Elizabeth Howlert
Appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Status Deceased
Actor Alice Parkinson

Elizabeth Howlett was John Howlett's wife and James Howlett's mother.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Elizabeth Howlett lives in Canada in 1845, with her husband John and her son James. At a certain point of her life, she has an affair with John's groundskeeper, Thomas Logan, and from their relationship James was born.

When Logan becomes too violent, John wants to fire him, but was killed in the attempt. James, who witnessed his father's murder, was shocked, and his rage activates his latent mutation, allowing him to kill Thomas. When Victor, Logan's son, and James escape, Elizabeth remains alone with the corpse of the man she loved (Thomas), screaming in her mansion.

Character traits

Elizabeth Howlett was a horrible mother, and an unfaithful wife. Despite having a loving and good caring husband, she cheats on him with Thomas Logan, the groundskeeper, and who John believes to be his own son, James, is in reality Logan's son.



Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Elizabeth kills herself after seeing both her husband and her lover killed. Apart from this her role in the film is identical to Joe Quesada's Origin's version.
  • In the comics, Elizabeth has three claw marks on her left side from her son.
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