Claire Wise
Appeared in Item 47
Status Alive
Actor Lizzy Caplan
"I'm always right. And I'm always right about you."
―Claire to Benny[src]

Claire Wise is a regular girl who finds a Chitauri weapon.


Item 47

"We cannot wait for chances to be offered to us. We have to take a chance for ourself."
―Claire to Benny[src]
Claire and her boyfriend Benny have their life changed when a strange weapon, of alien origin, literally falls from the sky in their lab. When Benny manages to make it work, Claire understands the possibilities the gun represents for them, and convinces her boyfriend to use it for robbing banks. In just some days, the two of them manage to gather quite a sum, and they take shelter in a motel before starting to realize their dreams.

In the motel, anyway, Claire and Benny are reached by Jasper Sitwell, a secret agent who was on their tracks. Benny is captured for first, and Claire, in an attempt to save him, uses the alien gun against the agent. Sitwell manages to avoid the shot and to engage a fight with her, but Benny intervenes, and the gun falls to the floor, shooting by chance and destroying the room. At the end of the fight, both Benny and Claire are captured, and she starts begging for their freedom, first, and for their life when she realizes that Sitwell has been sent to kill them. When Claire reveals that Benny is the one who repaired the gun, Sitwell sees their potential, and recruits them in S.H.I.E.L.D.. Claire is eventually introduced to her new boss, Felix Blake, who's not very happy to have her since he discovers she's not even able to make a coffee.

Character traits

Claire is a very stubborn and impulsive woman, sometimes aggressive. She's deeply in love with her boyfriend Benjamin Pollack, and always convinces Benny to do what she wants to.



Behind the scenes

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Item 47

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