White Queen 21
Appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Status Alive
Actor Tahyna Tozzi
"I remember the day they came and took us away, the soldiers... hunting us. No one will stand up for us, we have to save ourselves. My name is Emma Frost. I'm a mutant. And our fight has just begun..."
―Emma [src]

Emma is a mutant with the ability to shift into an indestructible living diamond form. She is also the sister of Kayla Silverfox.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Her sister, Kayla Silverfox, works for Stryker under the agreement that Emma will be freed from the Weapons Facility, though Stryker later reneges on their agreement. Emma assists in the escape attempt of the other captured mutant children, using her diamond form to block incoming bullets from hitting them, and then shields Cyclops so he can defeat the attacking guards. Later on as they escape, she along with Cyclops and the other mutants find another mutant named Charles Xavier and left with him to be safe.


Powers and Abilities



X-Men Origins- Wolverine (Emma Frost Spotlight HD )

X-Men Origins- Wolverine (Emma Frost Spotlight HD )

  • This version of the character is based loosely on the comic book character of Emma Frost, who was also the basis for the X-Men: First Class character of the same name.
  • This version of the character was Kayla Silverfox's sister, Emma, though her last name was given as Frost in the trailer. The film never refers to her as anything other than Emma, including the credits. Being Kayla's sister also makes it more likely for her to be called Emma Silverfox than Emma Frost. Producer Lauren Shuler Donner confirmed that the character of Kayla Silverfox's sister from X-Men Origins: Wolverine who was previously thought to be Emma Frost is not the same character.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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