Bernice Stewart
Alias(es) Bernie Stewart
Appeared in Captain America
Status Deceased
Actor Kim Gillingham
Bernice "Bernie" Stewart was the ex-girlfriend of Steve Rogers.


Captain America

Bernie is Steve Rogers's girlfriend in 1943. When Steve joins the army for a secret project, she reluctantly lets him go, participating in the farewell party.

When Steve goes missing in action, Bernie is told by everyone around her that he's dead, but she refuses to believe it, and she waits for him. After 16 years, however, at the age of 38, she gives up waiting, mainly because she wants children and she doesn't want to grow too old for it. She marries a good man, Jack Cooperman, and has a daughter from him, Sharon.

In 1993, however, Steve awakens from his ice sleep, and comes back home. Bernie never sold the house, secretly hoping her old boyfriend would have come back in some way, and so it happens. Shocked, Steve realizes how much time has passed looking at his old girlfriend, now old. The two share a brief moment together, then Steve goes with Sharon, who shows him how the world has changed. While the two of them are at Sharon's place, anyway, Valentina de Santis arrives at their house following Sam Kolawetz, and questions Bernie, Jack and Sam. The three of them don't say anything, and Valentina shoots them, killing Bernie and Sam and wounding Jack.

Character traits

Bernice was a heartly and warm woman, who feels a deep love toward Steve Rogers, her boyfriend. She gives proof of this feeling in the decades following his disappearance, keep hoping against hope that he'll come back.



Behind the scenes

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  • Although Stewart is based on the character of Bernie Rosenthalshe, she plays a similar role to that of Peggy Carter in that both she and her daughter become romantically involved with Steve Rogers.


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