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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is the sequel to Black Panther and the thirtieth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is the final film of Phase 4 and follows Shuri and the nation of Wakanda dealing with the death of T'Challa and the arrival of Namor and his army.


T'Challa, king of Wakanda, dies of a disease that his sister Shuri believes could have been cured by the "heart-shaped herb". Shuri has been attempting to synthetically recreate the herb after it was destroyed by Killmonger, but is unsuccessful.

A year later, Wakanda has been under pressure from other countries to share their vibranium, with some parties attempting to steal it by force. Ramonda implores Shuri to continue her research on the heart-shape herb, hoping to create a new Black Panther that will defend Wakanda, but she refuses as she believes the Black Panther to be a figure of the past. The CIA uses a new vibranium-detecting machine on an expedition to a potential vibranium deposit underwater.

The entire search team is then attacked and killed by Namor and his blue-skinned, water-breathing people, but the CIA believes Wakanda was responsible. Namor goes to Ramonda and Shuri, easily bypassing Wakanda's advanced security. He blames Wakanda for the vibranium race, and gives them an ultimatum – find and give him the scientist responsible for the vibranium-detecting machine, or he will attack Wakanda.

Shuri and Okoye, with the help of their friend and CIA agent Everett K. Ross, go to Boston to meet the scientist responsible: an MIT student named Riri Williams. The group are chased by the FBI, and then by Namor's warriors, who defeat Okoye and take Shuri and Riri underwater to meet Namor. Ramonda strips Okoye of her duty as Dora Milaje, and seeks out Nakia, who has been living in Haiti since the Blip, for help to find Shuri and Riri. Shuri meets Namor, who shows her his underwater kingdom of Talokan, which he has protected for centuries and is rich with vibranium.

Bitter at the surface world that once rejected him, Namor offers an alliance with Wakanda against the rest of the world, but promises to destroy Wakanda first if they refuse. Nakia helps Shuri and Riri escape, and Namor retaliates with an attack against the capital of Wakanda, during which Ramonda drowns saving Riri. Namor promises to return in a week with his full force, to see if they've changed their mind. Meanwhile, Ross is arrested by his ex-wife and director of the CIA, Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, for secretly exchanging classified intelligence with the Wakandans.

Shuri, using a remnant of the herb that gave Namor's people their underwater abilities, is able to synthetically reconstruct the heart-shaped herb. Shuri ingests the herb to become the new Black Panther, and, after meeting Killmonger in the Ancestral Plane, is accepted by the other tribes.

Despite M'Baku's advice for peace, Shuri is determined to get revenge for Ramonda's death and orders an immediate counter-attack on Namor. Preparing for battle, and with Ayo assuming the role of General of the Dora Milaje, Shuri bestows the Midnight Angel armor upon Okoye, who in return recruits Aneka to join her. The Wakandans use a seafaring vessel, the Sea Leopard, to set a trap for Namor, luring him and his warriors to the surface, and a battle ensues.

Shuri separates Namor from the rest of his people, intending to dry him out and weaken him. The pair crash on a desert beach, whereupon Shuri is impaled and pinned, but eventually breaks free. Using the engine from the crashed Royal Talon Fighter, she burns Namor and gains the upper hand, but ultimately decides to spare his life and offer him a peaceful alliance to save his people, which Namor accepts, as the battle ends.

Namor's cousin, Namora, is upset at Namor yielding to Shuri, but he promises that Shuri's empathy for their people is useful, and that Wakanda needs them because it has no other allies in the world. Now safe, Riri returns to Boston, but has to leave her new suit behind to not worsen the relations between Wakanda and the United States. Okoye then rescues Ross from captivity.

In a mid-credits scene, Shuri visits Nakia in Haiti where she burns her funeral ceremonial robe like her mother wanted, allowing herself to finally grieve. She then learns that Nakia and T'Challa have a son, Toussaint, who Nakia has been raising in secret far from the pressure of the throne. Toussaint reveals his Wakandan name is T'Challa.


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  • Forever
  • Wakanda Forever
  • Long Live Wakanda
  • For Honor, For Legacy, For Wakanda


The film was shot in Atlanta and Brunswick, Georgia, Massachusetts and Puerto Rico.


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