Demon Bear
Appeared in The New Mutants
Status Alive
"It takes your greatest fear and makes you live through it until it kills you."
―Cecilia Reyes[src]

The Demon Bear is a supernatural entity that haunts a young group of Mutant teenagers. It is responsible for the destruction of Danielle Moonstar's reservation and the death of her father.


The New Mutants

The Demon Bear destroyed Dani's reservation and killed her father. It later manifests at the hospital for mutants and is revealed to be the embodiment of Dani's fears. The Demon Bear devours Cecilia Reyes, who had tried to kill Dani. Illyana Rasputin confronts the Demon Bear and uses Lockheed to attack it. Samuel Guthrie, Roberto da Costa, and Rahne Sinclair also fight the Demon Bear. Eventually, Dani awakens and confronts the Demon Bear after she was visited by her father's spirit. The Demon Bear is tamed by Dani, who gains control over her powers.

Character traits

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Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, an unknown individual mystically enslaved Dani Moonstar's parents to create the Demon Bear.


The New Mutants

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