"Lotus Eaters"
Director: Paul Edwards
Writer(s): Joe Pokaski & Peter Calloway
Series: Cloak and Dagger
Season Number: 1
Episode Number: 7
Original airdate: July 12, 2018
Previous Episode: "Funhouse Mirrors"
Next Episode: "Ghost Stories"

"Lotus Eaters" is the seventh episode of season one of Cloak and Dagger.


A mysterious man may be the key for Tandy to finally clear her father’s name. Unfortunately, getting the answers she needs will be difficult as the man has been in a catatonic state for almost a decade, but it might not be so impossible for two people with extraordinary powers. With Tyrone alongside to help, the two test their combined powers for the first time.


Continuity and References to the Marvel Cinematic Universe


  • In Greek mythology the lotus-eaters were a race of people living on an island dominated by lotus plants. The lotus fruits and flowers were the primary food of the island and were a narcotic, causing the inhabitants to sleep in peaceful apathy.
  • When Alexander the Great conquered a new area of unknown culture and people he would distribute wines laced with the lotus narcotic to make the people whom were conquered into mindless accepting masses to subjugate and instill in them the values of his Greek cultures. This way it was much easier to add the new ideas of the Greeks without further fight.




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