Alias(es) The Bug
Appeared in Men in Black
Status Deceased
Actor Vincent D'Onofrio

Edgar the Bug (or just The Bug) is a Bug alien. His actual appearance is that of a giant cockroach.


Men in Black

In the beginning, the Bug crashes on Earth by flying saucer. He crashes on the truck of Edgar, a mad farmer, who is killed, and his skin is stolen. The Bug wears the skin while he searches for the Arquilian Galaxy. Throughout, he is chased by Agent K and Agent J of the MIB, who are always one step behind. Edgar finally gets the Galaxy, and attempts to leave a hidden ship. But, the ship is shot down by J and K.

After the ship crashes, Edgar emmerges. He pulls his skin off, revealing his true self. He eats the agents' guns and Kay purposely gets eaten as well. Jay is able to distract the Bug by stepping on cockroaches, and Kay is able to get his gun and blows the Bug in half from the inside. They finally have the Galaxy, but half the Bug starts coming back behind them, when Laurel, a morgue worker who was kidnapped by the bug, shoots the bug with J's gun, finally killing it.

Character traits

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  • Agent J - Enemy.
  • Agent K - Enemy.
  • Agent L - Enemy and killer.
  • Edgar (the farmer) - Victim.
  • Mr. Rosenberg - Enemy and victim.


Behind the scenes

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