Edie Eisenhardt
Alias(es) Edie Lehnsherr
Appeared in X-Men
X-Men: First Class
Status Deceased
Actor Rhona Shekter
Éva Magyar

Edie Eisenhardt was Erik Lehnsherr's mother.



As a Hebrew, Edie Eisenhardt was taken to a Nazi concentration camp in the occupied Poland. She was imprisoned along with her husband, Jakob, and her son, Erik, who was taken away from her once passed the entrance gate. Screaming for having her son back, Edie saw her son's mutation manifest itself for the first time, as he almost destroyed the gate between them with his magnetic powers.

X-Men: First Class

"Alles ist in Ordnung!*"
―Edie's last words[src]
After being taken away from her son, Edie was brought to Dr. Klaus Schmidt's office, where she found Erik. The boy was threatened by Schmidt, who wanted to force him move a coin with his powers, otherwise he'd killed Edie. After counting to three, Schmidt shot at Erik's mother, killing her instantly, and so igniting the boy's powers.

Character traits

No much was known of Edie Eisenhardt: she was a good and heartly mother, and she's still Erik Lehnsherr's most beautiful memory, according to Charles Xavier.



Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Edie had a son, Erik, and a daughter, Ruth, but no mention is made in the movie about Erik's sister.
  • Her surname Eisenhardt is a reference to her son Erik's original name in the comics Max Eisenhardt.


X-Men: First Class


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