Appeared in Deadpool
Deadpool 2
Status Alive
Actor Karan Soni

Dopinder is a cab driver and a friend of Wade Wilson/Deadpool.



Little is known about his early life, only that he moved to America and became a taxi driver. One day, he picks up a man in a red suit with two swords on his bag. The man then crawls into the front seat with him and introduces himself as Deadpool. They then start a conversation about Dopinder's love life and how he is in a romantic rivalry with his cousin Bandhu over a girl named Gita. He drops Deadpool off on the side of the highway, only to receive a "crisp high-five" instead of actual money, though he doesn't seem to mind.

Later, he picks up Deadpool along side Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Colossus and proceed to drive to Francis Freeman's location. Deadpool discuss Dopinder's love life again and after hitting a speed bump and hearing screams from the trunk. After an awkward silence, Dopinder reveals that it is Bandhu that's in the trunk and he is merely doing what Deadpool said. Deadpool proceeds to claim that they got lost in translation after seeing the look of Colossus's face, but under his breath says that he is proud of him. After dropping the team off, he drives away. Only to receive a call from Deadpool moments later. He drops his phone in between the seats of the car and while driving to reach it, gets rear-ended by another car, lead by screams of agony from Bandhu in the trunk. It is unknown what happened to him after that, but it can be assumed he was arrested for kidnapping and having a bunch of weapons in his car, which belonged to Deadpool.

Deadpool 2/Once Upon a Deadpool

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Character traits

Dopinder gives off a friendly demeanor, making fast friends with Deadpool and willing to accept a high-five instead of money. But he happens to possess an unreliable common sense on par with a child, making him insecure, meek, and gullible. He is naive enough to drive a heavily armed and probably very dangerous client in a mask (making him the perfect chauffeur for Deadpool, apparently), and impressionable enough to obey even the most irresponsible of advice from his friendly client. He appears to take Deadpool seriously and took his advice to kidnap his romantic rival with plans of killing him and dumping his body on Gita's door step.



Behind the scenes

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  • Ryan Reynolds said that Dopinder was named after a 'really cool guy' that he knew back in elementary school who died after being struck by lightening.



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