Benjamin Pollack
Alias(es) Benny
Appeared in Item 47
Status Alive
Actor Jesse Bradford
"This is Benjamin Pollack, he will be a valuable asset to the "R&D" Think Tank."
Agent Sitwell to Agent Blake[src]

Benjamin "Benny" Pollack is a regular guy who finds a Chitauri weapon.


Item 47

"I hope you are right..."
―Benny to Claire[src]
Benny is an unemployed scientist, with a pronounced talent for technology. When an inactive alien gun falls into his lab, Benny is able to repair it and make it work again. Claire, his girlfriend, convinces the hesitant Benny to use the gun to robb some banks. In a few days, the two of them collect a large amount of money.

While in a motel to take a break from "work", Benny is sent by Claire to the room besides theirs, so that he could ask the guys in there to turn down the volume of the music they're listening to. In the other room, anyway, Benny finds a secret agent who has been following them, who easily knocks him out and ties him up. Benny manages, anyway, to break the stereo with the music and to warn Claire of the agent's presence, and Claire uses the gun to try and save Benny. During the fight, Benny charges the agent to save Claire, but in the process the gun is broken, and it shoots by itself destroying the room.

When Sitwell, the agent who arrested them, realizes that Benny is the one who repaired the gun, he choses to enlist him instead of killing him following the orders. Benny enters S.H.I.E.L.D. in the "R&D Think Tank" section, so that he can work for them reverse-engineering Chitauri technology.

Character traits

Benny has an innate talent for technology, which helps him understand how a machine he's never seen works. He's deeply in love with Claire Wise, his girlfriend. He tends to be uncertain and doubtful, and follows Claire's plans.



Behind the scenes

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Item 47

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