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Charles Francis Xavier (born 1932), also known as Professor X, is a class 4 mutant who possesses telepathic powers. Xavier dedicated his life to fighting for peaceful co-existence between man and mutantkind. To aid in this crusade, he founded a school for gifted youngsters to secretly train young mutants to control their amazing powers.


Early life

Charles shared the history of his counterpart up until 1973.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

"I don't want your suffering; I don't want your future!"
―Charles Xavier to Logan[src]

Logan found Xavier in his depressed state and convinced him and Hank of the future. They found Quicksilver and tried to convince him to help them break Magneto out of prison. He accepted in order to say that he was able to break into the Pentagon. During the breakout, Xavier tried to convince guards to let them through as special services, however Logan beat them up instead. They met up with Magneto and Quicksilver and as they were escaping, they were surrounded by guards. Magneto was about to attack but Quicksilver took them all down. Xavier let Quicksilver borrow his car while they go to Paris so long as he "doesn't go too fast."

During the trip, Charles and Erik fought over them abandoning each other. He found out, however, that Erik was trying to save John F. Kennedy as he was a mutant. They arrived in Paris and Charles stopped Raven from killing Trask, however, Magneto tried to kill her. Charles sent Hank to stop him then helped

Charles talks to his future self for guidance.

Logan, who suddenly snapped back in time after seeing Stryker again. After the incident, they returned to New York and Xavier finally stopped taking the Serum and used Cerebro. However, he wasn't strong enough and the machine broke. While Hank went to fix it, Xavier used Logan's mind to talk to his future self who gave him hope to retry. On this attempt he found Mystique and communicated with her to try to stop her but to no success. He did find out that she was heading to DC, where the President would unveil the new Sentinels.

Realizing that Raven assassinating Trask in a place that public and on live television would no doubt assure that the future where their kind are hunted and exterminated would come to pass Hank began to doubt that they could change the course of time. However Charles having finally regained his idealism and remembering his futures self's words “ just because someone stumbles, loses their way it doesn’t mean their lost forever” assures Hank that they can stop and save Raven. 

Xavier, along with Hank and Wolverine, arrived at the Sentinel unveiling. Charles searched through the minds of everyone as he found Mystique who was disguised as a secret service man. He stopped her just as she was about to pull out a gun. Then Magneto attacked and Mystique went with President Nixon and his men to a bomb shelter in the White House. Charles became trapped in some rubble for most of the battle but once Mystique knocked off Magneto's helmet, Charles controlled him and used him to lift the rubble off of his legs. Charles then convinced Raven not to shoot Trask and they all walked away having changed the future.

Dark Phoenix Prologue

In 1975 two years after the events in Washington D.C ,Charles learns about Jean powers awakening in a Incident which killed her mother and nearly her father. Not wanting anything to do with his daughter and blaming her for the accident Jeans father turned Jean over to Charles custody. Charles would take Jean in to come live with him. Remembering Jean from Logan’s memories Charles assures Jean there was nothing wrong with her and that he would help her no matter what.

X-Men: Apocalypse

"To those with the greatest power...protect those without. That is my message to the world."
―Charles Xavier in defiance of Apocalypse[src]

In 1983, ten years after the events in Washington Charles has reopened the school taking in students such as Jean Grey, and Jubilation Lee. Charles meets Alex Summers again and is introduced to his younger brother, Scott Summers. Charles and Hank teach Scott how to control his optic blasts. When Scott destroys Charles' favorite tree, he asks if he will be expelled. Charles however says that he is already accepted.

At night Charles senses something is wrong when En Sabah Nur is awakened. He goes into Jean Grey's room as she is frightened and sees destruction when he looks into her head however he pushes past it. Jean tells him she fears her powers are growing stronger and that she is going to hurt someone but Charles tells her that while her powers are great she will be able to control them, and comforts her by telling her that after that she will have nothing to fear.

Using Cerebro; Charles and Hank discover Moira in Cairo having just escaped from En Sabah Nur's tomb. Discovering Moira has important information Charles decides to go to Washington the next day.

Charles and Alex later meet Moira MacTaggert, whom Charles is clearly still in love with. MacTaggert tells them about the investigation of En Sabah Nur (who is widely believed to be the first and most powerful mutant), his Horsemen, and his whereabouts.

Returning to the Mansion with Moira, Charles reunites with Raven. The two discuss and being to debate how Mutants are being treated. While Charles believes that things have improved significantly and that the world has excepted their kind Raven believes that humans still hate and fear Mutants and suggest Charles teach his students how to fight if they are to have a chance to make it in society. A saddened Charles points out that she still sounds just like Erik. Raven then reveals that’s why she is there as he has resurfaced and tells Charles about the death of Erik’s family.

Charles brings Hank, Raven, Alex, and Moira to Cerebro so they can locate Erik. Charles communicates with Erik, whom has become Magneto again. Charles gives his condolences to Erik and tries to convince him to come back so they can help him however Magneto has become a horseman of Apocalypse along with Angel, Psylocke and Storm. Apocalypse sees an opportunity to link with Charles' mind and connects into Cerebro and taking over Charles mind in the process, using it to launch all the world's nukes into space so no one can stop him. Charles is overwhelmed by Apocalypse's power and tells Alex to destroy Cerebro, which he does. Magneto abducts an unconscious Charles while Alex in a desperate attempt to save him releases a blast that causes a powerful explosion. Everyone is saved from the explosion by Quicksilver but Alex's body is never found.

Bringing Xavier to Cairo, Egypt; Apocalypse uses his powers to amplify Xavier’s telepathic abilities and to deliver a message to the world that the strong will rule. Xavier however uses this opportunity to give Jean a hidden message with his location.

Apocalypse planned on transferring his consciousness into Charles so that he could control the world. During the ritual for Apocalypse to transfer his consciousness, Charles loses his hair however. When the X-Men arrive in Egypt, they manages to save Charles, however, Apocalypse begins to brutally beat and torture Mystique and Quicksilver threatening to kill them unless Charles reveals himself. Fortunately, Charles remembers that he is still psychically connected to Apocalypse and uses his link to Apocalypse's mind to attack him. However while Xavier briefly gains the upper hand he is quickly overwhelmed. When Magneto and Storm turn on Apocalypse, Charles is able to get Jean's help. With everyone's combined effort, Apocalypse is slowly weakened while Jean's Phoenix Force destroys him.

In the aftermath, Charles restores Moira's memories. Erik and Jean help reconstruct Xavier's Mansion. Erik turns down an offer to teach at the school by Charles. Charles then watches Raven and Hank now the field leaders train the new recruits of X-Men consisting of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, and Quicksilver for the battles ahead.

Dark Phoenix

"She’s all rage and pain. And it’s all coming out at once"
―Charles regarding Jean[src]

In the years following Apocalypse's defeat, the X-Men have been recognized as national heroes, much to Xavier's pride. In 1992 the crew of the space Shuttle Endeavor is at risk of being caught in a solar flare. Charles has the X-Men go into space to rescue them and while the team are able to rescue most of the astronauts, one more of the them is still left behind. Charles insists that the team go back for him, much to Raven's chagrin as the solar flare comes in closer. Charles tells the team that Jean can shield the Shuttle long enough for Kurt to get the last astronaut to safety. Raven reluctantly goes along

Charles watches on in horror as Raven is killed.

with the plan as Jean insists she can do it. The plan is successful but Kurt is unable get Jean to safety, as the solar flare hits her, nearly killing her. However, Jean manages to absorb it and survive. The X-Men return and are congratulated by Charles. Later in Charles' office, Raven tells him that he put the team at risk and that his ego of reaping the benefits that come with the X-Men’s celebrity is putting the team at risk by pushing them to perform riskier tasks. Charles tells her it is necessary in order to keep them in the good graces of humanity, pointing out that it would only take one bad incident for humans to turn against them again.

Later, while Charles attended a party in his honor, Jean suffered a mental breakdown which left her unconscious. Unable to get into Jean's mind on his own, Xavier uses Cerebro. Raven and Hank accompany him and bear witness, learning that Charles put up memory blocks in Jean's mind which are somehow being broken down. They learn that Charles lied to Jean about her parents deaths, as her father is still alive. Jean suddenly awakens and ejects Xavier from her mind, severely injuring him before she goes to her old house to see her father.

While receiving medical attention, Charles discovers that something has affected Jean and is changing her, Xavier gathers the team and they go after her. On the flight to her location, Raven asks Charles what he did to Jean. Charles justifies his actions by claiming he was protecting her, but Raven rebukes him for hiding the truth from her. Arriving at Jean's home, Charles tries to convince her to return with them, but she refuses and a fight breaks out between them in which police are killed. Quicksilver is severely injured and Raven is accidentally fatally wounded when Jean knocks her into a sharp piece of wood, impaling her. Raven dies with Hank by her side. Jean then leaves, horrified by what she had done. Returning to the X-Mansion, Raven is buried and Charles and the team hold a funeral for her. After the funeral, Hank blames Charles for Raven's death as his psychic blocks on Jean's mind caused her to lose control. Charles is unwilling to accept the blame, however, insisting that he did what he did to protect Jean. Hank then leaves in anger. With Jean's attacks, Charles worst fears begin to come true as the president enacts mutant internment camps for those whose powers are deemed a threat to society.

The next day, Scott tells Charles that Hank has gone and left. Using Cerebro, Charles learns that Hank has sided with Erik to kill Jean for her role in Raven's death. Charles, Scott, Ororo, and Kurt track them to New York City, where a fight ensues between Erik’s Brotherhood and the X-Men. With the help of Kurt, Charles finds Jean, who is accompanied by a woman named Vuk. He learns that Vuk is an alien who plans to use Jean's power to benefit her race, the D'Bari. Jean subdues Kurt and nearly kills Charles. But Charles has Jean look into Into his mind where she is shown that, while her father had no hope in her, Charles always believed in Jean from the day he met her. This brings Jean back to her senses and remorseful for her actions. She asks Vuk to take the power, ejecting her revealed to be Phoenix Force from her. Charles learns that the draining will kill her. Scott arrives just in time to blast Vuk away. Charles and the other are then taken into custody by the Mutant Containment Unit and given Mutant Inhibitor Collars.

On the prison convoy to a detention facility, Charles admits his fault to Hank on blocking Jean's memories. He also insists that the Phoenix Force is corrupting Jean and that they must save her from Vuk and the D’Bari, who track them down and attack. The soldiers, unable to defeat the aliens, release Charles and the others. As the X-Men and Brotherhood work together to fight them off, Charles and Scott go to Jean and try to awaken her. Charles enters Jean's mind, where he apologizes to her for what he did. Jean tells Charles that she realizes he did what he did to protect her, and says that she forgives him, Jean awakens with better control of her powers, managing to kill the remaining D’Bari and Vuk before leaving Earth.

Charles, still feeling responsible for what happened, left the school now renamed in Jean's honor with Hank taking his place. In Paris, Charles was approached by Erik, who offered him a home in Genosha and a game of chess. Charles agreed to both.


By 2016, the X-Men were as prolific as ever, with Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead among the ranks. Although not appearing on screen, when Colossus intervenes and attempts to detain Deadpool's reckless antics on the freeway, he mentions taking him to see Xavier. Wade inquires whether it's James McAvoy's or Patrick Stewart's version of him, considering the convoluted continuity of the films.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Charles reads Logan’s mind

In the future, following the events that occurred in 1973, 1983 and 1992, Charles would return to lead the X-Men and had once again found all his students, and eventually re-encountered Logan, who initially had no memories of their meeting in 1973. However, in the 2020s, the consciousness of Logan from the original timeline merged with that of his current-self, and when he came to Charles' office, Charles

told him he was supposed to be teaching history class. Logan remarked needing help "remembering everything after 1973", Xavier recognized him as the same Wolverine who'd come to him from the future. He proceeds to ask Logan the last thing he remembered from that point, to which after, he explains to Logan all that happened in the new timeline.

Character traits

Charles's ability to condone violence for the sake of defending his students and other innocents had greatly increased after defeating Apocalypse, enough to impress and satisfy Erik, who saw him as naive and foolish for being so trusting of people in the past and not being truly willing to fight.

However at the same time over the years as the X-Men became more famous for their heroic deeds Charles found his ego increasing with the fame and luxury that came with being the leader of the X-Men much to Raven's chagrin as it made him put the X-Men in increased dangerous situation and her annoyance as she pointed out that it was the team who were really taking the risk not him, Charles also showed that he could be manipulative and secretive if he felt it was for the greater good or someones benefit such as when he erased Jean's memory of her father giving her away to help her cope and refused to admit that he was wrong for this, however, Charles is still willing to acknowledge when his actions are wrong and even pay the price for it. Stepping down as leader of the X-Men and Dean of the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, out of guilt, shame and remorse, for his indirect role in Raven's death and his direct role in Jean's (apparent) death respectively.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mutant Physiology: Professor X is an extremely powerful mutant who possesses powerful telepathic powers. Professor X is also one of the most powerful mutants on the entire planet.
    • Telepathy: Professor X can telepathically communicate with, read the minds of other individuals or project illusions into their minds. He can make himself invisible by manipulating the minds of others. This power is enhanced when he uses Cerebro.
      • Illusion Generation: Due to Professor X's telepathy; he can generate, create and project illusions inside other individuals' minds.
        • Hallucikinesis: Due to Professor X's telepathy; he can manipulate several different types of illusions inside other individuals' minds; making them see things that are actually there. He can make himself invisible to other individuals.
    • Mind Control: Professor X can manipulate the minds of other individuals; to get them to do what he wants them to do. He does not like using this ability to make people do what he wants them to do all the time as he said when talking to Magneto while going to Jean Grey's house when she was a child. He is able to enter the mind of another to control their body and see from their perspective. He demonstrated this at the dacha of a Russian general and possessed the mind of a guard. He can make others fall asleep just by telling them to. He can mentally paralyze others, making it appear as if time has been stopped. He has the ability to develop a mental link with any person which remains as a connection to that individual. He has the ability to cause loss of particular memories and amnesia in another person or group of people.
    • Mnemokinesis: Professor X can manipulate the memories of other individuals. He can erase, restore or even implant false memories into an individual's mind; as seen in X-Men: Apocalypse, Professor X was able to restore the memories of Moira MacTaggert, which he had initially erased, causing her to remember all the time she spent with him.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: A natural genius, Charles is a leading authority on genetics, mutation and psionics. He also possesses considerable expertise in other life sciences. He is highly talented in devising equipment for utilizing and enhancing psionic powers. Charles is also quite the masterful tactician and strategist, effectively evaluating situations and devising swift responses. Charles is also the second most intelligent individual on the entire planet; second only to the late En Sabah Nur and rivaled only by Erik Lehnsherr.
  • Expert Engineer: Charles is a highly skilled engineer. With Hank McCoy's help; he was able to successfully create the second Cerebro, a very complex device capable of detecting other mutants all over the world.
  • Chess Player: Charles is as good at playing chess as he was at planning out a battle strategy for the X-Men, shown prominently when he frequently plays the game with Magneto, who views him as as deadly on a chessboard as he is in a danger zone.
  • Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant/Martial Artist: As a young man, Charles was probably a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, before his injuries, even though he preferred to direct his comrades from behind the front line. His disability prevented him from ever fighting an opponent hand-to-hand ever again, but he still managed to teach hand-to-hand combat and martial arts to his students.


  • Paraplegic: Professor X has been unable to walk due to spinal damage; suffered when one of the bullets Magneto bounced off using his magnetic powers hit him in 1962.



Behind the scenes

  • James McAvoy never read the comics, but loved the X-Men cartoons.


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Dark Phoenix

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