Corinne Wan
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Appeared in Venom
Status Deceased
Actor Michelle Lee

Corinne Wan was a paramedic employed by the Life Foundation. She is the first host of the Riot Symbiote.



Corinne Wan was a paramedic who was called to respond to a shuttle crash from the Life Foundation, to retrieve the pilot John Jameson. However, Jameson had been bonded to one of the alien organisms he was carrying, a symbiote called Riot, who jumped from her and bonded to her. After crashing the ambulance, the Riot-possessed Corinne tore out of it to make his way to the Life Foundation.

Corinne later made her way into a Mandarin marketplace, and due to Riot's hunger, picked up an eel and ate it. When the cook berated her, she manifested a blade from her hand and killed him. She was then threatened by a gang in response to this murder, but she blasted spikes out of her back, killing them all. Dying from Riot's bond, she moves to an elderly woman, and Riot bonds over to her, with Corinne collapsing. It is unknown if this killed her or just rendered her comatose.

Character traits

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Behind the scenes

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  • Michelle Lee was originally slated to play Donna Diego, who in the comics became bonded to a yellow symbiote known as Scream, becoming a supervillain. However, in the final cut of the film, her character is named Corinne Wan.
  • Donna was Caucasian and redheaded in the comics, whereas Corinne is brunette and Asian in the film. In addition, while Donna was a mentally unstable mercenary with a questionable career, Corinne is a perfectly sane paramedic with no hint of a criminal past, who presumably dies fairly early in he film.
  • While the yellow symbiote (heavily implied to be the Scream Symbiote) appears in the film, Corinne is the second host of the Riot Symbiote, and it's implied the Scream Symbiote dies, as does Corinne.
  • There are rumors that Michelle Lee will return in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, indicating Corinne survived Riot's abusive possession.



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