Christine Everhart
Appeared in Iron Man
Iron Man 2
Status Alive
Actor Leslie Bibb
"I'm sorry, Mr. Stark, but do you honestly expect us to believe that was a bodyguard in a suit that conveniently appeared?"
―Christine Everhart [src]

Christine Everhart is an investigative reporter who interviews Tony Stark. Despite her disapproval, she is charmed by Tony and spends the night with him.


Early Life

Christine claims to have gone to Brown University before becoming a journalist.

Iron Man

A Vanity Fair columnist whom Tony sleeps with before he leaves for Afghanistan. She sleeps with him the very night of the interview, but the morning after she's tossed away by Pepper Potts. Later, she appears again, to tell Stark of the Ten Rings in Gulmira and at the end, suspecting Stark of being Iron Man.

Iron Man 2

Christine accompanies Justin Hammer in Monaco, since she has to interview him for Vanity Fair, trying at the same time to make Tony jealous. Tony doesn't seem to care about her and, along with Pepper, humiliates her and Justin. She loses interest in Justin when Tony tells her that he has lost the contract with the Government.

WHIH Newsfront

Christine presented WHIH Newsfront covering the fallout of the Avengers' activities in Sokovia and the continuing aid efforts. She also covered the story of former VistaCorp employee Scott Lang.

In a more in depth news report, Christine examines Scott's imprisonment for a cybercrime and reveals he was released after three years of a five year sentence. She also mentions a call for superhero transparency and control in the wake of the events in Sokovia.

Character traits

Christine is a professional journalist, always focused on her career and disposed to do anything to have an interview. She often uses her beauty to get close to important characters like Tony Stark or Justin Hammer.



Behind the scenes

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  • Christine Everhart appeared in the comic books as a member of the Daily Bugle. This was changed in the film due to the Spider-Man film franchise being handled by a different film company.


Iron Man




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