Appeared in Thor
Thor: The Dark World
Thor: Ragnarok
Status Deceased
Actor Joshua Dallas
Zachary Levi
"Our dearest friend banished, Loki on the throne, Asgard on the brink of war, yet you managed to consume four wild boars, six pheasants, a side of beef, and two casks of ale!"
―Fandral to Volstagg[src]

Fandral was an ally and friend of Thor Odinson and a member of the Warriors Three.



Fandral was present when Jotuns infiltrated the vaults of Odin while most of Asgard was preoccupied with a ceremony naming Thor as heir to Asgard's throne. When Thor became enraged by the interruption, Fandral readily agreed to accompany him to Jotunheim to exact retribution for the Jotuns' aggression.

The Warriors Three, together with Thor, Sif, and Loki, journeyed to Jotunheim where Thor challenged Laufey, the Jotuns' ruler, over the incident in Asgard. Laufey, revealing that he had strength in numbers and mindful of an ancient truce between the two peoples, dismissed the Asgardian group from his realm. As they turned to leave, Thor was baited by the heckling of a nearby Jotun, plunging them all into mortal combat. Fandral was grievously injured in the fight and had to be carried clear. The Asgardians were saved by the timely arrival of Odin, who intervened and quickly drew them back to Asgard.

After Odin banished Thor to Earth and subsequently fell into his "Odinsleep", Loki claimed the throne as Asgard's regent. Concerned over the coup, the Warriors Three and Sif left Asgard to find Thor on Earth. There, they faced an unexpected threat when Loki dispatched The Destroyer to kill Thor. They were no match for the construct, and it battered them without much effort until Thor's self-sacrifice restored his power and allowed him to defeat it. The Asgardians then returned to their world where the Warriors Three parted company with Thor who pressed on alone to deal with his brother.

Thor: The Dark World Prelude

Fandrall was present when Thor returned to Asgard with Loki and the Tesseract. He was also present when Thor rallied his fellow Asgardians, informing them that they were to protect the Nine Realms from the Marauders.

Thor: The Dark World

"Nothing personal boys!"
Fandral is Asgard’s finest swordsman, which serves him well as a member of the Warriors Three. Alongside Volstagg and Hogun, Fandral fights to protect Asgard from any and all foes. When not using his sword to smite his enemies, Fandral uses his charm and good looks to woo the ladies.

Thor: Ragnarok

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Character traits

Fandral was a serious man, one of the most skilled warriors in Asgard. He was loyal to his friends and fearful for his enemies, but he was extremely polite, even on the battlefield. Although he was often irritated by Volstagg's endless appetite, he'd give his life for his teammates.

Fandral possessed the same superhuman physical attributes as his fellow Asgardians; such as strength, stamina, speed and reflexes. His superhuman dexterity, speed, and agility were all significantly greater than the average Asgardian male. He was an incredibly skilled swordsman, his weapon of choice being a sabre.



Behind the scenes

  • Before Joshua Dallas was cast in the first film, Zachary Levi was set to play Fandral, but had to pull out when Chuck's third season was extended. Levi was replaced by Stuart Townsend who then left the movie due to "creative differences".
  • Because of his commitment with Once Upon a Time, Dallas was unable to reprise his role in Thor: The Dark World, and was replaced by the original choice for Fandral, Zachary Levi.


  • A S.H.I.E.L.D. agent called Fandral "Robin Hood": In the comics, Fandral was based on the public persona of actor Errol Flynn who played Robin Hood in The Adventures of Robin Hood. Later in the comics chronology, it is hinted that he may have been the inspiration behind the Robin Hood legends.



Thor: The Dark World



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