Darian Elliot
Alias(es) Spike
Appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand
Status Deceased
Actor Lance Gibson

Darian Elliot, also known as Spike, was a mutant who could shoot bones out of his body.


X-Men: The Last Stand

From the tattoos, it seems that Spike was one of the Omegas, Callisto's group. He joins the Brotherhood of Mutants together with his teammates and acts as a sentry for Magneto. When Wolverine arrives to the Brotherhood's camp in the forest searching for Jean Grey, Spike intercepts him with some other mutants. He engages a fight with him, piercing him several times with his bones projectiles, but the two mutants eventually stab each other, and only Wolverine survives because of his healing factor.

Powers and abilities


  • Bone Manipulation: Spike can manipulate his bones to create a wide range of effects.
    • Bone Spikes: Spike can extend his melee range with bones much harder than regular human bone extended out of his wrists, they are used as melee weapons and they are used to shoot with.
    • Projectile Spikes: Spike can launch spikes made out of bones that are much harder than regular human bone from his wrists.
  • Accelerated Healing Factor: Spike has a slight accelerated healing factor, as he could stand and move without any apparent problem moments after Wolverine threw one of his bone-spikes into his leg.
  • Superhuman Strength: Spike is fairly strong, as he can throw his bone-spikes into trees.


  • Expert Marksman: Spike has excellent aim with his bone spikes.



Behind the scenes

To be added


  • In the comics, several characters have gone under the name of Spike. The movie version seems to be inspired by the Spike from New X-Men.


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