Donald Menken
Donald Menken CF
Appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Status Deceased
Actor Colm Feore
"Looks to me you're halfway in the ground already, it's only matter of time, you're going to die a horrible death, like your father. The difference is, no one is gonna miss you!"
―Donald Menken taunting Harry Osborn[src]

Donald Menken was Oscorp's Vice president, also one of the Oscorp Board members.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Menken escorted Harry Osborn to see his dying father to say his last goodbyes. Afterwards, he witnessed Harry's humiliation of the board just as Peter Parker arrived. After Electro was detained at Ravencroft Institute, Menken visited to supervise and witness him as he taunted both Menken and Dr. Kafka, prompting Menken to order Electro to be shut down to prevent the full extent of his powers.

When Harry was tipped off by Norman's former assistant Felicia Hardy about the cover-up around Electro's transformation, Harry was infuriated. This led to the discovery that Menken had been using Harry's name to sign off on Special Projects at Ravencroft. Menken and his team immediately came into Harry's office, removing him from his position and seizing power of the company. When Harry came back to the building after making a deal with Electro, Menken was forced at gunpoint by Harry to give him a cure. Menken took him to a deep storage facility, injecting him with a vial of irradiated spider venom kept in containment. As Harry painfully mutated into a goblin-like form, Menken escaped and activated an alarm throughout the tower. He was killed off-screen.

Character traits

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Behind the scenes

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  • Colm Feore, who plays Donald Menken, also played Laufey in Thor.
  • Before being announced to be playing Donald Menken, it was thought that Colm Feore was playing Adrian Toomes also known as Vulture.
  • A scene was filmed where Harry killed Menken by taking him to the top of the Oscorp Tower and dropping him, but it was cut from the final film. It was a deleted scene and he was mostly dead off-screen.
  • In the comics, Donald Menken has red hair. In the movie, he has gray hair. 


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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