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"Did you know baby rattlesnakes are more dangerous than adult ones? They haven't learned how to control how much venom they secrete. All of you are dangerous. That's why you're here."
―Cecilia Reyes[src]

Cecilia Reyes was a mutant who could generate and manipulate force fields. She was also a doctor who ran a hospital for young enhanced individuals, on behalf of the Essex Corporation.


The New Mutants

Dr. Cecilia Reyes spoke to Dani when she woke up in the hospital. She told her that she must stay until she can be cured of her mutation. Reyes arranged for Dani, Sam Guthrie, Roberto da Costa, Illyana Rasputin, and Rahne Sinclair to do group therapy together. Later, Reyes broke up a fight between Dani and Illyana with her force fields.

Illyana drugged Reyes, who awoke later to find that Rahne had been attacked and her neck had been branded by an illusion of Craig Sinclair, a local reverend who had attacked her for being a witch. Reyes was told by her superiors that Dani was too dangerous and must be put down like a rabid dog. Reyes attempted to euthanize Dani with drugs. However, Rahne intervenes and wounds Reyes. Reyes trapped all of the mutants in force fields and tried to kill Dani again but cutting off her air. Dani's unconscious mind generated her greatest fear, the Demon Bear, which broke through the forcefield surrounding the hospital and killed Reyes.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mutant Physiology: Reyes was a mutant who possessed flyrogenesis and flyrokinesis.
    • Flyrogenesis: Reyes could generate, create and project force fields. The only thing that was known to be able to break through was the Demon Bear.
    • Flyrokinesis: Reyes could manipulate force fields. She was able to manipulate the size of the force fields that she created; as she began to shrink the ones that she trapped her "patients" inside.



Behind the scenes

  • Rosario Dawson was originally cast as Reyes, but left the film for unknown reasons.


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The New Mutants

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