Clarice Fong
Alias(es) Blink
Clarice Ferguson
Appeared in X-Men: Days of Future Past
The Gifted
Status Deceased (Original Timeline)
Unknown (New Timeline)
Alive (The Gifted Timeline)
Actor Fan Bingbing
Jamie Chung
"You know what I said earlier about this not being my fight? I don't know if it was before, but it sure as hell is now."

Clarice Fong, also known as Clarice Ferguson or Blink, is a mutant who possesses the power to generate portals. Clarice is also a member of the Mutant Underground.


Original Timeline

X2: X-Men United

Stryker has files on her at his base at Alkali Lake.

25 Moments

In the year 2018 Blink rescues mutants from Trask Industries mutant holding facility Camp X-Ray.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Blink met up with fellow survivors Lucas Bishop, Warpath, Iceman, Kitty Pryde, Colossus and Sunspot. They devised a way for them to survive; Warpath detected the Sentinels and alerted Kitty and Bishop. While the mutants fought the Sentinels, Kitty sent Bishop's consciousness back a few days ago to warn them of the attack. This continued as the group traveled the world. They eventually met up with Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr, Wolverine and Storm in China. As Kitty sent Logan back in time, she and the other X-Men prepared for the Sentinel invasion. Warpath detected twelve Sentinel ships coming and they prepared to fight. Storm and Magneto destroyed most of them but dozens still remained. After Magneto secured the vault, Blink teleported him inside it. The Sentinels shot at her but she created portals to redirect the blasts at other Sentinels. However, she was overwhelmed and stabbed multiple times.

The Gifted Timeline

Early life

Clarice spent her early teenage years in a foster home for mutant kids who couldn't pass as humans. The couple who ran the home, Carl and Denise, kept the kids safe by hiding them. She was there for a couple years until she was 15, when she finally grew tired of hiding and decided to leave.

Two years prior to her joining the Mutant Underground, Clarice was living in Athens, Georgia working as a waitress. One day, while she was on a date, she and her partner were approached by a group of Purifiers bearing giant white crosses on their clothes. The Purifiers vandalized her car with the word "mutie" on and harassed her. Her date did nothing to help and just told her to run as the Purifiers burned the car. Clarice ran and escaped through a portal she opened.

The Gifted


Blink was on the run from the Atlanta police after successfully escaping the mutant detention facility. After being cornered in an alley, she was able to use her mutant ability to create a portal and transport herself to safety. ThunderbirdEclipse, and Polaris having heard of her escape track her down through Thunderbird's ability of foresight. While he has mild difficulty finding due to her "moving strangely", through her teleporting abilities he soon finds her taking refuge in an abandoned workshop. Lorna and Marcos approach her and attempt to introduce themselves to her. Panicking, she throws whatever is in front of her - a coffee maker followed by a cup - but Marcos manages to eventually calm her down. They attempt to gain her trust by explaining that they were mutants just like her with Polaris demonstrating her control over magnetism by yanking the steel stapler out of Blink's hand, proving their mutant abilities. Eclipse and Polaris then introduced themselves. Marcos tried to assure her that they had been in the same place as her and if she went with them, they will get her a place to stay. However, their introductory meeting was disrupted as the police surrounded the abandoned workshop they were hiding in. Blink, Polaris and Eclipse joined Thunderbird at the main room.

After killing the lights, Polaris and Thunderbird took cover on the wall, observing the police as they pulled up. Polaris stepped out and sent out a wave of energy so powerful that it took out the police cruisers. When the police started firing Blink hid behind a wall and Polaris took cover behind the wall, as she instructed Thunderbird to find them a way out while she held off law enforcement. Polaris used her abilities once more to disable the cops and halt the firing bullets. With the police applying pressure, Eclipse came to Polaris' rescue, emitting a blinding light from his hands, which in return both stunned the police and provided Polaris with the opportunity to escape as well as Blink. As Polaris, Eclipse, Thunderbird, and Blink exited the building and made their way back to the getaway vehicle, despite their efforts to take down the police by using their mutant abilities, a cop appeared behind them and shot Eclipse in the arm. Blink managed to get inside the getaway vehicle, soon followed by Thunderbird who was dragging Eclipse inside the car so he wouldn't run after a captured Polaris.

Later on, Clarice arrived at the Mutant Underground Headquarters, where she sat down with Sage. Sage welcomed her to the mutant facility, and then asked her if she should contact anyone, perhaps family, to which Clarice said it was complicated. Sage then informed her that she would stay with them at the headquarters until they figured out where they would relocate her. After getting settled in, Clarice went to thank Marcos for saving her, especially that he lost his girlfriend in the process. Marcos was trying to find a way to rescue Lorna, and though he thought Blink’s ability to create portals could help, she explained that in order to teleport herself, she would've had to have been in the place before. Marcos didn't understand, so Blink illustrated it by using a toy to teleport it through the roof, a place she hadn't seen before. When it came out of the roof, it was cut in half.

The conversation was interrupted when Marcos received a call from Reed Strucker. Clarice overheard Marcos meeting someone about helping a family. She kept her mouth shut, but after an hour had passed and he hadn't returned, trusting her judgment to do right by Lorna, she informed John about the meeting he attended alone. However, Clarice didn't know how they would track him down, but John reassured her that he managed to track her down, so he could also track down Marcos.

Blink and Thunderbird successfully tracked them all down, Eclipse and the Struckers took their cue from Thunderbird to run. The seven of them sprinted through the warehouse, as Sentinel Services unleashed their mutant-hunting robots, the sentinels. Eclipse and Lauren were able to keep them behind using their mutant abilities while Blink created a portal for them all to retreat through. Everyone, except Andy and Reed, went through the portal. With Andy hyper-focused on destroying the sentinels, he telepathically forced them to explode before joining the others through the portal. Blink couldn't hold the portal open for much longer, but while Reed was waiting for his son to enter the portal, he is shot in the leg before he can enter the portal after Andy, as Blink had to shut the portal because it was too for much her to bear. Reed was left for capture on the other side, as Blink collapsed on the other side.


As Clarice started to regain consciousness, Marcos held up her head as he tried to get her to respond. Having seemingly overstretched her powers combined with the bullet wound Clarice appeared to be suffering from some kind of reaction to holding her portal open for such an extensive amount of time and traveling as far as they did. Marcos placed Clarice on a bench by the stairs as the Struckers began panicking about going back for Reed Andy in particular urges them to go back Marcos tells Andy that his father was planning to help him get his girlfriend, Lorna, out of jail, but as much as he wanted Reed there, they can't think of that right now as saving Clarice was top priority at the moment.

Clarice's condition however wasn’t improving and in fact growing increasingly unstable. Lauren called Marcos and John back down. Caitlin, being a nurse, diagnosed Clarice as being in respiratory distress and her temperature spiking, which means she needed medical attention that only a hospital can provide. The Long-distance leap took a lot of energy out of her. Upon further examination, Clarice noted that Clarice's heart rate was faster than normal. Clarice then began convulsing causing her powers to become unstable. Caitlin explained that without the right medication, Clarice ran the risk of dying. As Clarice went into shock, her powers started to uncontrollably manifest, causing her to involuntarily open a portal to stretch of road where a truck headed straight for them. As the truck tried to avoid them, it skid out of control, resulting in the truck being sliced in half. The back half unfortunately made its way through the portal, prompting everyone to take cover.

After helping the others, John carried Clarice to a table in the back of the room by the vault. Marcos asked Caitlin how Clarice is she able to create a portals if she over overexerted herself. Caitlin admitted however that she wasn’t an expert in the field of mutant physiology. Clarice suddenly then started convulsing again as a new portal emerged to the same road as before. However, this time civilians with loaded rifles sat on the other side of the portal looking in. Seeing this, Marcos prepared for a fight. However, John grabbed his wrist and urged him to show restraint as they aren't to hurt innocent bystanders. Lauren then walked in front of them and managed to close the portal using her shields, thus preventing any possible altercation. This also shut down Clarice's powers as she fell unconscious again. Marcos and Caitlin then set forth a plan to raid the hospital for the medication to treat Clarice while Lauren agreed to stay behind and close any other future potential portals.

With Marcos and Caitlin out to recover the medicine from a nearby hospital, John stays behind to watch over Clarice, as well as Andy and Lauren. During the time John explained Clarice history and the difficulty she had due to her physical mutations keeping her from getting a job and forcing her to resort to crime. At that moment Clarice became uneasy, as sweat coated her face as her powers began to manifest yet again to the same road. John ordered Sonya to get everyone to safety as he ran to the portal. This time, numerous civilians and officers stand on the other side prepared to confront the mutants. Lauren struggled to get the portal to close, as Clarice was getting restless on the table but eventually managed to close it which caused Clarice to become stabilized for the moment again.

John, Sonya, Lauren and Andy gathered around Clarice as her condition worsened. John wanted told Sonya he wanted to begin evacuation as Clarice open portals became more sporadic however Sonya objected to the notion of abandoning the Underground as she would rather move Clarice. John called out to Clarice as another portal opened but on a larger scale. With S.W.A.T closing in, the Underground was left with no other choice but to fend them off. As one of the officers enter the portal with his weapon drawn, John disarmed him of his firearm and then tossed him back into the other side of the portal. Just as the rest of the S.W.A.T team prepared to open fire, Andy ran out in front and in a great display of power, sent the officers flying backward into the air, as well as Clarice, who was knocked to the floor and fell unconscious, causing the portal to close. However, after the closing of that single portal, many more portals emerged in its wake, that scattered throughout Headquarters, prompting all the mutants to evacuate while John remained at her side.

Fortunately at this time, Caitlin and Marcos finally returned with the medicine and raced inside Headquarters to treat Clarice. Caitlin entered to find the building in complete chaos. Near her a portal which led o Clarice and John opened up which she jumped through. Caitlin then injected Clarice with the medication they had stolen from the hospital to stabilize her potassium levels. Fortunately, it seemed all of their efforts paid off as the portals desisted and the Underground was left intact. Clarice woke up later that night to find the Underground in disarray. She asked if everyone was okay with John informing her that despite some destroyed furniture, everyone was safe with Clarice joking about HQ needing a remodeling anyways. John then asked her about the road that Clarice kept portaling to questioning if it held any significance to her, but Clarice claimed that she dint remember. Skeptical of her response, John only replied that they would talk about it later.


Clarice was approached by John, who hoped that she would agree to help break Lorna out of jail. While Clarice was willing to help in any way that she could as she owed Lorna for saving her, transporting them all into the prison wasn’t one of ways she could be of assistance as since her episode, where she nearly tore down the station, she had been unable to create portals. Apparently something changed after she got sick, such as the strange, purple dagger-shaped mark that appeared under her right eye and her powers as she puts it, “were broken”. John informed her that mutant abilities don't break and most mutants first access their abilities from strong emotions like fear, anger and pain and points out that all those are all unreliable. The challenge was to tap into something positive to use your abilities.

The next day, John and Clarice began their training. Clarice and John took a walk around the compound as they discussed her lack of control over her powers. Clarice had given John's advice some thought, but her abilities, when it came down to it, was the power to escape out of dangerous situations and as a result being scared was just a big part of what she drew to activate her powers. However, John refused to believe that fear was all of it. Telling her that In the marines, when soldiers wanted to give up, they train them to focus on what they cared about most, to hold on to it as if their life depended on it, because at some point it would. Back then, John had a lot to prove in regards to him being both of Apache heritage and a mutant. Clarice claimed that she doesn't have anything personal to hold onto as he did so, John instructed her to think about something she loved, however, the best Clarice could jokingly come up with at the time was a warm jelly doughnut. Still John instructed her to relax, breathe, and picture the thing she wanted most, and go to it. Clarice followed John's instructions precisely, causing a portal to emerge through though she failed to maintain it. As he was telling her not to focus on the fear, John's foresight and tracking abilities kicked in. As he inspected the bushes, he noticed footprints and other signs of the Struckers leaving the station.

Later back inside HQ, Clarice tried to create portals, but to no avail. Seeing Clarice frustrated, Sonya approached her, informing her that Lorna was counting on them to save her, to which Clarice remarked that was what everyone was telling her. Clarice briefed Sonya on John's advice during their training, to which Sonya tried to coax out any important people she may have in her life, like a boyfriend or even a girlfriend, but Clarice claimed to have none, and told Sonya to inform her "boyfriend" that his advice was not working. Taken by surprise by Clarice's assumption of John being her boyfriend, Sonya curiously asked Clarice what made her come to such conclusion. Clarice revealed it was the way Sonya looked at John and how she was the only one who called him by the nickname "Johnny". Sonya revealed that she came to the Underground as a refugee. When she decided to stay on and help, they agreed that if they were going to work together, they shouldn't be together in a romantic capacity. As for the problem with Clarice's powers, Sonya urged her to just continue to follow John's instructions.

John called Sonya for help while he, Marcos, and the Struckers were being pursued by civilians seeking to collect the bounty for the fugitive mutants. Knowing Clarice was the only one who could save everyone with a portal, Sonya approached her and desperately asked for help. Clarice insisted that she couldn’t as she was still unable to create a portal. With John and the others running out of time, Sonya regretfully used her powers and exhaled a pink cloud of smoke into Clarice's face which implanted an intense romantic memory of her and John with Clarice in Sonya‘s place. They kissed in a tender embrace in the rain.

This in return gave Clarice someone she cared about and allowed her to unlock the true potential of her powers as she opened a Portal to John, Marcos, and the Struckers position. Allowing them to drive to safety and escape the mob.

"eXit strategy"

Clarice joined the Underground as they discussed saving Lorna and Reed. According to John and Marcos, they were being held in a cell at the Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters and would soon be relocated to an ultra secure facility, which the Underground did not have much insight on beyond the fact that the people who go there, did not return, thus forcing their hand in attacking the Sentinel Services head on. However many were reluctant in volunteering to help, Sage included as they had lost 6 fellow mutants the last time they went up against the Sentinel Services directly and this time around it was a prison they were attempting to infiltrate, whose systems had improved. Extrapolating from other attacks, Sage concluded that the Underground had an 86.5% chance of failure.Marcos explains however that if they do nothing, then there's was a 100% chance of never seeing Reed or Lorna again. Marcos then quickly reminded them how Lorna had risked her life for everyone in the room. With that, he asked for a show of hands from those willing to save Lorna. Unfortunately, Clarice, Sonya, and Harry were the only ones willing to help.

In the monitoring cell, Clarice, John, Marcos, Sonya, Caitlin and Harry discussed the method in which they were to attack the prison. If there was a window, Clarice could portal everyone in, but they would also have to take into account the guards and cameras and unfortunately, Harry's cloaking abilities would only work on the guards, leaving them visible to the cameras. Going in like that would mean never coming out. Caitlin then suggested that they don't go in at all, rather they make their move when Lorna and Reed are being transported en route to the prison. While in theory, the idea was plausible, they did not know the transit route. Marcos then suggested using his connection to the Cartel to gain access on the route. John advised him against it but Marcos pointed out that they were out of better ideas.

In the middle of the night, Clarice awoke in a sweat after dreaming about her and John having a passionate moment outside the station. She checked the clock to see that it was 3:30 AM. Oddly enough, she was apparently sleeping in her shoes.

That morning, the team gathered in the monitoring cell to discuss what Marcos had learned from the Cartel; a convoy of military vehicles was taking Lorna and Reed to a military airport. Based on the route, the best place to hit the convoy was at an old warehouse district off Peach tree. John asked Clarice if she can open a portal to get the two of them on the transport bus. As she noted: if the driver could see out, then she could see in. However she also pointed out that if the bus was moving, it could get messy, meaning they would have to find a way to stop it first, without arousing suspicion, which would not be an easy task. Brainstorming on ways to stop the transport bus, Clarice suggested that maybe Marcos could melt the ties, though was far from the subtle approach they were hoping for, considering that a battle would likely ensue. John and Caitlin reminded them that the task at hand was to only get Reed and Lorna out without killing anyone, so they needed a better plan on stopping the bus.

After a night of struggling to sleep due to the memory of her and John that she can't seem to shake, John and Clarice get into position at the warehouse district, in preparation for the convoy's arrival, which would be showing up soon enough. From where they were positioned, it would be a straight shot into the bus once Andy and Lauren could blow out the tires. When John asked Blink if she was alright, she told him that she wasn’t sleeping well recently. John reasoned that this was likely due to the adjustments at the station, with people constantly coming and going. Clarice noted that anything was better than jail. John revealed it was almost impossible for him in the beginning. Explaining that originally, it was just him and Lorna with an insanely impossible task. Clarice wondered if he ever thought about walking away. John replied the thought occurred to him daily but the only thing stopping him was his mission and determination to save those in need. Blink then asked about the night that they first met, wondering if they went outside together. John told her that they did not.

With Lauren and Andy in position on the rooftop to use their combined abilities to blow the tire of the transport bus, Clarice and John got into place as the convoy entered the warehouse district. They waited for Andy and Lauren to disengage the bus' tire at the designated location, though they fail to do so. While Lauren and Andy did eventually manage to stop the bus, it was not at the location in which they had planned, forcing Clarice and John to go searching for the bus' position. They found it a little further down the road. When Clarice attempted to portal herself and John into the bus, something interfered with her portals, though it noticeably wasn’t just her powers as John could not track either. In shock John uttered to himself that what was happening was impossible though Clarice had not understood what he was referring to. He then revealed that there was only one person he had ever known who could disrupt mutant abilities. His named was Pulse. A friend he thought had died two years ago while attacking a relocation center, but apparently not, as he was working for Sentinel Services.

Fortunately, Thunderbird was able to stop Pulse, allowing Blink to regain access to her powers and allowing her to rip a portal open for Dreamer and a wounded Trader (who had been shot) to escape through.

"boXed in"

Clarice applied pressure to Harry's gunshot wound until Caitlin arrived to take over, during which time, Clarice was instructed to get clean gauze, towels, and painkillers.

While gathering medical supplies in the supply room with Sonya, Shatter entered to speak with Sonya about Reed Strucker, and how they might need her to "do her thing" because if the Underground decided that he was no longer welcomed after nearly leading Sentinel Services right to them, they would need Sonya to make him forget about the station and everyone in it. Sonya agreed but only if John permitted it. However, Shatter stated that they might have to do it even if he doesn't. Clarice was intrigued by their conversation given her current predicament, so as Shatter exited the room, she inquired about Sonya's ability, concluding that she can erase memories. Sonya corrected Clarice, and explained that she could manipulate memories and that they only used this sometime for security purposes. Hearing this peaked Clarice's interest even further, though Sonya cut her off before she could follow up with any further questioning.

After Sonya received a call for help from Marcos, who along with Lorna, had kidnapped a Sentinel Services agent, she approached Clarice to ask her she could teleport them to the warehouse in which their fellow Underground members were located. Shortly after their arrival, followed the arrival of Sentinel Services and Atlanta PD, who had tracked Marcos, Lorna, and Agent Turner down to the warehouse.

With Sentinel Services and Atlanta PD getting in position to infiltrate, Eclipse asked Blink if she could get them back to Headquarters if the situation escalated. Clarice replied with a maybe which didn't exude confidence from Marcos, she proceeded to explain that "it's a bit more taxing tearing holes into space than it is turning your hands into flashlights". With Agent Turner having knowledge on what happened to Pulse, they looked to Sonya to enter his mind and gather what she could from his memories. Clarice silently observed, seemingly growing increasingly angry as she suspected Sonya of having something to do with the recurring dream she had been having of herself with John, where they were involved in a passionate embrace. Looking to hold the agents off while Sonya looked through Agent Turner's memories, Polaris used powers to launch rebar out the window, at the agents, forcing them to momentarily retreat. However, this doesn't hold them off for long, as they retaliate by sending in tear gas, forcing them to evacuate via Blink's portal.

Later that night Clarice worked up the courage to confront Sonya over her suspicions, directly asking if her memories had been manipulated. Clarice remembered a conversation that they began to have last week. However, she could no longer remember the conversation, and now she could not go ten minutes without a memory of her and John surfacing. Sonya confessed to placing the memory in Clarice's head. She tried to explain that her actions were to save John and the others, who were in danger because Clarice was unable to use her powers as they needed her to so, Sonya forged a connection between her and John in order to anchor her abilities. Clarice was furious at Sonya as she had no right to violate her like that and now because of what she did Clarice had to live with the memory of loving someone she barely knew, and who didn’t love her back. Sonya offered to remove the memory, but oddly enough, Clarice choose to keep it, simply telling Sonya to stay away from her.

"got your siX"

while in the vault with the dog Zingo, Clarice was asked by John if she could portal them into the Baton Rouge Federal Building, where they believed there was information to be found on Sentinel Services and what they did to Pulse. Clarice asked John of that was all he needed to talk to her about. She then told John she was tired of being their "portable door maker" and refused to help and rather revealed to John that she knew all about the memory that Sonya had put in her head without asking her permission. John attempted to apologize for the unwanted memory telling her he asked Sonya not to do it, but when she did, he decided not say anything because they had an emergency to deal with, and afterward, they still needed Clarice's help assistance. Hearing this only further angered Clarice, as it became apparent that they only wanted to use her for her powers. Clarice told John she had her own issues to sort out and her own people to find. John attempted to offer to assistacne to help in whatever she was looking for though Clarice denied his help. Before leaving she ask John if the the way he looked at her when they were in the warehouse was genuine. John however could not give her the answer she wanted, claiming it was complicated. As a mean to uncomplicate the situation, decidesd to leave the Underground via portal.

A couple days after leaving Clarice's found herself living in a vacant building of some sort.

"eXtreme measures"

Clarice had taken up temporary residency in an abandoned building. Upon hearing the door open, she jumped to her feet and prepareed to teleport elsewhere to escape until realizing that it was only John. He noted that she was tough to track down as she did not leave much of a trail, which Clarice pointed out was intentional. John proceeded to apologizes once more for the memory that Sonya put in her head without permission, which Clarice could still see describing it as being a bad soap opera that she could not escape. John then revealed he came to convince Clarice to return to the station because she is not safe. He also admitted however, that Clarice's safety was not the only reason he came looking for her as The Underground needed her, though Clarice told him she had greater concerns, and stating that it was John's battle to fight, not hers. John inquired about her concerns, to which Clarice told him that she was trying to find the countryside road that she kept portalling to when she got sick from her bullet wound. Noting to John that she had learned from them that nothing was random and there's always a reason to why mutans use their powers. So, Clarice came to the belief that the road hled some form of significance to her. John volunteered to help her find it because she had no idea where she was headed and he owed her, if nothing else. While she was initially resistant, she eventually agreeded to allow him to help her.

While Clarice and John tracked down the road that she kept trying to portal to when she fell ill, John asked if she remembered anything about it, but she did not as she was unconscious during the repeated portalling and figured that she would be able to find something about it in the news. However, Sentinel Services unfortunately good about covering up mutant incidents. While Clarice told John she appreciated his quest for redemption, he had failed in finding the road, so he was of no use to her. John however desperately wanted to help Clarice, though she did not believe it was possible without a trail to follow. John however was not so sure that this was true, explaining that she could have a trail inside her. Giving the example of when an animal is hurt or scared, their instinct was to take themselves to a place of safety, such as a nest or burrow and told Clarice she once had her very own version of a burrow, where she felt loved and safe. John just needed to know where that was.

Headed down a semi-familiar road, John asked Clarice what did the house she grew up in look like. Clarice told him it was not very big, as it was a one story home for mutant foster kids, the ones that couldn't pass as human that was. Clarice revealed she was only there for a couple years, back when she was supposed to be in high school. Telling him that while the couple who ran it were caring, their idea of keeping them safe was to hide them away forever. As they head further down the dirt road, Clarice recognized the front gate. Just past the gate was the farmhouse that she lived in. Clarice ran over towards her former home however, as she did so, John's foresight activated. He saw Sentinel Services storm the house. Under the impression that something bad had happened, he advised Clarice to stay back, but that only made her want to enter the home more. John punched through the locked door and once inside, they discovered two distinct pools of blood and the back door riddled with bullet holes. As Clarice began to cry over the death of her foster family, he comforted her and held her close.

Just outside the farm house, after John had found whatever traces he could, he informed Clarice it looks as if her foster parents died trying to protect some of the foster kids. Clarice blamed herself for the attack, as it was her portals that led them to the house. However, as John explained, Sentinel Services pulled the trigger and she wasn’t to be held accountable for their actions. He then gave her another hug. Clarice then revisited her previous statement about the war with Sentinel Services not being her fight declaring that while she didn’t know if it was before, it certainly is now.

That night, Clarice returned to the Underground with John, ready to wage war with Sentinel Services for attacking her foster home and killing her foster parents.

"threat of eXtinction"

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"3 X 1"

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Character traits

Clarice is sarcastic, lively and a bit of a tomboy. Her naturally strong exuberance has taken a hit after a sudden and traumatic upheaval of her life. As she adjusts to the new people and places that are suddenly "home", she is slowly becoming herself again. Clarice can also have a witty and dry sense of humor when the moment calls.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mutant Physiology: Blink is a mutant who possesses the power to generate, create and project portals, she also possesses green eyes, pointed ears and the faded purple birthmark on the right side of her face; giving Blink's status as mutant away to normal humans (non-mutants).
    • Portal Generation: Blink can generate, create and project portals from both her hands, to teleport herself or other individuals from one location to another. Numerous times Clarice has shown the ability to weaponize her portals and not just use them for transportation using them to redirect attacks or decapitate enemies.


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Original Timeline

The Gifted Timeline


Behind the scenes

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  • To match her ethnicity in this continuity, Blink's real last name was changed from Ferguson to Fong.


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