Arthur Dolan
Arthur Dolan
Alias(es) Captain Dolan
Appeared in Ghost Rider
Status Alive
Actor David Roberts
Arthur Dolan is a police captain on Johnny Blaze's trail.


Ghost Rider

Arthur Dolan is assigned with the strange case of a man found burnt by the inside by a strangely high amount of brimstone in his body. On the crime scene, Dolan is approached by journalist Roxanne Simpson, but he sends her away with a few words.

Later on the case, Dolan meets Ghost Rider, and believes him to be the responsible on the homicide he's investigating on. After a long chase, the Ghost Rider shake the cops off by riding his motorcycle through a river, making impossible for Dolan and his men to follow him. Following the flaming traces of the Hellcycle, anyway, Dolan arrives to Blaze's house, and has him arrested and interrogated. While the stuntman is in the central's prison, anyway, night comes, and the Ghost Rider curse is on him once again: with Zarathos' powers, Blaze breaks free and leaves the jail, with Dolan uncapable of explaining the events to himself or to his superiors.

Character traits

Arthur is a rough and straight person, an honest cop but an angry and obsessed hunter, ready to put everything aside in order to reach his prey.



Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Arthur Dolan is the father of Stacy Dolan, a NYPD officer who often clashes with Dan Ketch.