Commodore TR
Owner(s) Grandmaster
User(s) Thor Odinson
Bruce Banner
Loki Laufeyson
Function(s) Spaceship
Status Unknown
Appeared in Thor: Ragnarok
The Commodore is a spaceship used by the Grandmaster to party on. It was stolen by Thor Odinson and used to escape Sakaar


Thor: Ragnarok

During the escape from Sakaar, the Commodore was stolen by Thor, enraging the Grandmaster who sent his fleet after the ship led by Topaz. The hijacked Commodore, lacking weapons as a pleasure craft was defended by Valkyrie in her ship with Bruce Banner joining Thor onboard. Thor left the Commodore to help Valkyrie against the attacking fighters, eventually bringing them all down. While trying to find a weapons' system, Bruce inadvertently activated the Commodore's entertainment system, releasing fireworks from the ship that distracted Topaz, causing her to crash. Thor and Valkyrie rejoined Bruce aboard the Commodore and they flew it through the Devil's Anus, a wormhole leading to Asgard.

The trip to Asgard knocked the passengers unconscious, but they awoke in time to land at the palace. Thor added a Gatling gun to the craft and went to confront Hela while Bruce and Valkyrie tried to use the Commodore against Fenris. Unable to defeat Fenris, Bruce shifted into the Hulk and jumped from the ship, leaving Valkyrie alone to use the Gatling gun to fight off Hela's army. Eventually, Valkyrie was overwhelmed and the Commodore crashed on the Bifrost Bridge.

Despite the crash, the ship remained operational and was used by Loki to return to the palace to resurrect Surtur and begin Ragnarök. The Commodore was presumably used by Loki to escape Asgard's destruction, but it is unknown what happened to it afterwards.


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