Appeared in Blade: Trinity
Status Alive
Actor Christopher Heyerdahl
Caulder is a member of the Nightstalkers.


Blade: Trinity

Caulder is a member of an unspecified cell of the Nightstalkers. He works with Sommerfield to develop the Daystar virus.

When Hannibal King's cell is utterly destroyed by Drake, Caulder contacts Blade and Abigail Whistler and leads them to a secret refuge. In there, Caulder has been hiding a sample of the Daystar, and he gives it to them, with the hope they'll use it to kill Dracula and the vampire race with it. He then leaves there, coming back to his own cell, so that he won't attract any attention from Danica Talos and her minions.

Character traits

Caulder is a brilliant researcher of the Nightstalkers, who worked along with Sommerfield on the Daystar virus. He's very cautious and far-sighted, and he seemes to be a very calculating person.



Behind the scenes

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