Black Ninja Clan
Members Kenuichio Harada
Appeared in The Wolverine
Actors Will Yun Lee
The Black Ninja Clan are a group of Ninja assassins led by Kenuichio Harada.


The Wolverine

The Black Clan served the Yashida family for seven centuries as skilled ninja warriors. As children, Mariko and Kenuichio were trained in the practices of the Black Clan, with Mariko becoming particularly skilled with knives and Kenuichio with a bow and arrow.When Mariko Yashida was kidnapped by the Yakuza in league with Shingen Yashida and Noburo Mori at Ichirō Yashida's funeral, the Black Clan and its leader Kenuichio Harada sprung into action and attempted to protect her. When Shingen eventually captured her daughter and brought her back to the Yashida household with the intention to kill her before his father's will was opened, the Black Clan with Viper's assistance stealthily infiltrated the mansion and prevented him from doing so.

Kenuichio took Mariko back to Yashida Industries' factory in northern Japan. When Logan attempted to rescue her, Viper gave the Black Clan access to her chemicals which would slow down Logan and incapacitate him. Logan fought the Black Clan and Kenuichio, but eventually was subdued by a barrage of arrows fired from the Black Clan's skilled archers.

Kenuichio eventually came to his senses and defended Mariko against Ichirō Yashida, but was stabbed in the chest with an adamantium sword. Following Mariko's ascension to the CEO of Yashida Industries, it is unknown whether the control of the Black Clan was handed down to her after her grandfather's death.

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  • In the comics, Wolverine fought against The Hand.
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