Beta Ray Bill
Appeared in Planet Hulk
Status Unknown
Actor Paul Dobson

Beta Ray Bill was a Korbinite forced to fight with other prisoners like the Hulk.


Planet Hulk

Beta Ray Bill is seen in a flashback where he fought alongside Thor against the Stone Men when they invaded Earth. He is later seen fighting Korg whom he defeated, then fighting Hulk in the gladiator games on Sakaar, and is defeated by him. Hulk destroyed the device on his chest that influenced him to fight in the gladiator games which freed him from the Red King's control. He then continued his attack and beat him to near death. Beta Ray Bill offered to take Hulk back to his own planet which he refused. Ray Bill then leaves the planet flying away.


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Behind the scenes

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  • In the Planet Hulk comic book, it isn't Beta Ray Bill fighting Hulk and Korg, it was originally Silver Surfer.


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