Appeared in Blade
Status Deceased
Actor Matt Schulze

Crease was the member of the Turnedbloods race.



Crease was the nickname attributed to a vampire who belonged to coven of black sheep vampire Deacon Frost. He was also a close ally of Deacon's second-in-command Quinn. Crease accompanied Quinn to a vampire archives building in Detroit to capture the vampire hunter known as Blade. While Quinn temporarily subdued Blade, Crease recovered Blade's sword. Laughing, he triumphantly bragged, "I got his pig-sticker!" At which point, several retractable blades housed within the sword's hilt sprung outward, severing Crease's hand. Moments later, Blade's armorer Abraham Whistler drove a truck through the wall of the building. As Blade and his ally Karen Jenson raced out of the building, Whistler detonated a bomb which destroyed the archives. Crease's ultimate fate is unknown, but it is possible that he died in the explosion.

Character traits

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Behind the scenes

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