Eugene Thompson
Flash Thompson
Alias(es) Flash Thompson
Appeared in Spider-Man
Spider-Man 3
Status Alive
Actor Joe Manganiello
Eugene "Flash" Thompson was the school jock and bully.



Eugene "Flash" Thompson is Mary Jane's boyfriend at the start of the film, and is a bully who torments Peter, and sometimes Peter's friend Harry. Later on in the film, after Peter accidentally uses a web to splash Flash with a tray of food. Later, a fight between them breaks out in the school's hallway, in which Peter first learns of his newfound abilities. Flash then wants Peter to fight him, but he initially refused. Flash then started punching Peter, but Peter ducks and in the end, he defeats Flash with just one punch. Mary Jane later remarks that Flash was thankful for Peter not hurting him even more. Flash is last seen at graduation, where he and Mary Jane break up.

Spider-Man 3

Flash attends Harry Osborn's funeral.

Character traits

Flash is the most popular athlete in school and enjoys bullying nerds like Peter Parker. He's quite strong and enjoys fighting, but he's a coward too, vengeful and angry.

It's implied he changed in personality over the years, as he attended Harry Osborn's funeral despite the two of them having been enemies in high school.



Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Flash is blond, and his being dark haired in the movie caused many fans' lamentations.
  • In the comics, Flash Thompson becomes one of Peter's closest friends after he comes back from Vietnam War.

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