Appeared in X-Men: First Class
Status Deceased
Actor Jason Flemyng
Azazel was a mutant with the ability to teleport. He was a member of the Hellfire Club.


X-Men: First Class: High Hand

In 1959 Azazel alongside Riptide assisted Sebastian Shaw as he stormed mob boss Vinny Lavecchia's home in order to recruit Emma Frost to the Hellfire Club.

X-Men: First Class

When Colonel Hendry is in the Hellfire Club and being resistant to Sebastian Shaw's ideas to move missiles close to Russia, Azazel is summoned by Emma Frost to teleport Hendry to the Pentagon. He takes care of Shaw's submarine and begins taking them toward Russia for the next phase of Shaw's plan to start WWIII.

When Frost senses another mutant, Azazel is insistent that nobody is showing up on their radar. As a result, Azazel, Shaw and Riptide attack the Man in Black's CIA base to confront the mutants gathered there. Easily dispatching most of the agents there by teleporting them into the sky and dropping them, Azazel took down the rest with his sword skills.

As the Russians and the Americans reluctantly prepared to engage on the Cuban sea, Azazel kills the crew of one of the Russian freighters and steers it towards the diplomatic line, only for Xavier to command a Russian crewman on another ship to blow it up, Azazel teleporting away before he can be killed. During the fight against the enemy mutants, he engages Beast in a brutal fight until Beast finally knocks him out with the help of Mystique in the disguise of Shaw ordering him to stand down. Following the death of Shaw and paralysis of Xavier, Azazel joins Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants.


Azazel was killed by operatives of Project Wideawake. He and Angel Salvadore ambushed them and were killed in the firefight that followed.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Mystique found an autopsy file on Azazel among those who were experimented on by Bolivar Trask.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Azazel was able to psionically transport himself, his clothing, and additional mass across inter-dimensional distances.
  • Prehensile tail: Azazel could use his tail as an improvise whip to send his opponent(s) flying.


  • Master Swordsman: Azazel was a master swordsman; as he was able to kill many men single-handedly.



Behind the scenes

  •, a tie-in website for X-Men: Days of Future Past, contains an article claiming that Azazel and Tempest were killed in 1963, during an ambush with the US government's Project WideAwake.


  • In the comics, he is the father of Nightcrawler. It is unknown if this will be explored in the films.
  • In the comics, Azazel is a mutant of demonic descent, and was born in Ancient Mesopotamia. In the movie, he appears to be a Russian human mutant with demonic traits.
  • While in the comics, he access another dimension to exit into other locations, it is unknown if this is the case in the films.
  • When teleporting, he leaves a fire-like trail behind, while his alleged son Nightcrawler leaves a smoke-like trail.
  • Though not considered to be canon, the X-Men Origins: Wolverine videogame reveals that it is in fact John Wraith rather than Azazel who is Mystique's mate and Nightcrawler's father.


X-Men: First Class

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X-Men: Days of Future Past



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