earth, he suggests a celebratory meal at a shawarma restaurant, before helping the others arrest Loki. He is present when Thor teleports the Tesseract and Loki back to Asgard. Tony is last seen in Stark Tower with Pepper, designing new rooms for each member of the Avengers for whenever the team is needed to assemble again. An "A" is the remaining letter on the tower.

Iron Man 3 Prelude

Tony reclaims the Mark II armor from Rhodey and removes all the modifications done to it by Justin Hammer. But Tony designs Rhodey a more advanced model. Since Tony was busy with the construction of Stark Tower and as a consultant to S.H.I.E.L.D. he had no time to fight against the terrorists as Iron Man. But knowing that the world expects Iron Man to be always there, he gave the armor to Rhodey to fight in his place.

When Loki launched his attack on Earth, Stark called Rhodey hoping that he could provide help, but War Machine was fighting terrorists in Asia so wouldn't be able to get to New York in less than an hour. When Loki is defeated and the portal is closed, Rhodey makes it to New York and Tony introduces him to the Avengers.

Later, Tony invited Rhodes to his workshop. Tony had realized that not even Iron Man and War Machine would be enough to protect the Earth so he revealed to Rhodes that he'd been developing the Iron Legion - several Iron Man armors that could be remotely controlled.

Thor: The Dark World Prelude

During the battle of New York, Iron Man asked Thor if he had ever seen Game of Thrones, but Thor had no idea what he was talking about, noting that despite Earth facing its doom, Stark still had the time to make jokes. Afterwards, Thor was eaten by a Leviathan, Stark then asked Thor if he'd seen Mad Men. Once Thor had killed the Leviathan with a lightning strike, Stark admitted that it was "pretty gross".

Iron Man: The Coming of the Melter

Whilst Tony was presenting how he could charge his armor with solar energy at Stark Tower, he was suddenly attacked by a villain called the Melter. The Melter quickly defeated Iron Man and announced he was going to sell his designs in a few days.

Two days later, Melter attacked again and defeated War Machine. This led Tony and Rhodey to team up and confront the Melter. They defeated him and put him in the custody of the United States Military.

Iron Man 3

"My armor was never a distraction or a hobby, it was a cocoon, and now I'm a changed man. You can take away my house, all my tricks and toys, but one thing you can't take away - I am Iron Man."
―Tony Stark[src]

Sometime after the Chitauri invasion of New York, Tony built an array of new armors, some created for specific purposes. He tested the Mark XLII, which was built so that he could summon various pieces of the armor when needed. Meanwhile, a string of bombings by terrorist The Mandarin left intelligence agencies bewildered at the lack of forensic evidence. When Happy Hogan was caught in one such attack, Tony issued a public threat to The Mandarin.

Stark in his workshop.

Pepper approached Tony about his insecurities, claiming he had pulled away. Tony stated that he had been having trouble coping after his near-death experience in New York, claiming that "gods, aliens and other dimensions" are too much for him to handle. Pepper stated that his obsessiveness over his technology were a distraction. Later that night, Tony had visions of himself going against the Chitauri, causing him to go into distress. Pepper tried to wake him until his armor appeared, coming to Tony's aid.

The Mandarin attacks Tony's home.

Maya Hansen confronted Tony at his home, warning him about the effects of his recent public warning. Pepper appeared and told Tony that it was time for them to leave until they are attacked by several helicopters, lead by Eric Savin. Tony signaled his armor onto Pepper, protecting her. Once Pepper had gotten Maya to safety, Tony summoned the armor back to himself, fending off the several helicopters surrounding him. After being out gunned, Stark was pulled into the ocean while his home demolished over him, barely escaping. Stark found himself in rural Tennessee after J.A.R.V.I.S. followed his initial flight plan to find the Mandarin. Lacking the power to return to California, the world at large believed him to be dead. Tony sent a private call, hoping for Pepper to hear. Apologizing for putting her in harm's way, Tony stated that he cannot return home yet.

Tony removing his face mask.

Stark broke into a work-shop belonging to 10-year old Harley Keener (and his family). Tony enlisted Harley's help in finding the truth behind the bombings. Seeking information, Stark set up a meeting with the mother of the recently killed and Extremis-infected Chad Davis. Once being handed valuable information regarding her son's death, Tony was attacked by Ellen Brandt and Eric Savin. Barely escaping from Brandt, Savin confronted Stark, threatening to kill Harley. Harley used a device given to him by Stark earlier, blinding Savin for a few moments in which the two were able to escape. With Harley's assistance, Stark tracked down the Mandarin's location in Miami - as the suit is recharging, Harley suggested that Stark builds his own gadgets.

Infiltrating The Mandarin's home, Stark discovered that The Mandarin is not a terrorist, rather a British actor employed by Killian to act as a threat to America, covering up Killian's test-subjects/Extremis program. Being held in captivity, he witnessed Killian murder Maya and discovered that he has captured Pepper and is currently infecting her with Extremis. Stark escaped captivity by summoning his armor, fending off several guards. Tony reunited with Rhodes who revealed that Killian had taken control of the Iron Patriot armor, intending to launch an attack on President Ellis aboard Air Force One. Remotely controlling his armor, Stark defeated Eric Savin and saved the surviving passengers and crew but was unable to rescue Ellis from Killian.

Stark and Rhodes traced Killian to an impounded oil drilling platform where he intended to kill Ellis on live television. Sneaking in, they were attacked by several Extremis soldiers. Over-powered, Stark summoned the remaining 35 armors to their aid (controlled by J.A.R.V.I.S.), armoring himself with the Silver Centurion. Tony found Pepper under wreckage when Killian unexpectedly attacked him, forcing him to bail from Mark XXXIII. Coming to Pepper's aid once again, she fell into a pit of fire after Tony tried to reach out to her, presumed dead. Enraged, Stark summons Mark XL ("Shotgun") and engages in a fight with Killian.

Standing over a platform, Stark (armorless), summons Mark XLII onto Killian, trapping him. Tony orders J.A.R.V.I.S. to let it self-destruct while he escaped. Killian, alive, struck at Stark once more until Pepper, also alive (and infected with Extremis) appeared and killed Killian with the aid of Mark VII's repulsors. Shocked at Pepper's image, Tony apologized and promised to find a cure for her. Tony, seeing Pepper worried about their future, ordered J.A.R.V.I.S. to destroy all his armor/tech.

Surrounded by the subtler explosions in the sky, the two embraced. Later, Dr. Wu, the very man Yinsen had introduced to him years earlier in Switzerland, performed surgery removing the shrapnel from Tony's heart. Stark then returned to the ruins of his Malibu home and threw his obsolete arc reactor into the ocean, because he finally understood that Iron Man is the man who "built" the armor not the armor that wears the man.

Tony then recounted everything that had happened to Bruce Banner who had fallen asleep during the tale, telling Tony that he wasn't that kind of doctor.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Nick Fury revealed to Steve Rogers that, having repaired the Helicarriers turbines during Loki's attack, Tony suggested that S.H.I.E.L.D. replace them with his repulsor technology. During a meeting between Alexander Pierce and Nick Fury, Fury promised to have Iron Man attend Pierce's niece's birthday party in exchange for a favor. Stark was also targeted by the undercover HYDRA agents in S.H.I.E.L.D. as a potential threat for their plans. During the execution of Project Insight, it was revealed that he had moved into Stark Tower following A.I.M.'s destruction of his Malibu home.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Nothing Personal"

Maria Hill mentioned to Melinda May that Tony would be privatizing Global Security.

Avengers: Operation HYDRA

To be added

Avengers: Age of Ultron

"This is the end, the end of the path I started us on."
―Tony Stark to Nick Fury[src]

With the rising threat of HYDRA, the Avengers were officially reassembled, with Stark's financial backing. Using the Avengers Tower as their headquarters, they embarked on several missions to ruin HYDRA's plans for world domination. Tony helped attack Baron Wolfgang von Strucker's HYDRA base, and while the other Avengers fought the soldiers on the ground, Stark worked on destroying the base's shields to allow the team access. When Stark swore during the mission, Steve Rogers told him to watch his language, much to Stark's amusement. Tony soon managed to disable to shields and entered the base; once inside he knocked out Dr. List before making his way through the hallways. Stark located a giant Leviathan inside the base which HYDRA had stolen after the battle of New York and the Scepter. While Stark was looking at the Scepter, Wanda Maximoff snuck up behind him and caused him to have a vision of the future, in the vision Tony saw the other Avengers lying dead after a mysterious battle. Shaken by what he had seen, Stark takes the Scepter.

The Avengers returned to the Avengers Tower, where Thor gave Tony three days to study the sceptre before taking it to Asgard. Tony discovered some kind of artificial intelligence embedded within the sceptre, and considered it could be the potential key to finish his peacekeeping project, the Ultron Program- an A.I. to control the drones of the Iron Legion. Tony convinced Bruce Banner to experiment on it. One night, while the Avengers had celebrated their latest victory against HYDRA, Tony left the rest of Ultron's syncing process to J.A.R.V.I.S. and Ultron awoke.

During Ultron's first moments of consciousness, it assimilated of all the information about the present world and humanity's history. Ultron then attacked and seemingly destroyed J.A.R.V.I.S. before building himself a body using damaged parts of the Iron Legion. When the party was winding down, Ultron confronted the Avengers, accusing them of preventing the world from achieving peace by not allowing it to evolve, declaring that for world peace, the Avengers had to be destroyed. Ultron took control of numerous Iron Legion drones, one of which escaping with Loki's sceptre while the rest fought the Avengers. Even though Ultron's body was destroyed, he used the Internet to escape.

The Avengers proceeded to investigate Ultron's next course of action, and discovered he was looking for Vibranium from its biggest illegal dealer, Ulysses Klaue. Tony and the team travelled to a shipyard in the coast of Africa, Klaue's base of operations, where they found Ultron and his two new allies, Wanda and her brother Pietro Maximoff. Tony engaged Ultron in combat, and while he managed to destroy his body, the Vibranium was no longer within reach. Additionally, Wanda had used her powers to let loose the Hulk in Johannesburg, completely out of control and blinded by rage. Tony flew to Johannesburg while summoning the Hulkbuster Armor, a contingency plan created by Tony and Bruce in case Hulk had to be stopped. A furious fight throughout Johannesburg between Tony and Hulk ensued. After pushing the Hulk through a collapsing skyscraper, Tony was finally able to stop him.

The Avengers left Johannesburg, with the rest of the members except Clint Barton having been affected by Wanda's visions, and morally defeated. Maria Hill contacted the team, and told them the commotion in Johannesburg had caused a public backlash, and recommended that they lay low for a while. Clint took them to a safe-house, his farm in the countryside, where he lived with his family.

After having a discussion with Steve regarding their methods, Tony was lured by Laura, Barton's wife, to the farm's barn. There, Tony was confronted by Nick Fury, who later convinced the Avengers to stand up and fight against Ultron. Bruce deduced that Ultron was trying to evolve itself, and they soon discovered he could have used Helen Cho's expertise with cellular regeneration, and her regeneration cradle, to build himself a new body using Vibranium.

Steve and Natasha with Barton rushed to South Korea but Clinton returned to Avengers Tower with the android body, Natasha having been captured by Ultron, and Steve delayed. Tony decided to upload J.A.R.V.I.S. into the new synthetic body, and had nearly completed the process when Rogers and the Maximoffs returned and opposed him. After Pietro and Maximoff disconnected the synthetic body from its chamber, Thor used Mjölnir to finish powering it up, finishing the download of J.A.R.V.I.S. into the mainframe. The synthetic body came to life. Confuseion as to why this "vision" sounded like J.A.R.V.I.S. allowed Tony to explain that he reconfigured his matrix to create "something new". The Vision stated that he is not a child of Ultron, Ultron himself or J.A.R.V.I.S., he is only himself. The Avengers, along with the Maximoff twins, remained skeptical as to which side the Vision was on, to which the synthezoid explains that he is on the side of life while Ultron is not, and then went on to say that Ultron was waiting for the Avengers, especially Tony, in Sokovia. He then stated that Ultron is in pain, and that he will spread his rage and pain all across the globe. After finishing, he casually lifted Mjolnir and offered it back to Thor, much to the bewilderment and surprise from everyone in the room before leaving.

The Avengers prepared themselves to confront Ultron, who had returned to Sokovia and had used the Vibranium left to create a set of machines around a portion of the city powerful enough to raise it into the sky, and then ram it into the Earth from a distance high enough to cause an extinction-level event. During the preparation, Tony uploaded a new A.I. called F.R.I.D.A.Y. into his newest suit of armor, the Mark XLVI.

Tony in his new armor confronted Ultron in a church in the middle of Sokovia, where the control unit for the doomsday machine had been placed. Meanwhile, the Avengers evacuated the city at the same time they defended it from Ultron's army of drones. The Vision was able to assist Stark and cut Ultron off from the Internet, preventing him from escaping. However, Ultron's machine was still activated, and a portion of Sokovia started rising from the ground. Tony recommended overloading the device, but Steve refused to do so until the civilians could be secured. Fury and the remains of S.H.I.E.L.D. appeared with the helicarrier, using its lifeboats to rescue civilians. As Sokovia was being evacuated, the Avengers reassembled in the church, to protect Ultron's control unit from being activated by Ultron or the robot army. During the ensuing fight, Tony helped Thor and Vision to heavily damage Ultron's main body.

After the citizens were finally secured, Tony and Thor overloaded the core of Ultron's machine, causing the airborne portion of Sokovia to explode into pieces. Ultron's last remaining drone made it safely to the ground, but was finally destroyed by the Vision.

Sometime after the dust settled, the New Avengers Facility was built in upstate New York, in order to train potential recruits. Tony and Thor visited Steve at the facility, and Thor updated Tony and Steve about the resurfacing of four Infinity Stones within the last few years, with one of them being the Mind Stone they found within the sceptre. Thor reassured them that the Mind Stone would be safe with the Vision, before heading back to Asgard to investigate more on the Infinity Stones. Tony also took a leave of absence, joking that he would build a farm just like Barton.

Captain America: Civil War

"If we can't accept limitations, we're no better than the bad guys."
―Tony Stark[src]

Tony was speaking at MIT. Where he gave a speech and after he tells the students he would fund all of their projects. When seeing Pepper Potts' name pop out on the teleprompter, he is taken aback and abruptly ends his speech, feeling guilty over how his commitment to the Avengers and building new Iron Man armors had caused him to break up with Pepper. Near an elevator, a woman introduces herself as Miriam Sharpe. She gets mad at Stark for the attack on Sokovia by Ultron and how a building dropped on her son Charles. She then retorts "you guys are only fighting for yourself. Who's going to avenge my son, Stark?". Tony looks down in regret after this.

At the New Avengers Facility, Tony and the team meet with the Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross about the Lagos attack by Brock Rumlow where twenty-six people were killed, eleven of them being relief aid workers from Wakanda. Ross tells the Avengers that some people look up to them as heroes, but others think they're vigilantes. He shows pictures of the destruction that follows the team from New York to Sokovia. Then he show them a document tells them it's the Sokovia Accords, ratified by 117 countries. The accords state that the Avengers will operate under a panel's supervision, only acting when the panel decides it's necessary. He says there will be a meeting in Vienna, and if they don't sign on, they'll have to retire. The team debating whether to agree to the accords, and Tony pulls out the picture of Charles who was killed in their battle with Ultron. Steve Rogers asks what will happen if there's somewhere they need to go, but the panel won't allow them. Tony and Steve then argued with each other and he even got surprising support from Natasha Romanoff. The argument ended when Steve left the room, Steve got a text that Peggy Carter has passed away in her sleep.

Tony has Wanda Maximoff put on house arrest by Vision. In Vienna, the United Nations convened to approve the Sokovia Accords. However, during the conference, a bomb was set outside the building, killing the Wakanda king, T'Chaka. The authorities suspected Bucky Barnes to be responsible for it. So Steve, knowing it was an illegal action, try to defended his best friend from the Joint Counter Terrorist agents and Wakand prince T'Challa, who tried to kill Barnes in order to avenge his father's death. This ended up with Rogers' arrest by James Rhodes in new the War Machine armor, along with Barnes, Sam Wilson and T'Challa.

The four were brought to the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre Building in Berlin, where Tony once again tried to convince Steve to sign the Accords, He told him about his breakup with Pepper. Tony tells him that if he signs the accords now, Bucky will be transferred to an American psych facility instead of a Wakandan jail. Steve agrees, but only if safeguards are put into place. Tony brightens telling Steve that this will get him and Wanda reinstated. Steve asks what he means about Wanda, and he tells Steve that she is being confined to the Avengers Facility by Vision. Tony says it's the best he can do, since she's not a U.S. citizen and they won't give her a visa. Steve says that she's only a kid, and doesn't deserve to be imprisoned. He leaves without signing onto the accords. Whilr Bucky had a psychological test by Helmut Zemo, who trigger a power outage occurred and activate the Winter Soldier mindset in Bucky. Bucky than managed to escape from his cell and Steve, Sam, Tony, Natasha, Sharon Carter and T'Challa tried to stop Barnes. After Steve prevented him from escaping in a helicopter, Steve, Sam and Bucky went into hiding.

Tony asked Secretary Ross to let him bring in Steve, Sam and the Barnes, which Tony promised he would within Seventy Two hours, although Ross remained somewhat skeptical and gave him thirty six hours. Tony than went to Queens, to get help from teenage superhero Peter Parker known as "Spider-Man." Tony has been following his Peter activities in New York and figured out his true identity. Tony informed Peter of the situation involving the Accords, and told him that Steve Rogers has made a wrong decision to oppose it, and was dangerous because of it. Tony recruited Peter to his team, made him a new suit. Meanwhile Steve assembles a team consisting of Bucky, Sam, Clint Barton, Wanda and Scott Lang to stop Zemo. By operating outside of authority, they all become renegades. Tony in the Mark XLVI Armor and his own team, made up of Rhodey, T'Challa, Natasha, Vision and Peter to arrest them at Lepzig/Halle Airport. In the epic battle, Scott in his new Ant-Man suit turns into a giant, distracting Tony's team and buying time for Steve and Bucky to escape to an aircraft hangar. Natasha appears intent on stopping them, but she turns on T'Challa, allowing Steve and Bucky to fly off. Rhodes tries to stop them from escaping, but Sam flies after him. Vision shoots an energy beam at Sam, but he dodges and it hits Rhodes instead, causing him to fall from the sky and nearly killing him, despite the best efforts of Tony and Sam trying to catch him. Sam told Tony he was sorry, in anger Tony blast him with a repulsor knocking him out. After the battle Tony sent Peter back home to Queens.

Back at New Avengers Facility, checking on Rhodey's state while his spine was x-rayed. Tony asked how Vision could make a mistake like that and Vision admitted he had become distracted by Wanda, which neither he nor Stark had known could happen. Vision stayed with Rhodes while Stark spoke with Natasha. Tony told her Rhodes spine had been damaged asked her why she still acting like a double agent. She replied that they had dealt with Steve wrong. Tony scoffed at her biases towards Rogers before informing her that T'Challa had told Ross of her betrayal, giving her a halfhearted warning that the government would come to arrest her. Insulted, she told him that she was not the one who needed to watch her back, and went to go into hiding.

F.R.I.D.A.Y. show evidence that Bucky was framed for the Vienna explosion by Zemo. Tony than flew to the Raft an underwater prison. Tony landed on the raft and was greeted by Ross. Tony watched on a monitor showing Wanda in her cell. He then made his way to where his former allies were being held. Tony was then mocked by Clint calling him 'the futurist', but Tony tells Barton that they shouldn't be in there as the Raft was built for maniacs and criminals, which Clint claimed that they are all now. Tony then walked past Scott who said that Hank Pym told him "never trust a Stark" which Tony came back by not knowing who he is. Tony make his way to Sam cell, Sam asked how Rhodes was is doing. Tony tells Sam that he believes Steve's story about Zemo and that he needed his help to find out where Steve and Bucky has went. Sam told Tony that they gone to Siberia. As Tony was leaving, Ross asked if anyone said anything which Tony lied, he suits up and made his way to Siberia. However, unknown to him prince T'Challa was following him.

At Siberia Tony met up with Steve and Bucky at a Cold-War HYDRA missile silo and make peace. The Cold-War silo house frozen Winter Soldiers like Bucky. They find that the winter soldiers has been killed by Zemo. Who hidden behind indestructible glass, reveals that his real plan was to find footage of the Winter Soldier's mission in the early 90s. T'Challa who had been unseen, and hears Zemo admit responsibility for the explosion. Zemo shows them a videotape of Bucky causing the car crash, and then murdering the occupants, Howard and Maria Stark, in cold blood.

Utterly mortified and outraged, Tony charges at Bucky, only to be stopped by Steve. He furiously demands to know if Steve knew that Bucky killed his parents and not fooled by Steve's acknowledgment of only that HYDRA killed them, Steve weakly said "yes" ultimately. Feeling completely betrayed and furious over how much Steve had betrayed him, Tony quickly knocks Steve away grabs Bucky as Zemo retreats. Steve throws his shield, deflecting an otherwise fatal repulsor blast. Tony restrains Steve as he once again goes after Bucky, who manages to disable the repulsor gauntlet with his bionic arm. Tony launches a rocket with destroys one side of the room as Steve destroys the restraints holding him back. As Tony is pinned down from the rubble.

Bucky takes his chance and runs to an escape hatch located at the top of the silo. Steve attempts to calm Tony down but he just attacks Bucky again, forcing Steve to break one of armor's boots jet. As the fight gets more intense, Tony blasts off Barnes' bionic arm as he was attempting to remove the armor's Arc Reactor and fights Steve furiously, using all his arsenal to defeat Rogers and kill Barnes, even managing to briefly corner him with F.R.I.D.A.Y's analysis, but in the end he is overpowered by Rogers and pinned down. The Mark XLVI's Arc Reactor is destroyed by Rogers with his shield, effectively shut down the armor. With fighting without his armor would be pointless and with the injuries he had sustained, Tony, in a last fury-driven attempt to show defiance, angrily yells at Rogers that his father made that shield and that he doesn't deserve it, which doesn't stop Steve from walking away with Bucky but he drops the shield anyway out of sympathy.

Sometimes later, Tony arrives at the New Avengers Facility, now having reflected over and realized how much damage he had caused by supporting the Accords, sad and remorseful of how the Avengers are now seemingly permanently broken up and somber as he tries to find a new purpose for the Avengers and hope to move on. He helps Rhodes with his recovery, giving him robotic legs to recover from paralysis, and tries to guide him into adjusting but he gets somber when Rhodes mentioned his lack of regrets over supporting the Sokovia Accords, as Tony himself has learned his lesson and although willing to abide to the Accords, he is done helping the government hunt down the Avengers. A FedEx delivery man appears and deliver Tony a package, calling him Tony Stank, much to Rhodes's amusement and Tony's chagrin. He finds, to his surprise and shame, that despite all that he had did, Rogers still trusts and cares for him enough to give him a letter and a phone containing his number.

The letter says that the Avengers are Tony's family and that Steve is sorry for not telling him the truth about his parents death, which doesn't stop Tony from looking sad as well as that he wished they agree could on the Sokovia Accords and no matter what, if Tony would ever need Rogers' help, he and the rest of the team would be just a phone call away. Tony sadly smiled, feeling undeserving of Steve's maintained trust and friendship but now having some hope that he could reconcile with the Avengers. By this time, Steve freed the imprisoned Avengers from the Raft and Ross called Tony for help. Tony, deciding to take his first step of redeeming what he had did to Rogers, allowed Steve and the others to escape and put Ross on hold.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

"You just don't do anything I would do, and definitely don't do anything I wouldn't do. There's a little grey area in there and that's where you operate."
―Tony Stark[src]

Tony returns Peter Parker home back to Queens after the events of "Civil War". Tony tell Peter to keep low to the ground and stay out of trouble, Tony also has Happy Hogan be Peter's primary contact as Peter continue his crime-fighting career as Spider-Man and duly relayed all of Peter's messages to himself. Peter would often called Happy to ask if Tony or the Avengers had any new mission for him.

When Peter stumbled across a weapons deal involving enhanced guns by reverse-engineered Chitauri technology from the Battle of New York, he nearly drowned by Vulture but Tony rescued Peter with the new Mark XLVII Iron Man armor. Tony use Wi-Fi in Dubai to remotely control the armor. Tony communicated with Peter and asked him to stop pursuing Vulture. When he disconnected the call, F.R.I.D.A.Y. took over the armor's controls and flew away.

Tony contacted the F.B.I. about Vulture enhanced weapons. However, Peter eager to prove himself tracked the dealers and the buyer Mac Gargan to a new deal on the Staten Island Ferry, but this backfired when the ferry was nearly destroyed before Tony stepped in. Angry that Peter had continued to going after the Vulture and his men despite Tony telling him to stay away, particularly after Tony had spoken up for him and arranged for an FBI team to intercept the trade, Tony ask for the suit he had created for Peter. Peter pleads with Tony, saying that he's nothing without the suit, to which Tony says that if he's nothing without the suit then he shouldn't have it.

However, Peter proved himself to be worthy of Tony's original faith when he intercepted Adrian Toomes' attempt to rob Avengers Tower, which Tony had just sold, by stealing the weapons that were being taken from it. With this in mind, Tony offered Peter a new suit and membership of the Avengers, telling him that there are reporters behind the wall waiting for a big announcement. But when Peter turned those down in continuing to be a "Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man". Tony adapted the press conference that would have introduced Spider-Man to the world into a proposal to Pepper Potts with the ring Happy threw him.

Captain Marvel Prelude

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Avengers: Infinity War

"You throw another moon at me and I'm gonna lose it!"
―Tony Stark to Thanos[src]

Tony and his fiance Pepper Potts are out for a jog as Tony mentions having a dream that he and Pepper were going to be expecting a child. Pepper herself doesn't seem ready for that. Stephen Strange then enters through one of his portals and tells Tony he needs to talk to him, and he brings Bruce Banner out to stress how urgent the matter is.

Tony goes to the New York Sanctum Sanctorum where Wong explains the history of the Infinity Stones the Power, Space, Soul, Time, Reality and Mind, and why Thanos want to get his hands on them. Tony realizes he needs to call Steve Rogers for help, but he tells Bruce how complicated it is after the Avengers broke up. Moments later, a ship starts hovering over the city. Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian find Tony, Bruce, Strange and Wong as they attempt to take the Time Stone from Strange.

Tony form the Mark L armor thanks to his new Arc Reactor while Strange and Wong use their magic to fight Maw and Obsidian. Maw is telekinetic, so he is able to deflect any attack toward him. Bruce tries to Hulk out, but he cannot. Spider-Man joins the fight as they take on Obsidian. Wong manages to send Obsidian through a portal and also slice his arm off as he tries to jump back before it closes. Maw makes a grab for the Time Stone, but Strange has placed an enchantment on it that prevents him from grabbing it. He takes Strange with him, so Peter jumps onto Maw's ship. Tony flies up after him and sends the Iron Spider armor to protect Peter but also send him back to Earth. Instead, Peter manages to stow away onto the ship. Wong stays to guard the Sanctum while Bruce decides to call the rest of the Avengers.

Tony and Peter meet as they try to help Strange, who is trapped and tortured by Maw until he gives up the Time Stone. Peter devises a plan inspired by Aliens, in which Tony blasts a hole through the ship to suck Maw out into space where he freezes up. Strange is nearly sucked out until Peter saves him, and Tony closes the hole up. The three join forces to stop Thanos, and Tony "officially" makes Peter an Avenger.

Tony, Peter, and Strange arrive on Titan and meet Peter Quill, Drax, and Mantis. They briefly fight after thinking the other one is working for Thanos until they realize he is a mutual enemy. They try to come up with a plan to take down Thanos, but Strange uses the Time Stone to view millions of different outcomes in which they fight Thanos, and he says there is only one in which they win.

When Thanos arrives on Titan and meets Strange, he recounts to Strange how Titan was a beautiful planet with little to go around for its people. His resolution was genocide across multiple planets, which he called "mercy". The heroes ambush Thanos in an attempt to remove the Gauntlet from his hand. Nebula arrives after crashing into Thanos.

Mantis has her hold on Thanos to subdue him, but she can't knock him out because he is too strong. Tony, Peter, and Strange attempt to remove the Gauntlet until Quill asks where Gamora is. Mantis reads that Thanos is mourning, and Nebula surmises that Thanos killed Gamora. Quill becomes enraged and starts hitting Thanos, breaking Mantis' hold and ruining the plan. Thanos uses the Gauntlet to destroy one of Titan's moons and hurl it toward the heroes. Tony engages Thanos and attempts to fight, only for Thanos to impale Tony with his own blade. Before he can strike the fatal blow, Strange surrenders the Time Stone to Thanos. Tony repairs his wound, and Thanos vanishes.

Tony regrouped with the others after the battle, when Mantis pointed out that something was happening, right as she began to disappear. Drax, Quill and Strange, who told him that there was no other way, also began to disappear, not knowing what was happening. Peter then approached Tony, saying that he not feeling so good. A terrified Peter clutched onto Tony saying he doesn't want to go. Tony holds and comforts Peter the best he could. Peter tells Tony he's sorry before disappearing. Tony and Nebula were left, defeated and stranded on Titan. Nebula then stated that Thanos had succeeded in wiping out half the universe, as Tony mourns for Peter.

Avengers: Endgame

"And I... am... Iron Man"
―Tony Stark to Thanos[src]

Three weeks after the Decimation, Tony and Nebula used the Guardians of the Galaxy's ship the Benatar to get off of Titan. The Benatar was out of power and quickly running out of air. All seemed lost until Carol Danvers towed them back to Earth. They were greeted by what remained of the Avengers, Steve Rogers, Rocket, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, James Rhodes and Thor. They asked Tony if he had any info on Thanos and he freaked out, blaming Steve for their loss. Tony essentially told him he was on his own and left with Pepper Potts who had also survived the snap. The Avengers, without Tony, located Thanos thanks to Nebula and an energy signature that matched the Infinity Stones and Thor killed him upon learning that the Stones had been destroyed.

Five years later, Scott Lang escaped from the Quantum Realm to discover that his daughter Cassie was now a teenager and that Hope van Dyne, along with half of the population, had disappeared in the Decimation. Scott found Natasha and Steve and explained that while five years had passed for them, only five hours had passed for him in the Quantum Realm. The three go to Tony, who was now married to Pepper and had a young daughter named Morgan. They explained their theory that the Quantum Realm could be used to go back in time and steal the Infinity Stones before Thanos was able to collect them. Tony initially rejected their proposal with concern about risking his family and the peace he had found, but, after looking at a photo of himself and Peter Parker, decided to test theoretical models that would work with Lang's quantum tunnel, eventually finding one that worked.

Tony, now on board with the plan, rejoined the remaining Avengers at the New Avengers Facility, he reconciles with Steve and returns his shield to him. Natasha, after hearing reports from Rhodes of an assassin that operated with similar methods to Clint Barton, went to Japan to track him down. Barton, consumed with grief after the loss of his family, had been operating under the mantle "Ronin". After some convincing from Natasha, he agreed to rejoin the team in order to bring his family back. After the team was gathered, Barton tested the machine and confirmed that it worked. Tony, Steve, Bruce, and Scott, returned to the Battle of New York in 2012 to retrieve the Time, Mind and Space Stones. Tony in the Mark LXXXV Armor survey Stark Tower from the Chrysler building. Tony and Scott attempted to steal the Space Stone after the Avengers defeated Loki.

The past Tony and Thor were in the lobby with the Tesseract, when they were confronted by S.H.I.E.L.D. Secretary Alexander Pierce and undercover HYDRA agent. Scott gave Tony's past self a cardiac arrest by pulling a circuit inside his Arc Reactor, while Tony stole the briefcase with the Tesseract in while nobody was looking. Their plan was thwarted when he dropped the briefcase after being hit by the 2012 Hulk.

Loki stole the Space Stone and used it to escape custody. Steve succeeded in stealing the Mind Stone and met up with Tony and Scott, who had to figure out another way to get the Space Stone without running out of the limited supply of Pym Particles that allowed them to travel through the quantum realm. Scott returned to the present with the Mind Stone while Tony and Steve devised a plan to steal the Space Stone from Camp Lehigh on April 7, 1970, while stealing further vials of Pym Particles in order to make the journey back home. Tony got the Stone while Steve found the Particles. While there, Tony had a meaningful conversation with his father Howard Stark.

After everyone had returned to 2023, they learned that Natasha had sacrificed herself so that Clint could get the Soul Stone, Tony, Bruce, and Rocket crafted a Nano Gauntlet to wield the Infinity Stones. Bruce volunteered himself to wield the gauntlet and bring back everyone that disappeared in Thanos' snap, reasoning that he could withstand both the radiation poisoning and the immense pain brought on by using the stones. He succeeded, though they were almost immediately attacked by Thanos, who had been brought to Earth by the 2014 Nebula, destroying the quantum portal in the process. Thanos reduced New Avengers Facility to rubble, splitting the team up and causing the Gauntlet to fall into Barton's protection. The past Nebula was killed by her future self as she attempted to take the Infinity Stones from Barton, while Tony, Steve and Thor confront Thanos, who decided he would instead use the Infinity Stones to destroy the universe and create one in his vision.

The three fight Thanos, but were each bested by Thanos. Soon after Thanos' army lands on Earth, T'Challa appeared along with all of the Avengers and other allies revived by Bruce, before launching an assault on Thanos and his army. After a lengthy battle during which Tony was reunited with Peter Parker, Thanos wrestled with numerous Avengers for the Infinity Stones.

Captain Marvel reappeared, taking out Thanos' ship, the Sanctuary II. While fighting for control of the gauntlet, Tony maneuvered the Infinity Stones from Thanos' hand to his own and used them to turn Thanos and his entire army into dust, triumphantly stating "I am Iron Man." Tony collapsed, mortally wounded from using the Infinity Stones. He was embraced by Rhodes, Peter and Pepper. She assured Tony that she and Morgan would be okay and he died in her arms.

The heroes all attended Tony's funeral. Tony's daughter and Pepper watched a message Tony recorded for them prior to the final battle where he professed his eternal love for them. Etched onto his first Arc Reactor are the words "Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart", the very thing Pepper had put on it when she displayed the Arc Reactor so many years before after helping Tony remove it.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Eight months after Tony's death, people were still mourning the loss of Iron Man. A documentary called Heart of Iron: The Tony Stark Story was made detailing Tony's life and legacy. Tony made necessary arrangements to anoint Peter Parker as part of his legacy. Stark created an A.I. inside the lens of his sunglasses named E.D.I.T.H., which allowed for complete control of Stark Industries weapons, drones, inventions, and the ability to hack any electronic device. Stark gave the glasses to Nick Fury who later presented the glasses through Talos while he was on vacation.

Character traits

Tony was an outgoing and extremely eccentric man, all the while possessing the capacity to become an expert in thermonuclear astrophysics overnight. Tony was shown to be a big fan of Australian hard rock band AC/DC, though he has been shown to listen to other 80's and 90's rock and funk music. He was renowned for being lackadaisical, casually arrogant, callous and a hedonist who enjoyed the finer things in life, namely drinking, gambling, partying and flirting with complete strangers. Despite this, he was highly intelligent and possessed a genius which made him one of the brilliant minds on earth. However, despite his flaws, Tony was a good man at heart and wanted to use his technology to better the world.

An inventive mechanical engineering prodigy, Tony was constantly creating new technology and looking for ways to improve it. At the start of Iron Man, he had little concern for the effect his weapons have on others, so long as it made a profit and bulked his popularity. He would rationalize his business as heroism, as he saw his weapons as being used to defend others. However, even though he did not care enough to look more, Tony nevertheless had morals, asking that his weapons only be used to protect the world. This all changed when he realized the brutal and indifferent world that he had never had to inhabit as a child, being held prisoner by terrorists who somehow had gained access to his own technology and watching other Americans be killed by his weapons. His intense desire to escape was what provoked him into creating the first Iron Man armor to fight his way to freedom, leading him to kill many of his captors and avenging the death of fellow prisoner, Yinsen, who helped his escape. Yinsen's dying words to not waste his life resonated greatly with Tony, completely losing his ignorance towards how his company was affecting the world.

After this, Tony ceased all weapons productivity of Stark Industries, shocking everyone, and remained firm on his decision even when the board of directors removed him from his position. However, the worst shock was still to come; Obadiah Stane - the man who had raised him and inspired him since the day his father died and who Stark had considered a father - had been usurping his company from the very beginning and had been the very man who had orchestrated his kidnapping by the Ten Rings terrorists. The fact that Stane had supplied the terrorists with Stark technology to harm innocent people finally woke Tony up to how cruel the world could become.

Tony's subsequent anger towards this and his experiences with the terrorist turned him into a determined and brave fighter, willing to risk his life in fighting his enemies. He is fully capable of being ruthless with enemies and killing them without hesitation, but he is not entirely without mercy, not only willing to punish his enemies without killing them himself, as he left Abu Bakaar at the mercy of the villagers his men were attacking, but also not above showing mercy to his enemies who have been defeated and willingly surrendered, offering several of Aldrich Killian's men a chance to stand down and allowing the sole survivor to leave peacefully upon surrendering. However, his offer of a surrender at first was mainly a distraction as Tony fully expected his armor to show at any time and was getting annoyed when it failed to arrive.

Even after becoming Iron Man, Tony's personality did not change at all, as evidenced by the fact that he revealed his superhero identity to the public, despite being told not to by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson; which has only further increase his arrogance and ego.

From Iron Man to Iron Man 2, Tony had a unique friendship with Rhodey. Rhodey tries to keep Tony on the straight and narrow although he has stated at times it is not that easy. Although they have been friends for many years, Tony's erratic nature at times makes it difficult for Rhodey to choose between Tony and his duty to the military as clearly evident in the second film, however, near the end of the film, they have once again become friends of one accord.

In addition, the fact that Tony was about to die due to the palladium poisoning his Arc Reactor does initially embittered him enough that he spent what he believed to be his last days doing whatever he wants, causing chaos in his birthday party to the point Rhodes was forced to take him on out of horror of what Tony was doing and he even fights Rhodes without hesitation to lash out at him for believing he could use his suit so easily. He lost this demeanor after he managed to cure himself.

Tony's relationship with his father, Howard was another issue as well. Although Tony resented Howard for his cold treatment of his own son, he still showed regret of never managing to say goodbye and was truly saddened by his death, although not to the extent as he was with his mother's. He seemed to have genuinely wanted to believe Howard had a moral compass, as he professed that he truly desired to ask his father whether he would have regretted or hesitated with what his company did. However, after realizing his father considered him his greatest creation and trusted him to perfect what he could not, Tony seemed to have let go a bit of his resentment, as he did not hesitate to fulfill what his father had wanted him to do and looked genuinely contemplating of his father's words and openly acknowledged had Howard not left the structure for a new element, he would have died, and was grateful of how his father's work allowed him to live on. He became willing to work with the government due to this.

In The Avengers, Tony had matured to an extent; while around Pepper he is able to openly express his feelings around her. However, upon being around the team, he still shows the same "qualities" that he is known for. He immediately clashes with Steve Rogers due to their very different personalities, and nearly come to blows when the Helicarrier falls under attack, partially due to Loki's influence clouding everyone's minds. The two quickly put their feud aside to help repair the ship.

Tony quickly strikes up a friendship with Bruce Banner, as the two have several things in common including a genius-level IQ. Tony relates to him that his arc reactor - which keeps shrapnel from reaching his heart - is a great power that he can control, which is not unlike Bruce's abilities as the Hulk. In fact, Tony is the only one who doesn't fear the Hulk, and helps Bruce realize that the Hulk is more of a blessing than a curse.

Upon Phil Coulson's death, while Tony tries not to show it in front of Steve, Phil's death has greatly affected him. By the time of the Battle of New York, he has no problem taking orders from Steve, knowing what is on the line.

In Iron Man 3, Tony, is haunted from his near death experience from the Battle of New York. Fearing he couldn't protect people he cared for, he made repeated upgrades of his armors, not only inserting various remote control devices into his body that would allow him to summon the new Mark XLII with his thoughts alone, but also created the "Iron Legion" of multiple armors that could be controlled remotes by J.A.R.V.I.S. His anxiety towards this went against his better judgement and began to cause a rift between him and Pepper, one of the people he was most fearful for.

Around this same time, Tony meets an inventive, 10 year old boy named Harley. Harley is immediate in awe of his idol, Iron Man, however the two, over a time, butt heads. Harley annoying Tony, and Tony hurling an endless stream of sardonic quips at Harley. Overcoming their differences, the two discover that a string of bombings claimed by a terrorist known as the Mandarin, are actually unstable test subjects for Aldrich Killian's experimental Extremis virus.

Although Tony's past flings with women often ended up in him simply leaving them after having slept together with them, apart from Pepper, who he continues to love, Maya Hansen was to an extent an exception, as he created a formula to help her perfect Extremis unaware of how much she would go to make sure she could use Stark's formula to truly perfect Extremis and although Tony was disgusted by her willingness to forgo all her values to perfect the Extremis, he was nevertheless outraged and saddened by Killian's callous murder of Maya, as he angrily called him a maniac for doing so.

Throughout the entirety of Iron Man 3, Tony undergoes major changes from the beginning, in the end, finally losing his dependency towards the suits and realizing that it's not the armor that makes the hero, but the man that's inside. Indeed, for much of the movie Tony is reduced to fighting without his armor, relying mainly on makeshift weapons he creates himself. Even when Tony has the Iron Legion, he's mostly reduced to jumping from one suit to another and more often than not being unarmored as he faces off with Killian. He destroys all of the suits and undergoes surgery to remove both the shrapnel and the Arc Reactor. Finally, he throws the Arc Reactor into the ocean at the site of his demolished mansion, and, before driving away with DUM-E in a trailer behind his car, asserts that he is Iron Man, even without the armors.

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, after being shown a vision where the Avengers die fighting extraterrestrial threats, Tony became fearful that the Avengers are not enough to defend the world from other extraterrestrial threats and the idea that he would have to live on after his friends were dead and the possibility that he could have done something to save them but did not, as stated by Rogers, only served to deeply haunt him. Concerned for his comrades and fearful of the future of the world, Tony's trauma prompted him to design the Ultron Program as a global peacekeeping program using the decrypted code derived from within Loki's Scepter.

However, the program went horribly wrong, unleashing a genocidal machine called Ultron who was bent on human extinction. This put Tony at odds with the others Avengers, especially Steve. The Avengers was able to defeat Ultron, however, the original Avengers were no more. Tony chose to retire from the team.

In Captain America: Civil War, Tony's regret for what Ultron did make him offer his full supports the government and the Sokovia Accords; due to his role in creating Ultron and almost destroying all life on earth, when T'Chaka, the king of Wakanda was (apparently) killed by Bucky Barnes, initially, he refused to believe that Bucky was innocent, and was being framed for that crime and even stated that he was trying to keep Steve from tearing the Avengers apart; only for the latter to coldly point out that the Avengers were already torn apart from the moment that Tony sign the accords.

Initially, after finding proof that Helmut Zemo truly was responsible and Bucky was innocent, Tony quickly shared the same beliefs as Steve Rogers and was willing to help him. However, he displayed his feelings of betrayal, still not accepting at the time that he was the true betrayer, when he confronted the imprisoned Avengers. Tony coolly leveled with Clinton Barton, displaying no signs of guilt, shame or remorse for having put him in the Raft and even telling him that he should have thought about his family, despite this, he was concerned genuinely for Wanda Maximoff after seeing how harsh she was treated; due to her powers, but Wanda coldly ignored his concerned look with a glare. He expressed his anger more prominently towards Natasha Romanoff, as she had been on his side and betrayed him for Steve. Tony bitterly denounced their friendship and even stated that she was only ever good at lying to and betraying her allies and made it clear although he cared enough to tell her to run, he would not help her in the future, still not relenting in his bitterness as Natasha coldly told him off.

However, Tony's lingering feelings of anger towards Steve for all that had happened was fully unleashed when Howard and Maria's killer was revealed to be Bucky, as Steve starting the Avengers Civil War and causing Rhodes to be disabled was already bad but this was a betrayal at a personal level, as not only did Steve lie about it but he also protected his parents killer. Having reconciled to an extent with Howard, although still particularly close to his mother, Tony watched with absolute horror and rage as Bucky ruthlessly murdered Howard; until he finally snapped upon seeing his mother died.

However, while Tony is right, as Steve did betray Tony by not revealing such a secret and he openly acknowledges that Tony has a right to be angry with him, but his approach is also flawed, as he should have realized that Bucky was under the influence of HYDRA's brainwashing at the time and was not in control of his actions; when he killed Howard and Maria. In fact, Tony was too blind with anger to even consider that this was not his parents would have wanted for him, as Steve correctly predicted that neither Howard or Maria would approve with his desire for vengeance.

With Tony's desire for revenge blinding his conscience, he ruthlessly tried to avenge his parents by killing Bucky in a rage and was even willing to beat up and potentially kill Rogers too, but he still tried to hold on to their friendship, but also expressed immense rage and bitterness for Steve's ultimate betrayal, bitterly stating on how he was Steve's friend and that Steve had betrayed him, but still giving him chances to step down.

After being beaten down, Tony lashed out still by saying that as Steve had defended Bucky, he has no right to wield his shield as his father made it. Despite this showing his improved views on his father, Tony's anger prevented him from realizing that as Howard was gone, the only one who actually has any right to decide who deserve the vibranium shield is the current king of Wakanda, T'Challa, although Steve himself acknowledged that Howard had in fact made the shield and turned him into the superhero he is now and therefore; he surrendered the shield out of sympathy.

After a lot of time self-reflecting on all that had happened, Tony ultimately came to realize that it was his actions, not Steve's, that caused the Avengers to break up and also that the Sokovia Accords were just a propaganda of the government to pin the blame of the devastating events occurred when the Avengers defended Earth to them and to further add to this harsh realization, one of Tony's actions, the creation of Ultron, caused it. Feeling deep shame and remorse over how much damage he had caused by supporting the accords, Tony was (initially) left to wallow in guilt alone as just about all of his former friends, allies and teammates; such as Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton and Wanda Maximoff, have all lost any trust and respect that they once had for Tony, show no inclination of being willing to forgive and work with Tony again.

Tony Having Rhodes and Vision at his side did little to no help as he was the one who must help Rhodes adjust to his crippled legs and Rhodes does not share Tony's feelings of shame and remorse of the whole events, with Tony showing no desire to let Rhodes on it, and while Vision does share the same feelings as Tony, but he does not have any sympathy for Tony, as he has came to see him as being the cause of the break-up, evidenced by how Vision does not trust Tony with the fact he has been meeting with Wanda.

To add further insult into injury in Tony's deep self-reflection, even Scott Lang, an unofficial member of the Avengers at the time, who Tony was conscending towards, now thinks that Hank Pym, his predecessor and mentor was right not to trust a member of the Stark family, and Sam Wilson, who is second only to Steve in terms of how much the whole event hurt Tony, is the only one who shows any indication of considering Tony a friend and willing to forgive him, as he accepted Tony's apology quickly and trusted him with the location of Steve.

This causes Tony to cease any part in helping the government hunt down the Avengers and although this does not ease his conscience at all due to how he is still left to struggle to find hope in moving on the Avengers, he finds hope when Steve, who despite everything he did to him, shows he still considers Tony a friend by giving him a phone for him to contact anytime, leaving Tony even more ashamed as despite how much he lashed out at Steve, the very Avenger who caused him the most emotional pain was the only one out of his ex comrades who still trusted and respected him and apologized for how he had hurt Tony. Tony took his first step to redemption by briefly distracting Ross from mustering the forces to stop them.

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tony was seen mentoring Peter Parker who he recruited into the Avengers in his fight against Steve earlier, but shows a complete snobbish attitude when dealing with the youngster by not taking him seriously, though tries to be a good mentor by being a typical one such as not allowing the kid to become an Avenger as he has much to learn, and even confiscates his suit when the teenager's recklessness puts innocent lives at risk, justifying his strictness due to having had a fractured relationship with his father and also shows how he had grown to care for him like his own son by admitting to forever being guilty if Peter died. However, at the end of the film he returns the suit to Peter and instead claims that moment was to give Peter some tough love and that the latter had it coming. Yet on another hand, his strictness and "tough love" can be rendered hypocritical by the fact that Tony never opened up to Peter about his own shortcomings and responsibility for so many villains having tried to destroy him and his loved one's for Tony's negligence.

In Avengers: Infinity War, Tony continues to struggle with his guilt, shame and remorse over the break up of the Avengers, as out of remorse, he guiltily chose against calling upon Steve despite sensing there will be a great event, as he was still unable to face his former comrades after everything he did. He recalled this with visible sadness and remorse to Bruce Banner and was willing to protect them against the government and have them aid him against Thanos.

The knowledge of Thanos's part on the attack on New York, has shifted Tony's dark side primarily towards Thanos for everything bad that happened due to it, developing immense resentment for the Mad Titan's part. Tony become obsessed with defeating and confronting Thanos, apparently considering the Mad Titan's existence and evil as being the greatest bane in his life as well as that of Earth's safety. He does everything to finally battle Thanos and overcome his fear, to the point of disregarding Stephen Strange's advice that they return to Earth to keep the Time Stone safe, even lashing out and revealing how much he has had Thanos in his head ever since New York, although it must be noted that he also believed that by going to Titan to confront Thanos rather than waiting for him to come to Earth, Earth would be spared from too much damage.

Under the prospect of finally engaging Thanos, the knowledge of his extreme powers combined with his trauma caused Tony to discard his usually arrogant and sarcastic personality, becoming focused towards the defeat of his greatest enemy and the coordination he and his allies needed to achieve it. He was quickly frustrated by Spider-Man still able to reference to pop culture and upon arriving on Titan, began to think fully of the incoming battle and develop strategies along with Star-Lord, with him being easily frustrated by Drax and Mantis's behaviour and even asking, in a tone contrasting sharply to his old conscending personality, Star-Lord to get his group back together. However, this does not prevent Tony from bonding with his new allies, as he showed sadness when they all disintegrated. In addition, he is quick to realize that the knowledge of Gamora's death had awakened inside Quill the same rage he felt after learning Barnes killed his parents and tried to make him stop while expressing condolences, having personally succumbed to the same anger only to be forced to see and sadly live with the consequences.

When they finally fought one-on-one, Tony was for the first time clearly angered for Thanos's beating of him, saying that if he drop a moon on him again, he was really going to "lose it" in a tone that contrasts his usual sarcastic demeanor. When Thanos called him out for having the same curse as he had, which seems to be the knowledge of having everyone he loves doomed, Tony immediately lashes out by blaming Thanos for his curse and relentlessly fought the Mad Titan bravely and unhesistantly, even making him bleed against impossible odds.

Tony tried his best not to be intimidated and retreat even as Thanos grossly overpowered him, continuing to battle until he finally was fatally wounded and unable to put up any more resistance, impressing Thanos for his bravery and selflessness. Tony proves that despite his flaws, he was truly selfless in his core, as he immediately begged Stephen not to give the Mad Titan the Time Stone, knowing that his survival was immaterial compared to the innumberable amounts of death Thanos was planning to commit.

Ultimately, just like in the Avengers Civil War, as one could easily predict, Tony was still incapable of seeing past his own ego, as it had massive consequences that he came to deeply regret yet could do nothing to fix, as Thanos's victory on Titan allowed him to thwart Wanda Maximoff's destruction of the Mind Stone and complete the Gauntlet and wipe out half of all life, causing him to lose several of his friends on Earth, his new allies, who he had grown to care for and most devastatingly bitter blow was the death of Peter Parker, his protégé and son-figure, therefore making Tony, alongside Thor, responsible for Thanos' victory.

Despite Tony's selflessness and full willingness to die, and commit sacrifices for the greater good, when it comes to personal matters, he could be quite selfish. This was seen not only by how Tony acted to avenge his parents after learning Bucky was responsible and Steve betrayed him by not telling him, but he also recklessly went to confront Thanos on Titan, just to simply overcome his fear of the titan warlord and he also ignored Stephen Strange's advice to keep the Time Stone away from the titan, which ultimately helps Thanos to achieve his goal; erase half the universe's life forms from existence.

In Avengers: Endgame, following Thanos' destruction of half of all life in the universe, Tony was left haunted by his failure, particularly the loss of Peter Parker and refused to get involved anymore. In his anger and helplessness, Tony lashed out at his friends and allies, particularly Steve Rogers who he blamed for having separated the Avengers which he felt contributed to Thanos' victory, his self-bitterness overriding the remorse he had felt for betraying his former comrades. In a fit of anger, Tony went so far as to give Steve the Arc Reactor containing his Mark L armor to use against Thanos instead of Tony using it himself.

Five years later, despite the loss of so much, Tony had found contentment in being a husband and father, and didn't want to lose that. He had also lost much of his anger and antagonism, being genuinely glad to see his old friends, even Steve, despite being unwilling to help them and risk losing what he had gained. However, Tony found himself unable to let go of the heroic side of himself, figuring out a way to make time travel through the Quantum Realm work even though he considered getting rid of it. Pepper helped Tony see that he would never be able to live with himself or rest knowing that he could do something to save lives.

Following Tony's return to the fold, he had a calmer personality, upon arriving at the New Avengers Faclity, Tony returned Steve's shield to him in a gesture of reconciliation and reconciled with his old friend in a casual manner. During their trip to the past together, Tony and Steve reaffirmed their absolute trust in each other, the trust that had seemed irrevocably broken following the Avengers Civil War. Tony was also able to cordially interact with his father despite whatever remained of his old conflicted feelings towards Howard and after hearing just how strict Howard's father was, Tony came to appreciate how his father at least had never physically beat him and thus let go of any such feelings and openly stated he loved his father and even hugged Howard. When faced with Thanos, Tony didn't allow his anger to overwhelm him and fought Thanos as he would any other evil foe he would face.

At the end of his Tony's, he affirmed his identity as Iron Man, responding to Thanos' claims of being inevitable with a simple "and i am Iron Man" before sacrificing himself to protect the universe in an act of ultimate heroism.

In Tony's final moments, Pepper helped Tony have peace by reassuring him that Tony had succeeded in protecting those he cared about and could rest at last.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Direct Cybernetic Interface: Thanks to the state-of-the-art microchips Tony injected into his left forearm he could mentally control the Iron Man armor with his thoughts. He would later use voice commands to control his armor remotely if he was not wearing them. Tony was able to manifest the armor at will thanks to the nanoparticles housed in his new arc reactor. The nanoparticles could repair the armor in battle. Like when the armor was seriously damage to the point where parts of it had been destroyed by Thanos, Tony instantly regenerated the armor while fighting Thanos on Titan. Five years after Decimation, Tony created a new armor with even more advanced tech and weaponry than his previous one.
    • Armor Link: Tony can mentally command the armor with his thoughts even when he was fully unconscious. The Mark XLII almost attack Pepper in bed when Tony was having a nightmare. Pepper's screams woke Tony in time to shut down the armor. Tony remotely controlled the Mark XLII aboard Air Force One and battled Eric Savin. After he defeated him, the Mark XLII saved the surviving passengers and crew, while Tony was on a speed boat with Rhodey searching for Killian. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony commanded the Mark XLIII to "Sentry Mode", as he hacked into HYDRA's server in Wolfgang von Strucker's base. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tony saved Peter's life when Vulture dropped him into a lake. Tony controlled the Mark XLVII armor remotely using Wi-Fi at a party in Dubai. Using the armor's loudspeaker, Tony talked to Peter and asked him to stop pursuing the Vulture. When he disconnected the armor, F.R.I.D.A.Y. took over the armor's controls and flew away.
    • Armor Summon: Thanks to the repulsor flight system, individual pieces of the armor can self-assemble themselves on to Tony or others. Tony was able to remotely summon the Mark XLII to Pepper for her to wear after his home was attacked by the Mandarin's forces. Tony summoned the Iron Legion to fight against Aldrich's Extremis solders at the oil drilling platform. Tony was forced into confronting Killian, whom he attempted to defeat by ordering the suit to assemble itself on Killian and then activated the self-destruct. This failed to kill him. Pepper intervened, using her new Extremis abilities to finish off Killian once and for all. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Wanda Maximoff hexed the Hulk, sending him on a rampage in Johannesburg. Tony summoned the Hulkbuster armor that assembled itself onto the Mark XLIII. A furious fight throughout Johannesburg between Tony and Hulk ensued. Even though the Hulk was able to tear into the Hulkbuster easily, the external equipment pod Veronica sent a frequent supply of new parts to replace a damaged arm. In Avengers: Infinity War, Tony materialized the Mark L armor to fight against Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian with Dr. Strange and Wong. When Ebony Maw took Dr. Strange back to his ship for him to take the Time Stone from Strange, Tony materialized extra boosters that combined the armor feet together to make them one giant rocket thruster, allowing him to propel himself further in his pursuit of them. In Avengers: Endgame, Tony materialized the Mark LXXXV armor when he and Steve Rogers and Scott Lang traveled back to the Battle of New York in 2012 and flew to the former Stark Tower to spy on the past versions of the Avengers. In the final battle against Thanos, Tony used the nanoparticles from the Mark LXXXV armor to secretly steal the Infinity Stones from Thanos, when he wore the Nano Gauntlet. Tony snapped his fingers, releasing a power surge that turned Thanos and his army to dust.
    • Weapon Materialization: In Avengers: Infinity War, Tony materialized massive magnetically levitating cannons that enable him to fire gigantic proton beams that even stagger Cull Obsidian. Tony later materialized repulsor cannons around his wrist when he fought Ebony Maw with Peter on the Q-ship. On Titan, Tony made a last stand against Thanos. Tony materialized jackhammer arms to fight Thanos, but Thanos easily withstood the blows then he brutally beat Tony breaking much of the armor. Tony regenerated the armor and created a blade and tried to kill him, but Thanos broke the blade off and stabbed Tony with it. In Avengers: Endgame, when the Avengers reversed the Decimation the past version of Thanos and his forces attacked the New Avengers Facility. Tony, Steve and Thor fought Thanos. Tony materialized a blade to attack Thanos as Steve and Thor used their shield and hammer. Tony and Thor used a combo attack in which the armor materialized repulser cannons and an energy absorbing contact on its back, by which Thor used his lightning powers to send a powerful blast at Thanos.
  • Infinity Stones: By integrating the Infinity Stones into the Mark LXXXV's gauntlet, Tony was able to use the power of Infinity Stones, albeit at the cost of his own life. Tony was able to cause Thanos and his entire army to disintegrate into dust.


  • Indomitable Will: Tony had proven time and time again why he was called Iron Man. When his back was against the wall, Tony had tremendous strength of will, when the Ten Rings held Tony captive and ordered him to build them the Jericho missile, an extremely destructive, multi-warhead weapon, he begrudgingly agreed, but instead used the time to build the Mark I armor along with a miniature Arc Reactor to keep his damaged heart beating, when the Arc Reactor started to poison him, he found a cure in a diorama of the Stark Expo secretly left by his father, Howard Stark. Tony built a small particle accelerator in his workshop which he used create a new element that saved his life.
  • Genius-Level Intellect: At age four, Tony built his first circuit board, at age six his first engine, and at seventeen he graduated summa cum laude from MIT. Tony built the Iron Man armor: one of the most powerful weapons on Earth. When Extremis soldiers Ellen Brandt and Eric Savin attacked him, he improvised using his innovative skills and knowledge of various equipment, to outsmart them and seemingly escape, killing Brandt. When Aldrich kidnapped Pepper and forcefully injected her with Extremis, Tony was able to remove the Extremis from her body. With an intelligence classified as super-genius, he was easily one of smartest men in the universe along with Dr. Bruce Banner. Furthermore, this extends to his remarkable ingenuity dealing with difficult situations such as foes and deathtraps where he is capable of using his available tools, like his suit, in unorthodox and effective ways. He was able to easily hack the pentagon on a dare. Tony was known as a "futurist", he could intuit the future. Tony could use his superior intellect to the levels of dividing his consciousness and perfectly perform multiple tasks at the same time, being able to move, fight, talk, watch a video, and process information at the same time. Tony was the world's best multitasker.
  • Eidetic Memory: Tony's mind worked in the same way as a computer with unlimited storage capacity, only much faster. He was able to perform several mental functions at once without losing focus on any of them. He could instantly recall specific information with incredible speed and accuracy, storing everything in his photographic memory and retrieve it immediately without the typical human pause for thought.
  • Master Engineer: Tony was an extremely talented and prolific engineer and robotics technician, having been able to make many complicated inventions at a young age, building his first circuit board at age four and his first engine at age 6 and at some point of his childhood, built Dum-E and U, his personal lab assistants, and then going on to construct numerous innovative Stark Industries weapons for the US military as an adult, most notably the Jericho, as well as leading Stark Industries to become the largest tech conglomerate in the world. Even in a cave with very few resources, Tony and Ho Yinsen were able to make the Iron Man Mark I armor and the first miniature Arc Reactor. Obadiah Stane's group of well-equipped scientists failed to replicate the miniaturized Arc Reactor, while multiple world governments similarly failed to replicate Stark's Iron Man armors. He was able to program his Iron Man armors to fly to his body and the bodies of others, eventually able to remotely control his armors from vast distances away, via a telepresence headset. Stark was equally brilliant in software and holographic engineering, with his custom-built mansion being highly technology-integrated and wired to be run through his personal AI assistant, J.A.R.V.I.S., whom Stark created from scratch. Stark created multiple back-up AI systems including F.R.I.D.A.Y., J.O.C.A.S.T.A., T.A.D.A.S.H.I., and Karen, in addition to installing the Training Wheels Protocol into the Spider-Man suit. He was able to reassemble and restore J.A.R.V.I.S.'s memory after finding the AI's remnants in the NEXUS world Internet hub. Tony was able to help Nick Fury improve turbines on S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarriers, as well as help Bruce Banner construct the Hulkbuster, create the Ultron AI, and download J.A.R.V.I.S. into the Vision android. Tony equipped several of his fellow Avengers with upgraded weaponry, notably the electroshock batons of Black Widow and a new uniform with electromagnetic panels for Captain America, to help him more easily retrieve his vibranium shield. Stark similarly equipped Spider-Man, upgrading his Web-Shooters, creating a new Spider-Man suit, capable of focusing Peter's superhuman senses and creating the Iron Spider suit for Peter. Even with limited resources and simple hardware store supplies, Tony was able to use them to build a home-made arsenal, with which he infiltrated the Mandarin's mansion. Stark was able to give a lecture on integrated circuits while drunk to the point that most other men, according to Ho Yinsen, wouldn't have been able to stand. His engineering abilities are superior to that of Bruce's and seemingly only surpassed by Shuri's.
  • Master Scientist: Tony was ingeniously resourceful, knowledgeable and brilliant in many different fields of science, particularly physics, but also computer science, chemistry and neuroscience, having graduated summa cum laude from MIT at the age of 17. He was able to attach an Arc Reactor to his chest in order to save his life, to synthesize a previously unknown element discovered by his father, Howard Stark, to understand Erik Selvig's thermonuclear astrophysics notes on the Tesseract overnight, and to modify Maya Hansen's Extremis formula. However, Tony admitted that Bruce Banner surpassed him in the fields of radiophysics, particle collisions and bio organics.
  • Master Computer Hacker: Tony was very skilled at operating computers, especially in hacking. As a teenager, while in high school, he had managed to crack the Pentagon's firewall on a dare. As an adult, Tony successfully used J.A.R.V.I.S. to hack into the S.H.I.E.L.D. database and learn of Phase 2 and after successfully hacking into the NEXUS world Internet hub, Tony was able to discover J.A.R.V.I.S.' scattered remnants from all across the internet.
  • Master Businessman: Tony was an excellent businessman, having taken over and running Stark Industries since the age of 21, to the point that Stark Industries became the largest tech conglomerate in the world under his leadership. Tony was extremely well-respected by most businesspeople, able to command individuals' attention when he spoke on economic matters by virtue of the fact that he was savvy enough to have, over the years, built up Stark Industries into the premier weapons supplier to the US military for years. He was known for having his employees' loyalty, as well as his impeccable business ethics. Even after ceasing building weapons upon his return due to his desire to becoming environmentally responsible for his business, he was able to manage his company just as well as before, remaining the number-one tech conglomerate in the world, as well as continuing to hold great authority over it even after he quit being CEO. Nick Fury recruited Tony as a business consultant for S.H.I.E.L.D., which continued, until the fall of the agency, following the events of the HYDRA Uprising. Tony and the U.S. government jointly purchased the United States Department of Damage Control, which Tony spearheaded so effectively in all post-battle cleanup, that Bestman Salvage and other salvage companies promptly driven out of business.
  • Skilled Marksman: Tony was an excellent marksman, easily gunning down all of Killian's men with a single gun and the gauntlet of his armor, though this was done at relatively close range. He was also able to accurately shoot at the hatch's pivot of the HYDRA Siberian Facility, successfully preventing Winter Soldier from escaping outside, with only the sight of his naked eye due to his armor's targeting systems being compromised. However, he wasn't always so good as in Iron Man 3, he failed to hit the Extremis soldiers he was shooting at from a long distance, earning him a sarcastic comment and proof of how wrong he was from James Rhodes when Tony claimed he was trying to hit the glass of a light and no one could hit their target from that distance.
  • Skilled Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Tony was a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, in Iron Man 2, despite being drunk at the time, Tony was able to overpower Rhodey, a lieutenant colonel air force combat pilot, in their armors, only getting defeated when Rhodes caught him off-guard, although it should be noted that Rhodes had no intentions to kill and also that Tony had the advantage of superior power as his armor was more advanced than Rhodes'. In The Avengers, Tony was able to use the Mark VI armor to stay in combat with Thor, landing a few powerful blows, although it should be noted that Thor was holding back at the time and dealt easily more blows to Tony than the blows he himself suffered. In Iron Man 3, Tony's combat skills had improved enough for him to take down the guards at the Mandarin's mansion with ease, with the help of a homemade arsenal, fight off several Extremis soldiers on Narco and even go up against Aldrich Killian himself. In Captain America: Civil War, Tony's combat skills were proven to be inferior to more experienced combatants/martial artists as he was able to briefly fight off Winter Soldier's attacks on him and even land a punch, but he was swiftly overpowered by the superhuman's superior strength and superior combat skills. While in his Mark XLVI armor, he could overpower Bucky and Steve briefly with aid from his repulsors, and even briefly hold them off, but he was still inferior to them, as the two superhumans had ultimately overpowered him individually. Although with F.R.I.D.A.Y's combat analysis, he managed to briefly overpower Steve, but Steve quickly changed the tides and bested him. In Avengers: Infinity War, when Tony faced Thanos in melee combat, using his armor's many weapons, he was able to hold up to the Mad Titan but was clearly inferior, as Thanos had no problem repeatedly predicting and countering Tony's moves, and beat him to submission.


  • Emotional State: Tony had an extremely explosive temper if provoked enough, to the point of being unreasonable. When he discovered that Bucky Barnes was responsible for his parents, Howard and Maria Stark's death, albeit the latter was under the influence of HYDRA's brainwashing at the time and was not in control of his actions, Tony tried to kill Bucky for what he did. Even when Steve Rogers tried to explain that HYDRA was actually responsible for his parents' death, he still tried to kill Bucky and once Steve realized that Tony could not be reasoned with, he was forced to stop his former friend from killing Bucky.
  • Mortality: Although Tony's Iron Man armors granted him superhuman physical attributes, he was just a normal human and without his armor, he could easily be overpowered by other super powered individuals. This was what ultimately led to Tony's death in Avengers: Endgame, when he used the power of all six Infinity Stones to erase Thanos and his army from existence at the cost of his own life, because he could not physically withstand the Stones' immense power and he died shortly after using them.

Former Weaknesses

  • Arrogance: Since becoming the CEO of Stark Industries, Tony had developed a massive ego, which had been further amplified, after he became Iron Man and revealed his superhero identity to the public, as pointed out by Natasha Romanoff, he was incapable of seeing past his own ego, which could lead to devastating results, which was demonstrated during the events of the Ultron Outbreak and the Avengers Civil War, his ego could also be used against him, Helmut Zemo knew the moment that he revealed to Tony that Bucky Barnes was responsible for his parents, Howard and Maria Stark's death, Tony would try to kill him, regardless of the fact that the latter was under the influence of HYDRA's brainwashing at the time and was not in control of his actions. He also knew that Steve Rogers, who is a far more moral, just and honorable individual then Tony, would not allow him to kill an innocent individual and this attempt on Bucky's life, not only ended their friendship on bad terms, but it also led to the Avengers being disbanded. While Tony's arrogance had gradually toned down, the remains of his ego had another massive negative impact during the events of the Infinity War, as he was too blinded by his immense rage at Thanos for causing his fear of threats from other worlds to consider that his plan to go after Thanos directly while Stephen Strange had the Time Stone may very well end in Thanos instead acquiring the stone and taking another step closer to his goal. Thanos, knowing Tony via the Soul Stone, knew of this debilitating flaw of his and while he said that Tony was cursed with the knowledge of an impending doom just like him, he also passively critized the Avenger for his selfish action, knowing fully well that unlike himself, who has full control over his arrogance and never lets it hamper his decisions, Tony lacks control over his ego, which was what caused him to recklessly go to Titan, as well as his extreme far-sight and paranoia, which caused him to only fear what could happen in the future and never even suspect Thanos's part in Loki's invasion. Thanos knew from the moment he used the Soul Stone to read Tony that his rage and ego would cause him to be relentless, which while aiding him in fighting the Titan, also made him blind to the disastrous consequences that could and did happen. Also, when Tony tried vainly to stop Stephen from giving Thanos the Time Stone, Thanos did not even need to stop him as he knew fully well it was too late for Tony to prevent his victory. This caused Tony to lose many of his friends, almost all of his allies in the battle and even his protégé, Peter Parker, proving his arrogance's debilitating issue. Five years after the Decimation, Tony had finally learned from his previous mistakes, as he not only had complete control over his arrogance, but he was also capable of seeing past his own ego, something that the latter was previously unable to achieve, this was demonstrated during the events of the Time Heist, as he never once allowed his arrogant and egotistical traits to cloud his judgment. Also, during the Battle of Earth, Tony was to trick able the 2014 Thanos, by making him believe that he was going for the Nano Gauntlet, but in truth, he was actually going for the Infinity Stones, something that the titan he did not realize, until it was too late.


  • Arc Reactor: Tony, with Yinsen's help, built a miniaturized arc reactor. The arc reactor power the electromagnet that protects Tony's heart from the shrapnel inside his chest, and also the Iron Man armor. In Iron Man 2, he develops a new element for the arc reactor power source. The new arc reactor is extremely powerful. In The Avengers, Tony's arc reactor prevents Loki from taking control of his mind. In Iron Man 3, Tony finally undergoes surgery to remove the shrapnel embedded near his heart by Dr. Wu along with the arc reactor. After Tony drops his no longer needed arc reactor into the sea. In Avengers: Infinity War, Tony created a detachable arc reactor that house nanoparticles. Because of new arc reactor Tony can manifest the Iron Man armor in moments. He later gave this arc reactor to Steve Rogers. In Avengers: Endgame, Tony built a new detachable arc reactor that stored the Mark LXXXV armor.
  • Iron Man armor: Tony used a high tech armor to become Iron Man. The armor allows him to fly and contains several different types of weapons for battle. He frequently improves the armor, giving it upgrades for battles and to perfect the systems.
  • Iron Man Gauntlet: The gauntlet is handheld custom gaunlet device within Tony watch. The gaunlet was able to shoot sound waves to shock opponents during fighting. It is also used for stopping guns from shooting in close combat.

Armor Capabilities

The Iron Man armor is arguably one of the most powerful forms of technology developed by Tony. Alone, the Mark I was sufficient enough to allow him to go through armed terrorists in order to escape. The Mark II was sufficiently powerful enough to go toe to toe with a more advanced and updated version of the armor (the Mark IV) the Mark III was able to battle the Iron Monger suit, however, with some difficulty (due to the fact that it was powered by the first generation mini-arc reactor and the Iron Monger was powered by the second arc reactor he made upon his return from captivity). The Mark V, while lacking weaponry and flight capabilities, was still able to take on Vanko while just utilizing just the Whiplash harness. The Marks VI and VII proved to be the most powerful generations of suits used by Stark. The Mark VI being able to battle hordes of Hammer drones, as well as Vanko with his own armor, and the Mark VII being able to survive battles with two Asgardian gods (Thor and Loki) and hordes of alien foot soldiers and large transports (the Levithan). The Iron Legion through the Mark XLII proved to be equally powerful generation suits as they were able to battle Extremis-enhanced soldiers who themselves had enough strength to match any of the Iron Man armors. The Mark XLIII was strong enough to destroy Ultron, and the Mark XLIV was also powerful enough to match the incredible strength of the Hulk. The Mark L armor proved capable enough to be able to put up a fight against Thanos himself. Five years after Decimation, the Mark LXXXV could harness the power of all six Infinity Stones thats Tony used to turned Thanos and his army to dust.

  • Flight: One of the armors' most important features is it's ability of flight. The armor can reach speeds as fast as Mach 3 in moments. It also has various control surfaces for active flight control by J.A.R.V.I.S. to automatically stabilize the armor in flight. The armor is able to fly at speeds more than 1500 miles per hour. In the movie, the armor shows it can fly at supersonic speeds. In The Avengers, the armor's flight capabilities were improved with the addition of boosters on the back. These enable the armor to quickly evade enemy attacks and go faster than ever. This also gives Tony better stabilization while hovering and flying freeing up his hands to do other things, such as shooting down enemies. The Mark XLII was able to reach Tennessee from California in a matter of a few hours. In Avengers: Infinity War, the Mark L armor materialized wing-like structures on the back of the armor for extra speed and greater flight stabilization. Tony used them to escape a massive swarm of bats created by Thanos on Titan. In Avengers: Endgame, the Mark LXXXV had the greatest flight speed of all the armors
  • Advanced Strength: Tony, inside the armor is capable of lifting 50 tons and can achieve higher levels of strength when powered by a sufficient source. The armor shows to be strong enough to catch a minivan and put it down safely, or lift a battle tank, or even push a single turbine of S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. It has also enabled Tony to stun Thor, catching him off-guard as well as battle Chitauri foot soldiers with ease. The Mark XLII was able to overpower the Extremis enhanced Eric Savin and stand up to Killian for a time before being overpowered. Tony with Bruce Banner created a armor that can to subdue the Hulk if he lost control or became a threat to people, the Mark XLIV was able to knock Hulk out after a fierce battle. In Avengers: Infinity War, the Mark L armor was strong enough to stun Cull Obsidian when he and Ebony Maw attack New York for the Time Stone. Than on Titan, Tony pushed a building at Thanos with relative ease and alongside Parker, was gradually able to begin pulling off the Infinity Gauntlet while Thanos was half-conscious. However, Thanos proved to be far too strong for even his most advanced armor and although he managed to briefly pin down Thanos with his traps, topple him with his hammer, and even make him bleed with a repulsor punch, it was all with full strength while Thanos only needed mediocre effort to overpower Tony. In Avengers: Endgame, the Mark LXXXV was able to hold back Thanos long enough to steal the Infinity Stones from Thanos in the final battle.
  • Advanced Durability: The armor is made up of a strong, light weight, titanium alloy with interlocked plates for the shell, and a chest plate protecting the arc reactor. It has shown that it can withstand tremendous amounts of punishment, such as a tank shell exploding in close proximity to Stark, and a resulting fall from several thousand feet up, followed by hits from 20 mm Vulcan shells and a high speed collision with an F-22 Raptor with only minimal cosmetic damage. It was also able to survive a full-on fight with an older generation suit and it was able to withstand the fights with the Hammer Drones and Whiplash, in his own specialized suit, taking only minor damage. It also protects the wearer from the effects of extreme g-forces and it even allows Stark to withstand some of Thor's attacks, although it did start to take some damage (a dent in the helmet resulting from a headbutt administered by the thunder god). Both he and Thor were struck with Captain America's shield to get their attention and stop them from fighting; there was no damage done. He was also able to withstand the abuse of the Helicarrier's turbine though, only just barely. The Mark XLII was able to take damage from having most of Tony's house collapse on it at the bottom of the ocean. The Mark XLIV could take more extreme damage, such as the Hulk's brutal attacks than any previous armor. In Avengers: Infinity War, the Mark L armor is made of nanoparticles making it much stronger and lighter than Tony previous armors. The Mark L armor was able to withstand a massive meteor brought down by Thanos using the Infinity Gauntlet on Titan, but was easily torn apart by Thanos' punches, showing it has limits. In Avengers: Endgame, Thanos' ship the Sanctuary II attack the New Avengers Facility, the Mark LXXXV emerge unscathed and allowed Tony to withstand hits from both Cull Obsidian and Thanos.
  • Advanced Reflexes: The armors have motors for movement. It has shown to be extremely fast and responsive while in flight, and during fights. The Mark L armor has no need for motors thanks to the nanoparticles, the Mark L have greater speed and agility for combat. The Mark LXXXV was fast enough to surprise Thanos in the final battle.
  • Armor Systems: The armor had remote assistance from J.A.R.V.I.S. who manages the armor's systems at Stark's command. The helmet contains a holographic HUD (Heads-up display) which provides information regarding navigation, power levels, armor status, weapons systems, and vital signs along with cellphone and computer connections and a loudspeaker. The armor is powered by a miniaturized arc reactor or an on-board generator in emergencies. The scanner systems are capable of scanning the environment, weather conditions and equipment for information. The suit also has flare launchers on the hips. Tony designed an automatic-eject system that can be trigger by the wearer. He also installed a self-destruct protocol in the case of the armor ending up in the wrong hands. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, J.A.R.V.I.S. is the core software of the android that would become Vision. As a result, the armor use a new interface program called F.R.I.D.A.Y.. In Avengers: Endgame, Tony used the Mark LXXXV armor X-ray scanner to spy on the past versions of the Avengers at Stark Tower after Battle of New York to steal the Tesseract. Tony used the armor hologram recorder to give a message to Pepper and Morgan before the Time heist, telling them he love them 3000.
  • Energy Conversion Power Recharge: The armor is also able to absorb energy sources, such as heat or kinetic energy. In The Avengers, Thor strikes Iron Man with a lightning bolt from Mjölnir, but Stark is amazed to find that the bolt charges the suits power to 400% capacity, remarking with a simple "How bout that?". In Iron Man 3, Tony was able to recharge the Mark XLII with a car battery before going after Eric Savin though it only reached 92% power and J.A.R.V.I.S. expressed doubt as to whether the battery was enough to fully recharge the armor. In Avengers: Endgame, Thor supercharged the Mark LXXXV with both Stormbreaker and Mjölnir.
  • Self-Contained Life-Support System and Environmental Protection: The armor can be completely sealed for operations in vacuums or underwater, providing its own life support. It is also shielded against radiation. In The Avengers, the armor is shown operating underwater, as Stark uses it to activate the Arc Reactor connected to Stark Tower. However, the suit is not designed for deep space travel, as the armor's systems failed, when Stark is teleported through the Chitauri portal into space, causing him to lose consciousness as he plummets back to Earth. In Avengers: Infinity War, the Mark L armor can go into orbit without shutting down and also equipped with an emergency surgical medical spray which can bind and close severe wounds. Tony used the medical spray after he was stabbed by Thanos on Titan though he later developed an infection as stated in Avengers: Endgame. However, he recovered from the infection with the help of Nebula though Tony required more medical care for his injuries upon returning to Earth. In Avengers: Endgame, Tony used medical suture spray from the Mark LXXXV on Bruce after his arm was damaged by using the power of the Nano Gauntlet to reverse the Decimation.
  • Repulsors: A particle weapon in the palm gauntlets that can fire energy-based attacks. Early repulsors needed time to recharge after use, because of the new arc reactor they become able to fire at a moments notice. When combined with an attack from another repuslor beam, it can create an energy shock wave that will decimate a small area, like when Tony and Rhodey both fired their repulsors at each other and the resulting event destroyed much of Stark's house. They later used it to defeat Ivan in his new Whiplash armor. The repulsors have shown to be strong enough to blast through The Hammer Drones. They were revealed to be able to be condensed into small energy beams for welding, as Stark used this welding beam to help install the Arc Reactor for Stark Tower. When the suit is charged with additional power, the repulsors are powerful enough to stun and even Thor, sending him flying through the air. It also enabled him to stun Loki on two occasions and take down Chitauri foot soldiers. The repulsors was able to take down low level Extermis soldiers with ease. The repulsors were strong enough to hold down Hulk, if only for a while and they was able to destroy Ultron's sentries. In Avengers: Infinity War, the repulsors was powerful enough to hold back Thanos for a few moments on Titan. In Avengers: Endgame, Thor's lightning supercharge the repulsors in a powerful combo attack that push back Thanos. The repulsors took down many of Thanos' Chitauri beasts and foot soldiers in the final battle against his forces.
  • Unibeam: A more powerful version of the repulsor beam. It is located in the chest. However, it requires more power from the arc reactor to use and cannot be used as often. In Iron Man 3, Tony was finally able to kill Eric Savin with the unibeam, after the times Savin had survive several shots from the repulsor blasts. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony used the unibeam together with Thor's lightning to destroyed Ultron's vibranium machine inside the city of Sokovia, preventing it from crashing down on the Earth. In Captain America: Civil War, Tony used the Mark XLVI armor unibeam to completely destroy Winter Soldier's bionic arm. In Avengers: Endgame, the Mark LXXXV armor Unibeam destroyed multiple Necrocrafts in the final battle alongside Pepper in the Rescue Armor.
  • Lasers: A powerful weapon in the gauntlets that can cut through common metals with no apparent effort, it however is not strong enough to penetrate a Leviathan's shell. It shows to be very proficient against the Hammer Drones. It was, in the Mark VI armor, a "one off", but Stark apparently equipped the Mark VII with multi-use laser systems, as seen in The Avengers. They draw power from the arc reactor for more sustained operations, and can theoretically reduce the armor energy reserves to a drained state if operated indefinitely. The Mark XLV lasers were incredibly powerful as they were able to cut into Ultron's vibranium machine. The weapons could also be used as welding tools, which Stark was able to use to help fix a damaged Staten Island ferry ship and the Helicarrier. In Avengers: Infinity War, Tony used the Mark L armor laser to cut into Ebony Maw's Q-Ship in orbit to rescue Doctor Strange. In Avengers: Endgame, Tony used the Mark LXXXV's lasers in the final battle.
  • Energy Shield: In Avengers: Endgame, Tony used a energy shield from the Mark LXXXV gauntlet to protect himself and Clint when Bruce used the Nano Gauntlet created by Tony, Bruce and Rocket to reverse the Decimation.
  • Smart mini-guns: Small anti-personnel guns in the shoulders can mark individual targets and fire with accuracy. It's proven to be highly effective against unarmored foot soldiers. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony incapacitated the HYDRA agents during the assault on Wolfgang von Strucker's research base in Sokovia. In Avengers: Infinity War, Tony used the Mark L anti-personnel guns on Thanos. However the explosions shot had no effect on him.
  • Missiles: The armor holds a multi-fire adhesive grenade launcher in the upper arm, including Anti-Tank, Armor-Piercing rounds. In The Avengers, the armor has mini rockets hidden in a secret compartment in the boosters on the back, that blew up numerous Chitauri ships. Tony is able to destroy a Leviathan by flying into its mouth and launching them throughout its body. In Iron Man 3, Tony was able use a missile hit by a repulsor to take down an helicopter-gunship, when his mansion was attacked by the Mandarin's forces. Pepper Potts, using a missile and repulsor from a disabled suit, was able to kill the Extremis-powered Aldrich Killian in the same way. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony was able to destroy Ultron's body in Johannesburg with a missile hidden in the Mark XLIII forearm. In Avengers: Infinity War, the Mark L armor materialized multiple mini missiles against Thanos, when Tony fought him on Titan.



Behind the scenes

  • Before Robert Downey Jr. was cast as Tony, Nicolas Cage and Tom Cruise were interested in playing Iron Man. Cruise in particular was going to act in and produce the film. Cage played another Marvel superhero in Ghost Rider. According to Jon Favreau, Clive Owen and Sam Rockwell are among the actors that were considered for Tony Stark during pre-production. Rockwell would get a part in Iron Man 2 (2010) as Stark's rival Justin Hammer. Favreau offered the role to Hugh Jackman but he turned it down.
  • Robert Downey Jr.'s appearance was uncredited in The Incredible Hulk.
  • Favreau had planned to cast a newcomer in the role but ultimately chose Downey (a fan of the comic) because he felt the actor's past made him an appropriate choice for the part.
    • The best and worst moments of Robert's life have been in the public eye," the director explained. "He had to find an inner balance to overcome obstacles that went far beyond his career. That's Tony Stark. Robert brings a depth that goes beyond a comic book character who is having trouble in high school, or can't get the girl. Favreau also felt Downey could make Stark a "likable asshole", but also depict an authentic emotional journey once he won over the audience. Downey had an office next to Favreau during pre-production, which allowed him greater involvement in the screenwriting process. He brought a deeper sense of humor to the film not present in previous drafts of the script.
  • Downey stated that he initially pushed Whedon to make Stark the lead revealing in The Avengers, "Well, i said, i need to be in the opening sequence. I don't know what you're thinking, but Tony needs to drive this thing.’ He was like, "Okay, let's try that". We tried it and it didn't work, because this is a different sort of thing, the story and the idea and the theme is the theme, and everybody is just an arm of the octopus".
  • Iron Man 3 director Shane Black says, "Tony Stark is now relying on these suits to feel like he's in any way capable. He surrounds himself with these things almost like a blanket. In The Avengers, he fought aliens, but he was the one character i would not have picked to fight aliens. Now we've taken advantage of the fact that he's fought aliens and he talks about it.


  • Tony originally says he's not nostalgic when Pepper asked if he wanted to keep his original Reactor, yet he keeps every single known armor he has ever created. This is because, after Obadiah Stane stole his Arc Reactor, he needed to use his old one, teaching Tony the value of keeping his older technology.
  • Tony Stark's ringtone is the original Iron Man theme song from the 1966 TV series.
  • Tony's screen time in The Avengers is 37:01.
  • In the comics, Tony was injected with reconfigured dose Extremis of in order to heal himself after being fatally injured by an Extremis-powered terrorist named Mallen.
  • The song Tony uses for his introductions in Iron Man 2 and The Avengers was "Shoot to Thrill" by AC/DC. Conversely, the band's recent music video for the song features scenes from Iron Man 2 interspersed with the band's on-stage performance at a concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina (from the DVD Live at River Plate).
  • Robert Downey Jr.'s performance as Tony Stark ranked 48 on Empire Magazine's Top 100 Greatest Movies Characters.
  • Tony's screen time in Avengers: Age of Ultron is 45:34.
  • Tony's screen time in Captain America: Civil War is 33:45.
  • Tony's actions, directly or indirectly, contributed to the motives (justified or otherwise) of the most villains of the MCU, including Obadiah Stane, Ivan Vanko, Aldrich Killian, Ultron, Helmut Zemo, Vulture and Mysterio.


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