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"You were good, baby... but me... I'm magic!"

Bullseye is an Irish assassin who works for Wilson Fisk.



Bullseye was hired by the Kingpin to kill Nikolas Natchios. Bullseye kills Natchios with Daredevil's billy club, causing Elektra to believe Daredevil killed her father. Bullseye himself begins to perceive Daredevil a personal challenge to his skills, because he is the only target he has ever missed.

Later, Elektra attacks Daredevil, seeking revenge, but soon realizes Bullseye killed her father. Elektra and Bullseye battle, but he slits her throat with a playing card, deals with more injuries to her and then stabs her with one of her sai, while impaling her, he give a kiss by biting down on her lower lip and her heart stops.

Bullseye chases Daredevil to a church, and they battle until Daredevil maneuvers Bullseye's hands to be shot by a S.W.A.T. sniper, leaving him with wounds resembling stigmata. With Bullseye wounded, Daredevil grabs him and throws him out of a window, crashing onto the hood of Ben Urich's car. A later scene shows him hospitalized but still able to fling a hypodermic needle with enough force and accuracy to impale a fly that angrily annoyed him.


  • Master Marksman: Bullseye is a highly skilled marksman, to the point that anything he throws becomes a deadly projectile weapon. He claims to have never missed, shown by him always hitting his intended target or targets even when riding on a motorcycle or ricocheting his throw. The only exception is Daredevil; due to the latter's superhuman senses and radar sense.
    • Weapons Proficiency: Bullseye's ability to throw any object with lethal force gives him a level of proficiency and improvisation of weapons. He is able to throw his shurikens, paperclips, a pen, pencils, glass shards, a church offering dish, a playing card, Daredevil's billy club, Elektra's sai, a syringe, and even a peanut. He used Elektra's sai to kill her, used a pipe organ piece to fight Daredevil, and used a broken candelabra as a makeshift spear.
  • Master Martial Artist: Bullseye is also a highly skilled martial artist. His fighting style seems to be comprised of Boxing, Karate, Krav Maga, Wing Chun, and Taekwondo. He was able to defeat Elektra in hand to hand combat, even killing her with her own sai. He was able to fight Daredevil, though the latter was wounded at the time and Bullseye had to rely on his marksmanship and dirty tactics to gain the upper hand.
  • Master Acrobat: Bullseye is a highly agile individual. He can stand on top of a moving motorcycle, jump down to another building roof, jump up onto a pipe organ, balance on top of a fallen pipe, and lift himself up to a church window and kick the glass pain.
  • Gifted Intellect: Bullseye is a smart individual, despite his insanity. He is able to use any object in his hand as a thrown weapon, intercepted Nikolas Natchios in his limo, stole Daredevil's billy club while he kicked him, tracked down Elektra, followed Daredevil to a church, and was able to deduce Daredevil's weakness to overwhelmingly loud sounds.
    • Master Assassin: Bullseye is a highly-skilled assassin, so much so that Kingpin requested his services. He successfully assassinated Nikolas Natchios and later his daughter, Elektra.


  • Shuriken Belt: Bullseye carries a specialized belt that holds all of his shurikens inside of a hidden compartment within his belt buckle.
  • Paper Clips: Bullseye carries paper clips with him, which he used to kill a man who insulted him.
  • Pen: Bullseye carries a ballpoint pen that he used to kill a man in order to steal his motorcycle.
  • Playing Card: Bullseye carries an ace of spades playing card with him which used to slice Elektra's neck.
  • Alligator Leather Duster Coat: Bullseye wears an alligator patterned leather duster coat which he can use in combat to deflect an opponent's attacks, distract them, and even stun them.



Behind the scenes[]

  • Colin Farrell was invited to keep his Irish accent in playing Bullseye.
  • Colin Farrell declared that he really enjoyed playing Bullseye because he was a character without limitations, who he could exaggerate with.
  • Bullseye's (lack of) costume was one of the main discussions between Joe Quesada and Mark Steven Johnson.
  • Vin Diesel was approached for the role of Bullseye, later given to Colin Farrell.


  • As a tie-in with the movie, Bullseye temporarily dons a similar look in the comics. Though the bullseye tattoo on his forehead remained.
  • An incarnation of Bullseye appeared in the video game The Punisher, voiced by Steven Blum and resembling this version. The game is not considered canon to either Earth-701306 or Earth-58732.