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Avengers: Endgame is the fourth Avengers film and the twenty-second film installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that's the conclusion to Avengers: Infinity War.


Three weeks after Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet to disintegrate half of all life in the universe, Carol Danvers rescues Tony Stark and Nebula from deep space and returns them to Earth. They reunite with the remaining Avengers—Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Rocket, Thor, Natasha Romanoff, and James Rhodes - and use Nebula's knowledge to find and ambush Thanos. They plan on retaking the Infinity Stones and using them to reverse the disintegrations, but Thanos reveals he has already destroyed them to prevent further use. An enraged Thor decapitates Thanos.

Five years later, Scott Lang escapes from the quantum realm. He travels to the Avengers' compound, where he explains to Romanoff and Rogers that he experienced only five hours while trapped. Theorizing that the quantum realm could allow time travel, the three ask Stark to help them retrieve the Stones from the past to reverse Thanos' actions in the present, but Stark refuses to help out of fear of losing his daughter, Morgan. After looking at a photo of himself and Peter Parker and talking with his wife Pepper Potts, Stark relents and he and Banner, who has since merged his intelligence with the Hulk's strength and body, successfully build a time machine.

Banner warns that changing the past does not affect their present, and that any changes instead create branched alternate realities. He and Rocket go to New Asgard, the Asgardian refugees' new home in Norway, to recruit Thor, now an overweight alcoholic despondent over his failure to stop Thanos. In Tokyo, Romanoff recruits Clint Barton, now a ruthless vigilante following the disintegration of his family.

Banner, Lang, Rogers, and Stark travel to New York City in 2012. Rogers successfully retrieves the Mind Stone, but Stark and Lang's interference inadvertently allows 2012 Loki to escape with the Space Stone. Rogers and Stark travel to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters in 1970. Stark obtains an earlier version of the Space Stone, encountering his father, Howard, in the process, while Rogers steals several Pym Particles from Hank Pym to return to the present. Rocket and Thor travel to Asgard in 2013. They extract the Reality Stone from Jane Foster and retrieve Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. Nebula and Rhodes travel to Morag in 2014 and steal the Power Stone before Peter Quill can.

Rhodes returns to the present with the Power Stone, but Nebula is incapacitated when her cybernetic implants link with those of her past self. Through this connection, 2014 Thanos learns of his future success and the Avengers' attempts to undo it. Thanos captures present-Nebula and sends past-Nebula to the present day disguised as her future self. Barton and Romanoff travel to Vormir, where the Soul Stone's keeper, the Red Skull, reveals it can only be acquired by sacrificing someone they love. Romanoff sacrifices herself, allowing Barton to obtain the Soul Stone.

Reuniting in the present, the Avengers fit the Stones into a Stark-created gauntlet, which Banner uses to resurrect all those whom Thanos had disintegrated. Past-Nebula uses the time machine to transport past Thanos and his warship to the present where he attacks the Avengers' compound, planning to completely wipe out and then rebuild the universe with the Stones. Nebula convinces past-Gamora to betray Thanos, and kills her past self. Stark, Rogers, and Thor battle Thanos, but are outmatched.

A restored Stephen Strange arrives with other Masters of Mystic Arts, the restored Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as the armies of Wakanda, Asgard, and the Ravagers to fight Thanos and his army alongside Danvers, who destroys Thanos' warship as she arrives. After overpowering the heroes, Thanos seizes the gauntlet, but Stark steals the Stones and uses them to disintegrate Thanos and his army, dying from the energy emitted in the process.

Following Stark's funeral, Thor appoints Valkyrie as the ruler of New Asgard and joins the Guardians of the Galaxy while Quill searches for 2014 Gamora. Rogers returns the Infinity Stones to their original places in time, and remains in the past to live with Peggy Carter. In the present, an elderly Rogers passes on his shield and mantle to Sam Wilson.



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  • Part of the journey is the end.
  • Avenge the fallen.
  • Nothing can prepare you for the end.
  • Whatever It Takes!


The film was shot in Georgia and New York.


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