The original Division X base, a top secret CIA facility

Division X is a top secret department created by the government and the CIA to recruit mutants. They are the original X-Men.


The following were involved with Division X:

The Man in Black

Uses his building as the department's base. Killed during the attack on his base by Sebastian Shaw.

Charles Xavier

(Codename: Professor X)

Recruits mutants to the division with the aid of Erik and Hank's Cerebro.

Erik Lehnsherr

(Codename: Magneto)

Had a role in recruiting new mutants along with Charles. Left to lead his own team after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Moira MacTaggert

Informed the government of the existence of mutants and brought Charles Xavier and Raven Darkholme to the Division.

Alex Summers

(Codename: Havok)

Raven Darkholme

(Codename: Mystique)

Followed Erik after the Cuban Missile Crisis incident.

Hank McCoy

(Codename: Beast)

The team's inventor. Notable inventions include the first Cerebro, Havok's Containment Unit and Banshee's "wings".

Sean Cassidy

(Codename: Banshee)

Angel Salvadore

Abandoned the team in favor of joining Sebastian Shaw and the Hellfire Club.

Armando Muñoz

(Codename: Darwin)

Killed in an attempt to fight off Sebastian Shaw and stop Angel Salvadore from leaving the team.


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