Armando Muñoz
Alias(es) Darwin
Appeared in X-Men: First Class
Status Deceased
Actor Edi Gathegi
"Well, Darwin's already a nickname... and it fits: "adapt to survive" and all... Check this."

Armando Muñoz, also known as Darwin, was a mutant with power of reactive evolution.


X-Men: First Class

Armando Muñoz was a mutant with who was able to adapt to any situation. His reactive mutation adjusted his capabilities to his environment. In 1962 he was a taxi driver when he was discovered by Charles Xavier through the use of a Cerebro prototype, and was approached by him and Erik Lehnsherr to become part of a mutant group they were forming for the CIA.

The Hellfire Club tracked the group down and proceeded to kill all of the CIA agents, leaving the young mutants alone as the only ones left alive. Sebastian Shaw offered them a chance to join him and his planned war on humankind, an offer that only Angel Salvadore accepted. When the others attempt to stop her, Shaw absorbed Alex Summers' energy blast and killed Muñoz with the energy by putting it into his mouth- to which he could not adapt fast and thoroughly enough to before leaving.

Character traits

Darwin was a mutant with the unique ability of reactive evolution; his body spontaneously evolves to survive in any situation or environment. Darwin shows this ability several times; he has gills grow under water, and his body turns into stone to resist heavy damage and into iron to be bulletproof.

Darwin was probably the most mature and responsible member of Xavier's and Lehnsherr's new recruits, and he's quite the heroic type, ready to put himself on the first line to protect his friends.



Behind the scenes

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  • Although the comics' version of Darwin would have survived Shaw's attack through his powers, the movie version does not, this depending on his slightly different abilities; his mutations are not permanent like in the comics, and his body's reactivity is slower, thus permitting Havok's energy to destroy him from the inside.


X-Men: First Class



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