Appeared in Dr. Strange
Actor Ted Cassidy

Balzaroth is a demon of the Dark Dimension.


Dr. Strange

Balzaroth is a hellknight from the Dark Dimension, and a loyal servant to The Nameless One. He is summoned from Morgan Le Fay, who orders him to prevent Stephen Strange from saving Clea Lake: he has the permission to have the girl, but he has to bring the man to Morgan.

When facing Strange, anyway, Balzaroth is defeated, thanks to the one and only spell Thomas Lindmer has taught to Strange. Back to Morgan's presence, Balzaroth is considered the only responsible of the failure, and the witch is about to destroy him, but the Nameless One intervenes, and order Balzaroth to come back to his realm, unarmed.

Characters traits

Balzaroth's appearance, like his master's one, isn't clear, and he appears like a knight with shining red eyes and a dark figure. He's a demon from the Dark Dimension, but not one of the most powerful. His cowardice surpasses by far his power.



Behind the scenes

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