D'Bari were a race of shapeshifting humanoids.



Dark Phoenix

The D'Bari are race of shapeshifters from a distant planet that is an unknown distance from Earth. Years ago the D'Bari‘s Home planet was destroyed by the powerful destructive force know as the Phoenix Force. While most of the populace was killed and handful of survivors managed to avoid this fate and began to track the Phoenix Force, they're hoping to harness its power and use it to revive their planet and people. Eventually, tracking the Phoenix Force to Earth where they observed it enter into the body of young mutant and X-Men member Jean Grey as she attempted to protect her teammates and the astronauts they were saving from it. Lead by Vuk, they managed to track down Jean and manipulated her into aiding them.

When Magneto, accompanied by Beast and his Brotherhood of Mutants, arrived at their headquarters to kill Jean and fight, it ensued when the remaining X-Men arrived to stop them. During the battle, Vuk attempted to drain the Phoenix Force from Jean nearly killing her in the process, but fortunately, she was stopped by Cyclops and Professor X. As the mutants along with Jean were detained and prisoned on a train Vuk and the D,Bari attacked determined to get the Phoenix Force power from Jean.

However, the X-Men and Brotherhood worked together taking out a significant number of them. During the battle Jean awakened and using her power managed to kill all of the D'Bari including Vuk eliminating the last remnants of the D,Bari.

Notable D'Bari


  • D'Bari Physiology: The D'Bari are powerful aliens that possesses a number of powerful attributes that come with their race.
    • Shape-Shifting: The D'Bari possesses the power to change their form into anyone that they choose. Granted, it seems that they must kill who they are transforming into to assume the form.
    • Super Strength: The D'Bari possesses incredibly strength. Easily being able toss around humans and mutants with little effort.
    • Accelerated Healing Factor: All the D'Bari have the power to heal instantaneous from any wound they receive making them extremely difficult subdue or even kill.


  • Earth-10005 (1 film)


  • In "The Dark Phoenix Saga" storyline from the comics, the D'Bari became extinct when Dark Phoenix consumed the star which their planet revolved around.
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