Earth-120703 is the designated Marvel universe number for The Amazing Spider-Man films series produced and distributed by Columbia Pictures. The universe is seen in the films directed by Marc Webb consisting of The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.



  • Norman Osborn is born.


  • March 13
    • Rajit Ratha is born.


  • Norman Osborn, age 20, suffers symptoms of an illness called, "retroviral hypodisplaysia".


  • Aunt May begins to make meat loaf for Uncle Ben.


  • Harry Osborn is born.


  • Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy are born.


  • Curt Connors loses his arm.


  • Richard Parker and Mary Parker leave Peter with his aunt and uncle.
  • Richard Parker and May Parker die in a plane crash.


  • Harry Osborn and Peter Parker befriend each other.


  • Harry is shipped off to boarding school.



  • Captain George Stacy starts a sting operation to find criminal hideouts.
  • News is posted online about Dr. Curt Connors.
  • 11th
    • Flash picks on Gordon and tells Peter to take a photo. Peter refuses and is beaten up by Flash.
    • Peter Parker discovers his father's papers and learns that he worked with Dr. Curt Connors.
  • 16th
    • Peter goes to Oscorp and meets Dr. Connors.
    • Peter is bitten by a radioactive spider.


  • 7th
    • Peter begins to help Curt Connors.
  • 8th
    • Peter picks on Flash while he plays basket ball.
    • Peter works late to help Curt Connors and doesn't pick up Aunt May.
    • Ben Parker dies.
  • 9th
    • Peter Parker is confronted by Flash Thompson who says he is sorry for his loss.
  • 12th
    • Peter goes after a potential killer of Uncle Ben.
    • Peter makes his first costume as Spider-Man.
  • 14th
    • Peter goes after a potential killer of Uncle Ben.
  • 20th
    • Peter makes his web-shooters.
  • 21st
    • Peter practices his new abilities.
    • Peter goes after another potential killer of Uncle Ben.
  • 22nd
    • The police find out about Spider-Man.
    • Peter chooses what material to wear as Spider-Man.
  • 23rd
    • Peter overhears two guys discussing about spandex.
  • 24th
    • Peter makes his Spider-Man costume.
  • 28th
    • Peter web-swings in his new costume.
    • Peter goes after the car thief.
    • Peter goes home and Aunt May finds out he has been beaten.
  • 29th
    • Curt Connors is forced to begin human trials on the Lizard DNA.
    • Gwen invites Peter to have dinner with her family.
    • Curt Connors begins human trials on himself.
    • Curt Connors chases Rajit Ratha.
    • Peter has dinner at Gwen's house.
    • Peter tells Gwen about his identity as Spider-Man.
    • Peter saves civilians on the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • 30th
    • An arrest warrant for Spider-Man is announced by George Stacy.
    • Peter tells the origins of his abilities to Gwen Stacy.
    • Peter finds out that Curt Connors is the Lizard.
    • Peter goes to George Stacy to talk about Curt Connors.
    • Peter goes down the sewers to track down the Lizard.
    • Peter goes to Gwen's house injured.


  • 1st
    • The Lizard attacks Peter at Midtown High.
    • Peter goes down into the sewers and asks Gwen to make an antidote at Oscorp. 
    • Peter finds out Curt Connor's plan.
    • The Lizard attacks the NYPD and turns them into lizards.
    • The antidote is released into the air and Curt Connors returns to human form.
    • George Stacy is critically wounded, who asks him a promise to keep before dying.
    • Dr. Curt Connors is taken into custody.
  • 13th
    • George Stacy's funeral.
    • Peter tells Gwen that he cannot see her any more.
  • 15th
    • Peter Parker shows up late to class and hints that he may keep seeing Gwen.


  • ​23rd
    • A trial date was set in the New York Appellate Court for alleged bio-terrorist Dr. Curt Connors.


  • 15th
    • Dr. Rajit Ratha was identified as a badly decomposed body found in the sewers beneath lower Manhattan.


  • 27th
    • Herman Schultz (Shocker) attempted to rob the Midtown bank but was caught by Spider-Man who webbed up the suspect. 
    • Herman Schultz was taken to Ravencroft Institute.



  • 4th
    • The trial of Dr. Connors came to an end where he is sent to Rikers.


  • 28th
    • Oscorp Industries announced that it has destroyed all research it has done in the field of cross-genetics.


  • 14th
    • The Shocker breaks out of prison.
  • 18th
    • The Big Man's identity is revealed to be Daily Bugle reporter Frederick Foswell.
  • 20th
    • Flash leads MSHS to city finals.


  • 1st
    • Shocker is caught by Spider-Man again.
  • 8th
    • The Big Man is murdered by Cletus Kasady
  • 9th
    • Cletus Kasady is caught by the FBI.


  • Spider-Man captures Aleksei Sytsevich.
  • Peter and Gwen graduate from Midtown Science High School.
  • Peter and Gwen break up.


  • Harry Osborn returns to New York.
  • Norman Osborn dies.
  • Felicia Hardy is hired as Harry Osborn's assistant.
  • Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy reunite.
  • Spider-Man battles Electro in Times Square.
  • Spider-Man battles the Green Goblin, who transformed using a serum.
  • Gwen Stacy dies and Peter stops being Spider-Man.


  • Peter returns as Spider-Man and fights the Rhino.


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