Donald Pierce
Appeared in Logan
Status Deceased
Actor Boyd Holbrook
"I need that girl."
―Donald Pierce[src]

Donald Pierce was a cyborg, head of security for the Transigen Project and the leader of the Reavers.



Pierce manages to find Logan after hearing about how he had killed some thugs. He introduces himself in the back of Logan's car, telling him that he was a fan. He asks Logan about Laura Kinney but he doesn't understand. Pierce had been sent to retrieve Laura. He gives Logan a business card and is told to leave.

Later, Pierce arrives at the abandoned smelting plant where Logan, Charles, and Caliban had been living. Laura is at the smelting plant and knocks Pierce unconscious while he confronts Logan. Caliban puts Pierce's unconscious body in his car and drives him to the middle of nowhere. However, Pierce wakes up and threatens Caliban with a gun while the Reavers arrive. Caliban is taken as a hostage and forced to tell the Reavers of Logan and Laura's location. When Pierce and the Reavers arrive at the smelting plant, many Reavers are killed while trying to capture Laura. Logan and Laura manage to escape.

When X-24 kills the Munsons and Charles--Caliban kills some Reavers and wounds Pierce with a grenade explosion. Caliban, himself, is killed in the explosion.

Later, Pierce and the Reavers go to the Canadian border in North Dakota to track down Laura, Logan, and the mutants who lived in Eden. Rictor is threatened by Pierce at gunpoint while Zander Rice appears and tells Logan about Weapon X and how his father had been killed. Pierce later watches X-24 battle Logan but is killed by the combined powers of the mutant children.

Character traits

Pierce is a seemingly charismatic individual as shown with interactions with Logan and admitting to the latter that he is a fan of the Wolverine. However behind that is a cruel sadistic who has no problem torturing people for information.


  • Bionic Arm: To be added



Behind the Scenes

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  • Donald Pierce is described as a relentless, ruthless, calculating and an intense man but also having a twisted sense of humor. Also, he is described by Boyd Holbrook as a "huge fan of Wolverine".
  • In the comics, Donald Pierce was a high-ranking member of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, where he holds the position of White Bishop. Many months later Pierce formed the Reavers, a band of cyborg criminals which Pierce claims to have built and assembled, and allied himself and his group with Lady Deathstrike. Under Pierce's leadership, the new Reavers are dedicated to exterminating mutants.