Edith Banner
Edith Banner thumb
Appeared in Hulk
Status Deceased
Actor Cara Buono
Edith Banner was Bruce Banner's mother.



Edith followed her husband to Desert Base, where he was transferred working under General Ross. She has a son, Bruce, who soon becomes the guinea pig for David's experiments.

When the couple is forced to flee from Desert Base due to the accident provoked by David, Edith tries to confront her husband, and a fight starts between the two of them. During the fight, David is taken by anger and kills Edith in front of their son.

Character traits

A little was known about Edith, most of it is told by Bruce and David. She was a heartly woman, with a sweet and motherly character, ready to follow her beloved husband anywhere but strong and independent enough to confront him when her son's safeness is put on the risk.



Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Banner's mother is called Rebecca.