Ebony Maw
Alias(es) Squidward
Appeared in Avengers: Infinity War
Status Deceased
Actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor

Ebony Maw was one of Thanos' children and a member of the Black Order.


Avengers: Infinity War

Ebony Maw arrived down to Earth with Cull Obsidian claiming Thanos will destroy the humans who confronted them; who were Doctor Strange, Wong, Bruce Banner, and Tony Stark. Strange had one of the Infinity Stones they needed and so at the battle Stark had transformed into Iron Man, annoying Maw as he confronted Strange, allowing Cull to take down the other heroes. Capturing Strange and attempting to kill him aboard his ship, Iron Man sneaked in with Spider-Man and saved Strange.

Character traits

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Powers and Abilities


  • Molecular Telekinesis: Ebony Maw was able to move and otherwise manipulate objects to his will to an immense degree, employing this power offensively, able to swiftly send Iron Man flying skyward, to knock aside Spider-Man by sending a billboard flying into him without even looking at him, to angle away the trajectory of Cull Obsidian after the latter was sent flying at him. His precision with his power was enough to allow him to cleanly slice apart a car hurled at him; and to sculpt sharpened spikes out of debris, before launching it at the combined might of Doctor Strange and Wong. Maw was also able to use his telekinesis to restrain and muzzle a defeated Thor with panels from the walls of the Statesman. He was also able to manipulate the environment to hinder Doctor Strange's escape, managing to defeat the sorcerer again and knock him out, making use of several structures in the vicinity, such as stop lights.
    • Levitation: Ebony Maw could use his telekinesis to levitate, occasionally using this skill as a means of transportation, even able to make himself hover upside-down. He was also able to telekinetically take people with him while levitating himself, as seen when he lifted Doctor Strange into the air against a wall.


  • Pilot: Ebony Maw knew how to fly a Q-Ship on his own, attempting to take one to Titan after he captured Doctor Strange.



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Avengers: Infinity War

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