Carlos Cruz
Appeared in Punisher: War Zone
Status Deceased
Actor Carlos Gonzalez-vlo

Carlos Cruz is an ally of Microchip and Frank Castle.


Punisher: War Zone

Carlos Cruz was a minor criminal, until he became a friend of Microchip and decided to change life. To prove his sincerity to The Punisher, and so avoiding to be killed, he leads him to Maginty, an Irish criminal who knew informations about Jigsaw's whereabouts.

Castle learns to trust Carlos, to the point that he ensures him with the lives of Angela Donatelli and her daughter Grace. When Loony Bin Jim tracks down The Punisher's hideout, Carlos tries to protect the women from him, but Jigsaw's brother proves to be superior and slaughter him with an axe. When The Punisher comes back, he finds a dying Carlos, mourning for being unable to protect Angela and Grace. As an act of pity and respect, Frank finishes Carlos with a gunshot.

Character traits

Carlos is an ex-crminal in search for redemption. He's eager to prove his life has really changed, and he's ready to do anything to fight for the right side. He's still a violent and brutal man, but he concentrates all of his violence on other criminals, following The Punisher's example. He's quite a man of honor, disposed to die for mantaining a promise.

He's quite skilled in combat, able to resist for a brief time to a nearly superhuman foe like Loony Bin Jim, and he's an expert of fire weapons.


Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Carlos Cruz is a Navy SEAL who is recruited by Microchip to become the new Punisher, when Micro thinks that Frank Castle has gone too far in his crusade.
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