Frankie Raye
Alias(es) Captain Raye
Appeared in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Status Alive
Actor Beau Garrett
Frankie Raye is a captain of the U.S. Army and the girlfriend of Johnny Storm.


Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Frankie Raye is a US Captain working in General Hager's team. She visits Reed Richards when the "attacks" from the Silver Surfer begin, forcing him to find a way to stop the alien. During her permanence in Baxter Building she meets Johnny Storm, who falls in love with her, even if she tries to ignore his attentions.

When the Silver Surfer is captured, thanks to an agreement the Army has made with Victor von Doom, Frankie has The Fantastic Four imprisoned too, but when Doom steals the Surfer's powers and breaks free, she helps the heroes escape to follow him.

She is later seen at Sue Storm's and Reed Richard's wedding, trying to catch the bouquet. Just a moment before she manages to take it, Johnny burns it in mid-air, wanting to "avoid risks".

Character traits

Frankie is a strong and authoritarian woman, formed by the US Army to be a loyal and firm soldier. Anyway, she proves to be capable of making decisions even against her superior's orders, if she thinks she's doing the right thing.

She's supposed to be quite skilled in hand-to-hand and armed combat, since she's received a military training, and she's quite skillful in scientifical matters.



Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Frankie Raye becomes the new Herald of Galactus with the name Nova.


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