Carmine Gazzera
Alias(es) Pittsy
Appeared in Punisher: War Zone
Status Deceased
Actor Mark Camacho

Carmine "Pittsy" Gazzera is one of the main henchmen of Jigsaw.


Punisher: War Zone

Pittsy is one of the main henchmen of Billy Russoti, along with his son Ink. The two of them participate to Gaitano Cesare's party and assist to Russotti's humiliation, but flee before the arrival of The Punisher. the group make a deal with Maginty and his gang, but is later reached by Castle: Pittsy surives the battle and rescues Russotti, bringing him to a surgeon.

Russotti, become Jigsaw, orders Ink and Pittsy to help him free Loony Bin Jim, his deranged brother. Pittsy is disgusted by Jim, but doesn't say anything, and tries to protect Ink from Jigsaw's rage when he comments about Jim's mental health, declaring that, just as his mother, the boy speaks without thinking. The three of them manage to free Jim and, together with him, go to Angela Donatelli's house to take the money Nicky stole them back.

Once in there, Ink, Pittsy, Jigsaw and Loony Bin Jim kill two cops and take the woman and her daughter as hostages, but are later attacked by The Punisher and Paul Budiansky. Budiansky arrests Pittsy and ties him to the kitchen table but, when The Punisher enters the room, shoots him in the head, immediately killing him.

Character traits

Pittsy is a loyal mobster and a valuable help for Jigsaw, ready to fulfil every wish of his boss with professionality. He's protective towards his son, even if the two often have quarrels. He doesn't possess specific fighting abilities.


Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Pittsy was the main henchmen of Nick Cavella in the story arc In The Beginning. He was killed by the Punisher in a similar manner to how Maginty died in the film, with an added shotgun blast to the face to finish him off.


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