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EXO-7 Falcon are a set of mechanical wings, developed for the U.S. Armed Forces and used by former paratrooper Sam Wilson/Falcon.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Only two known wingpacks were ever put into service, and none are currently known to exist intact. One was destroyed when it and its pilot Riley, were hit with an RPG. The other one, which was stored in Fort Meade after Sam Wilson retired from active duty. The wingpack was stolen from Fort Meade by Natasha Romanoff, and was later destroyed when the Winter Soldier tore one of its wings off with a grappling line.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Sam Wilson received an upgraded version of his EXO-7 to replace his old gear. Wilson joined the second incarnation of the Avengers led by Steve Rogers, and arrived at the New Avengers Facility to join his new teammates.


Sam was on watch at the New Avengers Facility, when Scott Lang set off the security alarm as ant size. Scott was sends by Hank Pym to steals a device for their heist. Scott in the Ant-Man suit introduces himself to Sam as "Ant-Man". After, Sam and Scott began fighting each other. Sam used the new upgradeds to track Ant-Man, but were caught off-guard by his ability to grow and shrink at will. Scott managed to rewire the EXO-7 Falcon by shrinking himself inside. By the time Sam managed to recover, Scott had already escaped with the device on Antony.

Captain America: Civil War

Falcon's suit is more high-tech and embellished with red on the wings and modified jet pack.


The Exo-7 Falcon is a jet pack with retractable wings. It provides a light weight and highly versatile alternative to parachutes in combat environments and was used by Sam in the Middle East in service of the U.S. Army. Although designed for a single wearer, the Exo-7 Falcon provides enough thrust to support the weight of two men. It is equipped with a tightly packed backup parachute that can be manually deployed in the event of a system failure with the jet pack and wing assembly. Two collapsable machine pistols can be attached and detached from the wings. Flight increases momentum and acceleration of the user, allowing them to enhance their physical attacks and impacts. This is shown not only are the wings strong enough to send enemies flying, by the user can due so as well while flying.


  • While mainly based off the Falcon from Ultimate Marvel, starting in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the wing pack received a slight recoloring to include the red and white colors as a reference to Falcon's costume from the mainstream comics.
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