Ronan the Accuser 2
Alias(es) Universal Weapon
Appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy
Status Destroyed

The Cosmi-Rod was a Kree war hammer utilised by Ronan.


Guardians of the Galaxy

Ronan used his Cosmi-Rod to kill The Other. When he obtained the Orb, he fused it with his hammer and used it to destroy Denarian Saal and his army. Later, Drax destroyed the Cosmi-Rod, allowing Star-Lord to get the Orb, which he and his teammates used to destroy Ronan.

Powers and Abilities

Built from advanced Kree technology, the Cosmi-Rod was an effective tool in battle. It displayed various other attributes such as:

  • Energy Projection: The Cosmi-Rod is capable of discharging shock waves of pure force, capable of repelling enemies or exerting enough force on a specific target to cause critical damage, such as Ronan's use of the weapon to twist the Other's head around to break his neck. It could be conjoined with the Power Stone to create wider blasts or even beams of energy to cause anything it touched to disintegrate, allowing Ronan to blow up Nova Corps' entire fighter ship fleet with one shot.


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