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Rumors about Fantastic Four.


  • John Krasinski will play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic.[1][2][3]
  • Rami Malek is in talks to play the Silver Surfer.[4][5][6][7]
  • Lena Heady will play Lucia von Bardas.[8]
  • Hiba Abouk will play Lucia von Bardas.[9]
  • Norman Reedus will play Silver Surfer.[10]
  • Terry Crews will play Ben Grimm/Thing.[11]
  • Zac Efron will play Johnny Storm/Human Torch.[12]
  • John Cena will play Ben Grimm/Thing.[13][12]
  • Phillip Brooks will play Ben Grimm/Thing.[14]
  • Emily Blunt will play Susan Storm/Invisible Woman.[3]
  • David Harbour will play Ben Grimm/Thing.[15]
  • Liam Hemsworth will play Johnny Storm/Human Torch.[16]
  • Dwayne Johnson will play Ben Grimm/Thing.
  • Keanu Reeves will have a role.[17]
  • Bryan Cranston will appear as a villain.
  • Liam Neeson will voice Galactus.[18]
  • Mark Strong will voice Galactus.[19]
  • David Morrisey will voice Galactus.[20]
  • Kevin Feige has met with Ewan McGregor, Millie Bobby Brown, Keanu Reeves, Himesh Patel, Colin Farrell, Jessica Chastain and Henry Cavill for future MCU roles.[21]
  • Viggo Mortensen will play Victor von Doom.[22]
  • Christoph Waltz will play Victor von Doom.[23]
  • Michael Fassbender is in talks to play the character Doctor Doom.[24][25]
  • Ben Barnes will have a role.[26]
  • Tom Holland will appear as Peter Parker/Spider-Man.
  • DEBUNKED: Jessica Lange will play Agatha Harkness.[27]
  • Ruth Wilson will play Alicia Masters.[28]
  • Dominic Purcell will play Thing.[29]
  • Giancarlo Esposito will play Doctor Doom.[30]
  • KJ Apa will play Human Torch.[31]
  • Lily James will play Invisible Woman.[32]
  • Andrew Lincoln will play Mister Fantastic.[33]
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau will play Doctor Doom.[34]
  • DEBUNKED: Michael C. Hall will play Kang the Conquerer.[35]
  • Viggo Mortensen will play Doctor Doom or Galactus.[36]
  • DEBUNKED: Javier Bardem will play Kang the Conquerer.[37]
  • Bruce Willis will play the Puppet Master.[38]
  • Danny DeVito will play Mole Man.[39]
  • Kurt Russell will reprise his role as Ego.[40]
  • Ryan Gosling will play Silver Surfer.[41]
  • Mark Strong will play Super-Skrull.[42]
  • Keanu Reeves will play Namor.[43]
  • Jeff Goldblum will reprise his role as Grandmaster.[44]
  • Liam Neeson will play Galactus.[45]
  • Christoph Waltz will play Doctor Doom.[46]
  • John David Washington will Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic.[47][48]
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt will have a role.[49]
  • DEBUNKED: Jennifer Lawrence will play Susan Storm/Invisible Woman.[50][51]
  • Lilly Singh will play Shalla Bal.[52]
  • Jeremy Davies will play the Fanatic.[53]
  • Fiona Dourif will play Elyna Candell.[54]
  • Michael Pitt will play Colton Candell.[55]
  • Liv Tyler will play Lucia von Bardas.[56]
  • Joe Alder will play Nova.[57]
  • Priyanka Chopra will play Lucia von Bardas or Shalla Bal.
  • Ewan McGregor will play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic.
  • Alice Eve will play Susan Storm/Invisible Woman.
  • Andrew Garfield will play Johnny Storm/Human Torch.
  • Nathan Fillion will play Ben Grimm/Thing.
  • Keanu Reeves will play Silver Surfer.
  • Felicity Jones, Adelaide Kanes, Amrita Acharia, or Adèle Exarchopoulos will play Lucia von Bardas.
  • A combination of both established actors and new faces will play the team.[58]


  • CONFIRMED: Mr. Fantastic will appear.
  • CONFIRMED: Invisible Woman will appear.
  • CONFIRMED: Human Torch will appear.
  • CONFURMED: Thing will appear.
  • Doctor Doom will appear.
  • Mole Man will appear.
  • Galactus will appear.
  • Nova will appear.
  • Silver Surfer will appear.
  • Alicia Masters will appear.
  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man will appear.
  • Agatha Harkness will appear.


  • CONFIRMED: The film will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • The team will get their powers from the Negative Zone in the MCU may or may not be a part of a pocket dimension within the Quantum Zone.[59]
  • The team will get their powers from the Cosmic Ray in the MCU.


  • DEBUNKED: Matthew Vaughn will direct the reboot.[60]
  • DEBUNKED: Peyton Reed will direct the reboot.[61][62]
  • The film will be release in 2022.[62][21]
  • DEBUNKED: Alan Yang will direct the film.[63][64]
  • DEBUNKED: Joss Whedon will direct the film.[65]
  • DEBUNKED: Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah will direct the film.[66]
  • The film may take either the May 5, 2023, July 28, 2023, October 6, 2023, November 10, 2023, February 16, 2024, May 3, 2024, July 26, 2024 or November 8, 2024 release date.[67]


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